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    Make Me Little

    I don’t want to be a grown-up right now, so I need your help to make little again.

    Take off my clothes. My grown-up clothes. I’m so exhausted from being an adult that I need you to do it for me. Please, take everything off slowly. I want to savior every moment of this transformation, for it alone helps ease my distress.

    The last piece of grown-up clothing to go will be my panties.
    I bet they’ll be damp, but from what?
    It doesn’t matter, because I won’t be needing them anymore. I dont want them anymore.

    For that moment I’ll be naked, and I don’t like to be naked.
    It has nothing to do with being shy or self-conscious.
    I’m in my safe place and on my way to being little, so though grown-up feelings no longer exits.  
    I just need something against my body to cling too and bring me comfort. A security blanket.
    Except what I want isn’t a blanket.
    It’s a diaper.

    Make me ask for it. Make ask you to change me into diaper. Make me tell you how much I love my diapers. Make me tell you how much I need and want them.

    “Please, please change me into diaper. I don’t want to be a big girl anymore.”
    “I want wear big, thick diapers that make me waddle when I walk.”
    “I love how my diaper feels on me. Especially when you rub and pat my diaper.”
    “I’m too little for big girl panties and surely make puddles on the floor without the protection of a diaper.”
    “When I go potty in my diapers it feel so warm and wonderful. I want diaper to become bloated and I won’t to change it till it sags down to floor.”
    “I want to be a naughty little girl who needs diapers. Please, please
    put me in a diaper. Please”

    The sound of a crinkling diaper always gives me butterflies.
    They’re the good kind of butterflies.
    The butterflies that make my stomach and my whole body tingle.
    Especially tingling down there.

    Please, please pick me up, even if you’re just going to set me down again.
    When you set me down to put me in a diaper I’ll be good.
    I won’t kick or fuss, not even when the cold wipes tease my privates.

    Tease me.
    Take your time.
    Make your movements slow and careful.
    Stop just to coo and baby-talk me.
    That will always make me blush and want to hide my face.

    Praise me or scold me. It doesn’t matter. Am I a good baby for being so patient during my change? Or… Am I a naughty baby for needing diapers and wanting to wet them? Again, it doesn’t matter. Both will make me squirm and wiggle due to the overwhelming amount of butterflies in me.

    Back to the diaper change~

    Lotion and powder are a must. They smell so wonderful and further help start to shift into my little-place. They also require rubbing. A delicate gentle touch down there will always make me purr.

    I’m ready. I’m so ready.

    Once the diaper is on the contract is sealed.
    A big diaper for a little girl.
    I’m a little baby now and you’re charge.

    My transformation will be complete. The diaper hides any hints of being an adult.

    I’ll be Little.
    I’ll be your Little.
    Take good care of me, okay?


    @tiffanysmummy 🥰


    I love my diapers.

    I love that I need them.

    I love that they keep me safe.

    I love that I can depend on them.

    I love how they give me confidence.

    I love how they get me through the day.

    I love how comfortable they make me feel.

    I love how they keep me safe at work.

    I love that I can wet myself at work.

    I love being naughty in my diapers.

    I love being diaper dependent.

    I love how soft my diapers are.

    I love my diapers.


    I really need and love my diaperskkk