Sissies keep an eye out for this fraud pretending to b a Dom, she is a scammer, and a liar, doing and saying anything to get ur money and then leave u in the dust, I've had others come forth and message me pics of this account only to b messaged by the account owner themselves pretending and tryna scam ME, so please gurls, keep ur heads up, eyes and ears open, and a pretty little hand over ur money just in case more of them come out

    If this account messages u, b aware it's a partial scam, which means they decide when to b real and whe to b fake, as u can see I respectfully declined a meet or wtvr and they got offended, I have 3 friends that even told me that this account messaged and ripped them off keeping the cash and not following through, just gotta keep yall posted, stay safe babes