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    People are out here complaining that KinnPorsche is too sexualized, but I think that’s one of the things they did right. They didn’t do that husband/wife, uke/seme bullshit that straight people love because they find the binary comforting and familiar. They gave us two masculine, physically capable men who like to fuck. That is a way more realistic depiction of a gay relationship than fade to black chaste kissing, though having seen straight TikTok, it doesn’t surprise me that’s what they’re into.

    Can we as a fandom take the time to appreciate this woman?

    This is MANEERAT SRINAKARIN, a cinematographer. She takes care of every camera angle, lighting decision, and color palette that we as a fandom collectively drool over. She also worked on Project S: SPIKE and fucking I Told Sunset About You! She may not appear on the screen, but she’s what really makes this show perfect.

    PROJECT S: SPIKE (2017) dir. Seua Pichaya

    I TOLD SUNSET ABOUT YOU (2020) dir. Boss Naruebet

    KINNPORSCHE: THE SERIES (2022) dir. Pond Krisda, Khom Kongkiat, Pepsi Banchorn