The Night We Said 'FUCK' Yes
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    The Final Command


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    Jake had been sitting on the other side of the restaurant for at least 45 minutes before he watched Callum and his girlfriend talk about leaving. As Callum’s girlfriend stood up and went to the ladies’ room, Jake knew it was the last opportunity he would have to be alone with Callum. He stood up and slowly made his way towards the corner where the other man sat. As soon as their eyes met Callum’s eyes grew wide with rage and disgust.

    “What the fuck are you doing here?! I told you to stay away from me, you faggot!!!” Callum yelled as he stood up and clenched his fist. Memories flashed through his mind.

    “Yo dude! Chill out! I just wanna chat!” Jake proclaimed with his hands up and visible, showing he meant no harm. Although he never stopped his advance towards the hunk.

    “Chat?! CHAT?!! The last time we “chatted” I lost and entire week of my life! Had it not been for my buddy finding us in the club bathroom… with me on my knees sucking you off… I would still be under your fucked up control!” Callum’s face grew red with anger as he spat on the floor in front of him. “Took him almost a month to find another hypnotist and undo whatever fucked up thing you did to me!”

    “I’m truly sorry for that. I really am! It’s just that the first time I laid my eyes on you I just fell absolutely in love with your body. You’re just so my type. So when you reciprocated my advances with hatred and violence I just had to resort to some tricks up my sleeves.” Jake said calmly as he inched even closer to his object of desire.

    BY TURNING ME INTO YOUR PERSONAL DUM DUMP?!” Callum yelled, completely lost in his rage and disgust towards the other man.

    “Well, you were more than that. I actually made you into my perfect lover and had you tell me your entire life story as I plowed your ass ever night. God how amazing that was…” Jake smirked.

    WHAT THE F-” Callum managed to say before Jake grabbed hold of his collarbone. As if a switch had suddenly been flipped his entire body relaxed and his arms slumped down to his sides. His red flushed face lost its color, his eyes glazed over and his mouth dropped agape.


    “Listen to my voice Callum and listen well, as this will be the final command I’ll ever give you. Do you understand?” Jake leaned forward and began whispering directly into Callum’s ear.

    “Uuugh…. yes… sir…..” Callum answered drowsily, every word coming out slurred and monotone.

    “Everything I’m about to say now is the absolute truth. There’s no denying it and you won’t even question how or when it happened.” Jake smiled, his final plan finally coming to fruition.

    “Absoluute…. truuuth…”

    “You see, somehow we’ve had our bodies switched for the last hours or so. You’re actually Jake and I’m the real Callum. We don’t know how it happened or why, just that it did and it’s completely real.”

    “Switched… bodies…”

    “Yes, that’s right. And the fact is; you feel incredibly guilty for being in that body. My body. Every second spent as Callum makes you feel more and more guilt.”

    “Guuuilty….” Callum’s eyes rolled back as more and more information were processed into his weakened mind.


    “Very much so… Because you know deep down that that handsome face of yours, those tight abs you have under the shirt, that thick cock in your pants and even down to that sexy accent of yours - you don’t deserve them. Why? Because they’ve never belonged to you. No, they have always belonged to me.” Jake smirked as he wiped the drool coming from the other man’s open mouth, before licking the very same wet fingers with his own. Delicious.

    “Don’t… deserve……”

    “Yes… and because of that you’ll do anything in your power to get us back into our “original” bodies. Even if it takes you your entire life and all your fortune.” Jake grinned deviously as he dug out a paper from his pocket and shoved it into Callum’s. 

    “Worry not though, ‘Jakey boy’, because on this piece of paper here you’ll find the number to one of the world’s most famous shamans. You’ll contact him, convincingly reassure him that our body switch is absolutely real and then pay him the hefty cost with the money from “my” bank account.” Jake said with conviction, as he had taken the time to realize that if he couldn’t have Callum’s affection for himself then he’d at least own the only other thing he desired from Callum - his amazing body.

    “Convince…. shaman….” Callum slowly nodded, his eyes flickering back and forth as every single word embedded itself deeply into his mind.


    “And then, in a week’s time and during this year’s only Total Solar Eclipse, we’ll meet back up and the shaman shall help us perform the sacred ritual to “reverse” this body switch. Our minds shall be ripped from our bodies and placed “back” in our rightful ones. We’ll finally be in the bodies we’re supposed to be in.”

    “Reverse… finallyyy….” Callum, or ‘Jake’ as he soon would call himself by, mimicked the words with a satisfied smile on his face.

    “Now, when “my” girlfriend comes back here you’ll have to keep up the facade of being me. You’ve been trying your hardest at pretending to be me, but yet you always fuck it up. That’s why I came up to you; to scold you. You don’t want to fuck up the life I’m going to resume, do ya?” ‘Callum’ stroked his other free hand across the other man’s chin, down across his chest and then finally slipped his hand into ‘Jake’s’ pants. It was warm, wet and so so thick, just how he liked it. He couldn’t help but check out the hunk in front of him up and down, admiring all the sexiness that would someday be his.

    God… I can’t wait to “get back” into that sexy body. To call myself Callum again, to worship that body every morning I wake up, to watch myself jerk off my “little Callum” as I explode my sweet seed all over the mirror. My life will be so amazing as Callum….. again.”

    With that, the new Callum gave the dazed jock in front of him a small peck on his cheek before snapping his finger in front of his face. As he let go of the other man’s collarbone, the final commands were effectively sealed permanently into the new Jake’s mind.