A spell for grief and moving on

    So this happened as a result of me dwelling too much on a friendship that ended about a month ago. As a result it’s probably best suited to recovery from abruptly severed friendships and romantic relationships. That said, I deliberately kept it simple (mostly because I’m a closet and spoonie witch) so if you want to modify this to suit your needs by all means go for it!

    Also, this isn’t meant to replace professional mental health help. If your grief or sadness is persisting or way more intense than normal for your base level of mental health, there’s no shame in taking it to a professional and I strongly recommend doing so.

    🌱What you need🌱


    💜 warm to hot water

    💜salt. Yup, just plain old table salt.

    💜ground black pepper. This is for banishing your excess emotions, protection just in case, and to give a nudge to do anything you’ve been putting off related to your feelings of loss (i.e. blocking numbers, unfriending, deleting convo history, etc) You can probably grab this straight out of the pantry too.

    💜chili powder for an extra punch of magic. If you don’t have it in your house, add a couple drops of hot sauce, or use red pepper flakes.

    💜a bowl big enough to mix everything in.

    💜measuring scoops if you’re as bad at eyeballing things as I am.

    (optional!) Dried/ground herbs that match any other intent you want to instill (healing, purification, etc)

    🌱What to do🌱

    Grab your bowl and get your gloves if you don’t like mixing stuff with your bare hands, we’re gonna make salt dough. Yes, I do mean that stuff you used to make crafts out of in pre-K.

    There’s a ton of recipes online but my favorite is the one @lazywitchling was awesome enough to share here. I used 1 tablespoon/14g of salt, 1 tablespoon/14g of water, and 2 tablespoons/28g of flour but I only make one disc at a time, so.

    (<>Closet witch tip: if you make them in small doses, if anyone notices the stuff in the sink/dishwasher you can tell them it was a mug cookie gone wrong.)

    Make sure your chili powder and pepper containers are nearby. You can just eyeball that, really.

    Dump your water, flour, and salt into the bowl. If you’re using hot sauce add a couple tiny drops right now.

    Mix until everything is lightly combined (basically, till it’s barely sticking together) and then add your pepper/chili powder.

    Focus all your grief, loss, rage, sadness, etc., into the dough as you mix it together thoroughly. Scream, cry, etc., if you want to/can. Hell, slap the dough around a little if you want to.

    Once it’s mixed and you’ve finished instilling the dough with your feelings, think/say:

    <>“My feelings were overwhelming me. But they’ve flown away, and now I’m free.”

    Form it into whatever shape you feel like (I went for a flat disc) then add your other ingredients if you have them.

    Put your dough on a plate to dry for a day (or if you live somewhere like me where the weather refuses to make up its mind if it wants to be damp or not, a couple of days).

    Also make sure any pets can’t get at it! You have a lump of delicious salt, most pets will scarf that right down.

    If you’re in a rush or it’s just too wet you can toss it in the oven for a bit at 200 F/93 C.

    🌱After the Spell🌱

    This is a completely emotionally exhausting spell. Even if you feel better immediately after it’s done like I did, you will probably need a nap or something later. So get yourself some ice cream, watch a favorite movie, or read a new book. Take care of yourself!


    The really nice thing about salt dough is that it’s pretty easy to get rid of. I wouldn’t go chucking it in a fish pond or hurling it into your lawn or anything because of the salt, but still.

    You could crumble it up and toss it into a bonfire. You could drop it while you’re crossing a busy street and let cars run over it. I’m letting it dissolve in a glass of water over a week, then pouring the water down the toilet. This is totally up to you as long as the thing gets destroyed.

    I like this, I might modify it to do it for someone else.

    uplifting sunshine brew🌻

    this is a simple tea brew to boost your energies and sweeten your mood, with help from our darling sun! could also be a way of connecting with the sun if there are clouds or winter time ♡


    ☀️ sun water (happiness, strength)

    ☀️ earl gray tea (protection, love, luck)

    ☀️ dried lemon peels (uplifting, happiness)

    ☀️ honey (love, to sweeten the outcome)


    1. mix the earl gray with lemon peels and brew your tea

    2. add the honey and stir it clockwise while repeating:

    “may i shine like the sun, and through this brew, let this power flow through me, and so mote it be!”

    4. imagine the cup to be filled with sunbeams as you drink it!

    <>tip: if you do not have access to dried lemon peals, you can use already prepped lemon earl gray!

    Spells are not simple.

