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    Okay so I’ve decided to give myself a little challenge....

    For every like this post gets, I will be spanked on the ass once.

    For every reblog this post gets, I will spanked on my cunt once.

    I’ll stop counting new likes and reblogs on May 28th, 2021 at midnight.

    I’m shy and new to tumblr so if this blew up I’d honestly be shocked. Thanks for help punishing a little slut 😘🥰

    Dirty Talk

    Dirty talk is absolutely essential to kink play, and elevates the intensity of foreplay and sex acts. If you are not good at dirty talk, you need to practice. You need to get good at it.  A girl can be super cute and fit but if she’s not vocal I will lose interest quickly. Every partner is going to have different preferences as to what they like, but here’s some general examples:


    The key to dirty talk with a woman, including a little, is the combination of degradation and compliments. You want to put those two together, and I promise you, you’ll need a mop.

    Degrading terms:










    Praise terms:








    Good girl (ultimate praise)

    Combination examples:

    “Look at what a needy slut you are” “You’re so pretty when you beg” “You’re such a naughty little girl” “It’s adorable how you hump my leg like a desperate slut” “You’re just little wet holes for daddy’s big cock, aren’t you?”

    “It’s so precious how you edge on my lap while I read my book” “You’re so beautiful when you’re covered in daddy’s cum”

    “That’s a good girl. Keep begging permission to cum and maybe I’l let you” “You make daddy proud when you hold off on cumming until I allow it”

    BONUS if you use possessive terms like My/mine/for me/for daddy/daddy’s girl”


    Vocal: Adoration, Praise, Worship, Gratitude, Self degradation,  begging, quick responses

    “Thank you daddy” (constant go to, on repeat) “Daddy please” “Daddy you’re so huge!” “Daddy you make me cum so hard” “Daddy I love your huge cock” “Daddy I’m such a dirty whore for your big cock” “Daddy I need to cum again, please please please” “Daddy I’ll do anything” “Yes Daddy” (instant response to anything daddy says)

    IMPORTANT: Aftercare language

    Build each other up. Aftercare is NOT just for the sub. Tell her how pretty she is, how pleased you are with her, how proud you are of her. Tell her specifics about what you like about her (skin, voice, hair, body parts, etc) Subs tell daddy how he blew your mind, how huge he is, how much you’ve needed him, how you love being his little fuck toy, etc.