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    The judge receives a note and opens it before the big trial of crime boss nad murderer, Lefty Marone. The note reads, “Dear Judge. I have your daughters tied and gagged in one secret place. Your wife in a totally separate hideout and your lovely secretary/mistress in a third place. 

    If you try to save them or tell the police, they will meet a fate worse than death. I’ll sell all four of them overseas to white slave traders in the Middle East. 

    So, you must render me a verdict of not guilty on all charges. Again, no cops.” The end of the note.

    The judge sent a female police officer over to his house anyway. No two bit thug was going to threaten him. The female cop was surprised and tied up too. The cop’s partner showed up and was manhandled too.

    A nosey neighbor woman wondered what all the commotion was about, peaked inside the judge’s window seeing the black female office bound and white tape gagged on the sofa. A hand covered over the neighbor woman’s mouth and she was locked inside a minivan, bound and wrap gagged too. 

    The daughters’ friend shows up to visit the girls, only to be kidnapped too. She wiggled around in her flowery white dress but couldn’t break free.

    Meanwhile at the warehouse where the mother was being held, a female warehouse security guard stumbled upon one of the mob boss’ goons, the female security officer was secured for safe keeping with a white hanky around her pretty mouth.

    The mob boss was contacted about the possible rescues. So, all the kidnapped family, cops, secretary, neighbor and guard were loaded into this van and taken away.

    The judge decided to play hard ball. The crime boss received a photo from the judge. It was a photo of the crime boss; bound and gagged daughters and wife. The message said, “Release my people and I will release your family.”

    The crime boss released all the captives and the judge released the thug’s family. The crime boss stood trial and was convicted of murder, kidnapping, racketeering and tax evasion. Life in prison.

    The tough judge was nobody to be messed with.  THE END.

    He usually broke into houses when no one was home, but you never knew when you were going to run into an occupant unexpectedly. So he always came prepared, with some rope and duct tape in his loot bag. His latest victim had no hope of escaping, as he knew what he was doing when he tied someone up. With the ropes knotted off on the top of the railing, he knew the girl would stay put until someone found her…