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    Upsides of Dating AB/DLs

    • You get more space and time in the bathroom, without your partner complaining.
    • If we sit on your lap, cushioning means no bony bits digging into you. 
    • We are supernaturally good at cuddling. Like, intensely. 
    • We stink at sneaking up on you, because you’ll hear crinkles. No jump scares!
    • No partner will basically EVER give you the feeling of intensity or trust as an AB/DL that you decide to change. Seriously, it’s intense in a good way. 
    • You are allowed to be YOU…you accept an AB/DL, then they’re going to return the favor. It’s pretty much a legal issue, at that point.
    • They won’t call you controlling, they’ll call you mommy/daddy/sir/ma’am. Much more formal and tough. 
    • If you have us wear in public, or if we decide to, you KNOW we will be close and attentive.
    • Related to the above: We have a kinky fun secret shared with each other. Can be kinda hot. 
    • Bum wiggles by padded bums? Inhumanly adorable. 
    • If you don’t wanna participate, we probably accepted and expected that to start. So it often means that we are extra appreciative when you do decide to participate. 
    • ‘Checking’ us, as a rule, it’ the simplest way to make someone melt into a puddle of embarrassed affection ever devised. 
    • OK, let’s face it…lots of ab/dl diapers are super duper ultra cute. 
    • You can just give us a paci if you need peace and quiet. 

    TONS MORE…DON’T YOU SEE? Sooooooooo many upsides! 


    This is gold!

    Exciting news!

    I wanted to let you guys know that I am now in a place in my life where I felt like I could start doing some promoting again and I wanted to be especially selective with what I promote to you guys. Please know that I want to only promote for things that I can genuinely back and say that I love and would use regularly! In fact I have previously purchased so many things from this shop with my own money and the quality is amazing! I got to see a lot of what this shop has to offer at cap con so it is great they make appearances at our community’s conventions! I truly believe they have something for everyone! From clothing, to bottles, to pacis, and even toys and changing mats and more! They have a wide variety of things for people of any size or gender and that is SOOOO important to me. I want everyone to be included. With that being said I am happy to announce that I am now an ambassador for @lilkinkboutique! https://www.lilkink.com and you can use my code “diaperfairy” for money off 💗

    Where are all my ABDLs who…

    Were born this way? Or…

    Developed it from being diapered as a kid?

    Were put in diapers as a baby but never feel you really left them?

    Stole diapers from the babysitter?

    Wondered as a young kid why the hell do I want to wear diapers?

    Taped baby diapers together so they’d fit?

    Ordered goodnites samples in the mail and intercepted them before your family?

    Got driver’s license and were terrified to buy your first, second, third and every pack of the pharmacy depends or attends?

    Would visit ABY.com and dailydiapers.com every day?

    Would have to find creative places, sometimes outside, to store your diapers?

    Would get disgusted that you were into such a strange thing and threw away everything?

    Struggled with how the hell do I tell a partner that I like to wear diapers and struggle with explaining why?

    Have had a partner throw it in your face during an argument?

    Wish that there was more research in this area so we have something, anything tangible to prove our normalcy?

    Don’t necessarily view it as a sexual kink or fetish?

    Being ABDL was never an easy road. You are not alone.


    What is a Diaper Booster/Stuffer?

    We keep receiving asks asking about what stuffers/boosters are, so as a general PSA, here’s some good information for those that don’t know.

    Stuffers (also know as “diaper doublers”, “boosters”, “pads”, etc.) are absorbant add-ons that you can add into your diaper before you diaper yourself into the diaper. Your diaper already has its own set absorbancy limit, but stuffers absorb even more of the liquid - which increases how long the diaper can be worn - and “extends” the life of your diaper for a fraction of the cost of the diaper itself. While an individual diaper may cost $2.04 each, a booster may run $0.64 each. (Using Bambino Bellissimo [M, 48 pc] and TotalDry Maximum [90pc] prices) So by adding a stuffer or two, you can extend the current “lifespan” of a single diaper - and reduce the cost of going through a ton of diapers.

    However, while that does save a bit of money, it’s not an extreme amount of money. Another big reason for using boosters is the addition of more moveable fullness. You can customize where you want a poofier look by where you place the stuffer before you put on the diaper. Adding it into the back adds more bulk to the back of the diaper (as it gets wet), and you’ll have a saggier, fuller butt. Adding the stuffer between the legs will add bulk there - adding to a waddling feeling. (Though we have had some issues with the bulk getting large enough to disrupt the usefulness of the leg gatherers of some diapers, so experiment with that). Adding the stuffer to the front is going to add to more of that large, full crotch look. So stuffers allow you to add a bigger, bulkier feeling to whatever part of the diaper you’d like.

    Another reason includes a more “custom-fit” experience. When standard diaper padding gets wet, it gets pretty big and fluffy - but it may not conform to the body in smaller, detailed manners. Especially for people with vaginas, using a stuffer can become very pleasurable. Because the padding is less tightly packed in most stuffers, the padding is more free to “fluff” out in ways that match the body that it’s shoved against. So when using stuffers against a vagina, the stuffer’s padding may fill out to rest between the labia for added pleasure and sensation. The same can be said for penis owners. It can “cradle” the penis.

    A booster is designed to allow liquid to flow through and around the booster as well. This means that the diaper underneath the booster will also get wet (and be able to contribute to the total absorbency). Expect that the area underneath the booster will take longer to “show” wetness (especially on indicators) than usual, but it’ll still pull its weight. This is a difference between diaper booster pads and urinary incontinence pads. These are designed to allow liquid through.

    ^Note the different placement of the stuffer.

    Using a stuffer is pretty simple: just add it into the diaper before you add powder and before you put the diaper onto a person. Done. As mentioned above, you can move the stuffer around to where you’d most like the bulkiness - or for where you’ll mostly be using it. If you’ll be sitting for most of your diaper wettings, consider placing it in front where it’ll get more use. If you’re sleeping or laying down, a back placement might be more useful. For those that aren’t into the bulky, the butt area seems to be the less obtrusive.

    When placing stuffers, try to place them *inside* the leg gatherers and move the leg gatherers into a better position around them. This reduces the likelihood of stuffers causing leaks. You can use one or two stuffers - and possibly more, but we’ve found the leaks increase dramatically after two.

    Here’s our experience with various Stuffers on the market:

    Total Dry Ultimate Boost-Ups: 1,700ml capacity. Our absolute favorite. They’re huge, hold a ton, and very, very rarely have ruptured (from too much liquid). Unfortunately, they’re also often out of stock. Grr. 5 Stars - our absolute favorite.

    TotalDry Maximum Boost-Ups: 1,000ml. When the Ultimates were out of stock, we tried these as a back-up. We found that they ruptured almost every use - and nobody likes those crystals to go everywhere. 2 Stars - Functional, but we wouldn’t buy them again unless we were in a crisis.

    Incontrol Booster Pads: 1,300ml capacity. Rearz variety of boosters. They work pretty well - but in a bit of oddness, they don’t have any adhesive along the back like every other booster pad on the market. So these have a tendency to slide around a bit. But we’ve never had any ruptures or problems with them, and they’re comfortable against the skin. 4 stars - wish they had adhesive.

    ABU PowerUps: Over 900ml: ABU’s variety of boosters. One of the few boosters on the market that can have optional scent. These are particularly large (not a bad thing, but it spreads the bulkiness over a larger area), and ABU claims it can add 1.5" in thickness. These ones do seem to layer better than TotalDry’s. 4 stars - they’re pretty good. They’re mostly unremarkable, but they do their job well and stay in place, but they don’t offer as much of a “concentrated” bulk aspect as others do.