    Here's a real tip for all you baby witches out there, diving into spellwork before anything else: Spells aren't as simple as going through the motions, and a spell probably won't work if you don't understand how to use your Will.

    This is what I've been taught by my mentor who has been a witch for 25 years. You have to set your intentions and use your Will to match. What is your Will and how is it different from your Intention? This post may get long, but it's important and I haven't seen any others cover this, so please don't give up half way through!

    Basically, it's like this:

  • <>Intention: your reason for a spell, your goal/what you want + ingredients to match
  • Your <>Will: the Power you put behind your spell or working
  • The intention part is easy. You figure out your goal, pick a spell or create a spell that uses ingredients or actions that match your intent, and then you perform it. This is what most of Tumblr will teach you how to do. While working with simply your intent can sometimes work, it's more like a coin toss because you're not actually making your spellwork as powerful as it could be.

    But your Will, as I've been taught, is the most important part of any magick and is the most often overlooked. You can make magick with nothing but your intent and your Will together. Did you know that? What is your Will? It's the power you put behind your intent. <>Your Will is your Power.

    That's right, baby witches. You have to learn how to tap in to the power around you as well as the power within yourself. This is why spells are never as simple as you think; if you can't add your Will to a spell, it will never be as powerful as you want it to be. This concept can prove difficult, so I'll try to break it down as simply as I can.

    Your Will comes from the energy within you, but you can also tap into the energy around you to add to that power. This means that to find your Will you have to first learn how to:

  • Perceive Energy
  • Feel Energy
  • Feel your Own Energy
  • Touch Energy
  • Gather Energy Inside and Around You
  • Manipulate Energy
  • Infuse Energy with Intent
  • This is the basis for finding and understanding magick. Magick is all about energy, and the sooner you learn how to do these things, the sooner you'll start to realize your power as a witch. And this is why I say that spells are not as simple as Tumblr makes them; at least, they shouldn't be.

    When you're performing a spell, you should be raising energy and infusing that energy with your intent. You could be adding energy to your ingredients, or simply raising it and holding it, to be released into the world when the spell is finished. That's your <>Will; the energy you add to your working. The stronger the energy, the stronger the spell.

    A simple way to put it: <>Intent + Will = Power

    So please do yourself a favor. Research energy. Find it, figure it out, feel it within you. Take your time to truly understand that power so you can properly perform powerful spellwork.

    Learning all of this can take time and that is fine. If you take your time to work on this, you will be grateful for it in the long run. Feeling the energy that surrounds you and that comes from within you is such a beautiful thing, I promise. Energy is wonderful.



    <>Buckland’s Complete Book Of Witchcraft - This book is a most have in every Wiccan’s (If you are) collection because of how informative it is. I highly recommend this book to really every witch who hasn’t read it yet.

    <>The Modern Guide to Witchcraft: Your Complete Guide to Witches, Covens, and Spells - This<>book is a nice add to a baby witches collection, for how simple of a read it is. Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing it is.

    <>Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner- This book is also a very nice read, it has a perfect amount of information where you wont get information overload too quickly. Its unbiased and offers a great first start to starting the craft.

    <>Wicca: by Harmony Nice - If you are a complete newbie to Wicca or the craft, then this is the book for you. This book is easy to swallow, and offers easy to understand information for newbies without being too difficult to process. 

    <>Of Witchcraft and whimsy - I think this is the book for newbies who want to seek the more modern practices of witchcraft. This is a book that focuses more on the craft than Wicca itself. It is also complete with plenty of unique and fun spells perfect for beginner level.

    <>Pastel Spells - A perfect book for newbies looking to try out spells of all types at a beginner level.

    <>The Green Witch - Perfect for a beginning green witch, this book is complete with all the basics of Green magick complete with the correspondences of herbs and food, recipes, and basic practices and morals of a green witch.

    <>Spellcrafting: Strengthen the Power of Your Craft by Creating and Casting Your Own Unique Spells - Perfect for a new witch looking to formulate their own unique spells.

    <>The Modern Herbal Dispensatory<>: A Medicine-Making Guide - Perfect for new witches looking to expand their knowledge on herbalism.

    <>The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magickal Herbs: Your Complete Guide to the Hidden Powers of Herbs - Beautifully illustrated guide to herbs and their magickal properties.

    <>The Witch’s Herbal Apothecary:Rituals & Recipes for a Year of Earth Magick and Sacred Medicine Making - Perfect for the beginning witch interested in herbalism, ands its all around a pretty little book.

