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2021-06-27 15:12:12

    WE HIT THE 500 MARK!!! WOOHOO!!! I am a man of my word, so here is the video. It’s not perfect, and not super long but it was also our first attempt at something like this. We will definitely try to do more in the future, but this one was actually completely unplanned so I am sure we can do better :)

    Also, for the record, Emma HATES anal, but when she is a brat, Daddy is allowed to put things wherever he wants. Hopefully she learned her lesson…

    (The clicking sound you hear is the damn camera auto focusing, but we fixed that now)

    Tumblr removed this video the first time. Let’s see if this worked. 

    Hitachi and diaper play is my new favorite thing. After nine years of being sexually active, this is what gave me my first clitoral orgasm. 

    Oh, and Daddy says this is supposed to be punishment for naughty girls. I like to remind him… punishment and funishment are ALMOST the same thing. Hehe. 

    lusplus @lilwitchykins are Daddy and Mommy, and they are the best/worst.