The Night We Said 'FUCK' Yes

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2021-07-28 13:54:58

    Getting ready to strap the boy.

    Don’t know if you think this works for the blog since you rarely do animated clips and it’s more wedgie-related, but since it involves a male character losing their clothes with embarrassing boxers (which kinda look like briefs after the wedgie), thought I’d send it your way!


    Here’s a submission. I remember watching this scene on youtube when I was in high school. This show was really on to something when they decided that they would make a running gag out of the handsome, serious detective getting embarrassed in his underwear.

    Ok so I’m a junior in HS and I’m at this swim meet at the university UNH and this lifeguard caught my attention. Pretty sure he went their 2 first thing that fought my eye was his super broad shoulders and huge chest and I instantly got a hard on. But it got 10x better when I saw his ass. It looked 10x better in person it’s huge a muscular and just UGH!!! Literally took pictures and went to the locker room and jacked off alittle so hot ! 😂 after following him around for a bit I memorized his switching stations and would be on the pool deck to see him walk by. When he was changing to the front which is kinda crowded I mustered up courage and put my hand on his ass omg it was the nicest feeling ever I don’t think he thought anything of it or felt it. One of the videos he sees me but I don’t think he thinks I’m Filming him. He wasn’t suspicious at all. After the meet I literally just had to get a front pic of him smiling so I went up and asked him to take a picture for like our school news and whatever and I got those 2. Sry long story but holy shit he has a huge ass ! I have tons more screenshots 2. Would appreciate the read :) (also included some kid with this nice bubble butt I saw as an extra 😂 I taped it a little with the back of my hand (by accident) and I saw it jiggle a bit 😂)