    I love you all! My DMs, mail, and comments are always open! 

    xoxo, Angel

    Ultimate Protection Magic Masterpost; Part 1


    <>Jar Spells & Pouches<>

  • “Bubbly Friend” Protection and Cleansing Jar Spell
  • “Tough As A Nail” Protection Spell
  • “Portable Barricade” Spell Jar
  • “Protect My Ass” Spell Jar
  • “Stay The F*ck Away From Me” Protection Jar
  • Jar Spell for Protection
  • Witchywoman’s Protection Jar
  • Shiroinightmare’s Protection Bottle
  • Gender/Sexuality Protection Jar Spell
  • Sea Witch’s Protection Bottle
  • Stormy Protection Spell Jar
  • Elemental Protection Jar Spell
  • Dragon Protection Jar
  • Protection Jar Against Bindings & Hexes
  • Basic Warding Jar
  • Making A Witch Bottle (Charm)
  • Witches Bottle for Protection
  • Potent Protective Witch Bottle
  • Blood Magic Protection Jar
  • Mini Protection Vial
  • Ares Protection Pouch
  • ‘Sweet Tooth’ Spell Sachet
  • Protection Pouches
  • Protection Pouch
  • Protection Sachet
  • Protection Sachet for School
  • <>Amulets

  • Simple Protection Amulet
  • “Untouchable” Charm Ward
  • Subtle Protection Amulet
  • Coral Protection Amulet
  • Sunglasses Enchantment
  • Ways to Make Amulets
  • Simple Protection Necklace
  • Strength & Safety Amulet
  • Protection Vial Necklace
  • Wonder Woman’s Bracelets
  • Sword & Shield Graveyard/Spirit Jewelry
  • Nasty Witches’ Brew Protective Jewelry
  • <>Bath/Shower Magic<>

  • “Armour of Love” Protection Bath
  • Powerful Cleansing Bath
  • Simple Purification and Protection Scrub
  • “Master Protector” Body Scrub
  • Gossip-Stopping Scrub
  • Shower Disks for Protection
  • Pine Protection Balm
  • <>Kitchen Witchcraft<>

  • Purification and Protection Soup
  • Fondant Potatoes for Protection & Prosperity
  • Self Love & Protection Recipe Spell
  • Abundant Apple Pie Cookies
  • Grandma’s Pumpkin Bread
  • <>Potions<>

  • Cleanse & Protect Spray Potion
  • Rose Shield Potion
  • Protection Potion
  • Pisces Protection Potion
  • Return To Sender Vigor Potion
  • Bucking Bronco Vigor Potion
  • Charge Vigor Potion
  • <>Spells<>

  • Bravery/Protection Spell
  • Aroma Veil Spell
  • Protection Spell for Queer Folks
  • Spell For Protection While Coming Out As Trans
  • ‘Hiding Secrets’ Spell
  • Stronger Than You Spell
  • Protection Against Bullies
  • “Belittlement Barrier” Spell
  • Expecto Patronum
  • Substitute Spell
  • Curse Decoy
  • LoZ Magic Armour Protection Spell
  • Riddikulus Charm
  • Snowdrop Protection Spell
  • Method for Protection Against Undesired Spirits or People
  • Evergoing Spell
  • Rose Quartz Shielding Spell
  • Protection Candle Spell
  • Protection Chant
  • Night Protection Spell
  • Night Protection Spell #2
  • Protection Against Curses, Hexes & Bad Energies
  • Maka’s Black Blood Dress
  • Mars Celestial Fire Surround
  • Plutonic Protection Spell
  • ‘Dark Dome Close’ Sailor Pluto Spell
  • Moon Tiara Magic
  • Jupiter Thunder Crash
  • Mind Blast Spell
  • Metal Claws Spell
  • Expelliarmus
  • “Back To You, B*tch” Protection Spell
  • ‘Return To Sender’ Spell
  • ‘Backfire’ Curse Repelling Enchantment
  • Engraved Hourglass Nebula Curse Return Spell
  • ‘Trainer Chose Squirtle’ Spell
  • Black Salt Spell for Protection & Absorbing Negativity
  • Protection Spell Against Negative People & Psychic Vampires
  • <>Wards/Rituals

  • ‘Don’t Go In The Dog Park Ward
  • Nail Polish Ritual
  • PC Magic Warding Ritual
  • Positive Energy/Banishment of Evil Incense Ritual
  • ‘Fire Rose’ Healing & Protection Ritual
  • Protection Ritual for the Downtrodden
  • <>Sigils<>

  • I Am Shielded From Acts of Violence
  • I Am Protected From Unwanted Spiritual & Physical Entities Who Would Do Me Harm
  • Protection From Evil Spirits
  • I Am Safe
  • I Am Safe At Work
  • I Am Aware of My Surroundings & Protected
  • I Am Protected From All Negativity
  • I’m Protected From Negative Vibes
  • No Negative Energy Can Affect Me
  • I Repel Ignorance and Negativity
  • Protection From Bad Intentions
  • Protection From Unwanted Eyes
  • I Am Safe From Fascists
  • I Am Safe From Transphobia
  • Those Who Would Harm Me Suffer Their Own Ill Intentions Turned Back On Themselves
  • I Am One With The Forest
  • Earth Protection
  • Protection + Happiness
  • Ace/Aro Protection Sigil
  • Protection Sigil/Charm
  • No Evil Can Touch Me
  • Sigil for Protection Against All Forms of Magickal Attack
  • Sigil to Protect One Against All Forms of Possession
  • Sigil of Protection
  • Protection
  • Protection

    <>Spell Jars<>

  • Simple Home Protection Jar Spell
  • “I Don’t Know Sh*t My Dudes” Protection Jar
  • My Home Is Protected Spell Jar
  • House Protection Jar
  • Home Protection Spell Bottle
  • Peace & Protection Bottle
  • Peace & Protection Spell Jar
  • Home Purification/Protection Spell Jar
  • Sleeping Beauty House Protection Jar Spell
  • Mama Cat’s Evil Eye Protection Jar
  • <>Sprays & Washes<>

  • House-Warding Spray
  • All-Purpose Cleansing Spray
  • Protective House Wash
  • Protective Floor Wash
  • <>Rituals<>

  • Protecting Yourself And Your Home (Basic Ward Ritual)
  • Three Elements Home Blessing & Protection Ritual
  • ‘Protect My Space’ Pouch & Ritual
  • <>Wards<>

  • Quick Protection Ward
  • Prickly Protection Ward
  • Protective Storm Ward
  • Patronus Ward
  • “Let Only Good Energy In” Horseshoe Ward
  • Moonbeam Ward
  • “The Hedgehog” Green Witch Ward
  • Pumpkin Wards
  • Complex Bramble Ward
  • Weaving Protection Wards (ADVANCED)
  • <>Spells<>

  • Simple Protection Spell
  • Simple Herbal Protection Spell
  • Simple Hearth & Home Protection Spell
  • Home & Body Protection Spell
  • Clearing Negative Energy from a Room
  • Home Protection Steam Spell
  • My Home Is Protected Spell
  • “Protect My Home” Spell
  • Home Protection Spell
  • Home Protection Charm
  • House Protection Spell
  • Spell to Protect Your House
  • House Protection Charm
  • Threshold Protection Spell
  • Protego Totalum (Harry Potter Spell)
  • Four Shells Protection Spell
  • Pine Cone Prosperity & Protection Spell
  • “Little Lurkers” Home Protection Spell
  • Home Protection Spells
  • A Series of Protection Spells
  • Strong Home Protection Spell
  • Home Protection Tip
  • Home Protection Tip
  • <>Sigils<>

  • My Home is Protected
  • My Home Is Protected
  • This Home Is Protected
  • Sigil for Protecting One’s Home
  • Protect This Home
  • My Home Is A Safe and Healthy Environment
  • The House I Come Back To Is Safe For Me
  • Only Positive Energies May Enter My Space
  • Negative Forces Do Not Enter Here


  • Simple Protection Jar For Your Grimoire
  • Grimoire Protection Spell
  • Hidden Object Charm
  • The Serpent’s Lock/Serpent’s Key
  • <>Sigils

  • Protection From Prying Eyes
  • All Prying Eyes Are Diverted; This Grimoire Is Cloaked In Invisibility
  • This Item Will Not Be Found
  • I’m Safe. This Object Is Safe.
  • The Book in Which This Sigil Is Written Cannot Be Lost or Stolen
  • This Grimoire Is Protected
  • This Grimoire Is Protected
  • My Grimoire Is Protected
  • Grimoire Is Protected From Those With Ill Intent
  • This Book of Shadows Is Protected
  • This Book Is Protected
  • <>[part 2]