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I never tag anything because that requires me to think and I only do that when I want to

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    Yeah yeah it’s patriarchy, except the system owns the media and the media is outspokenly pro-feminist, and has been since at least the 60s if not earlier. They are openly anti-White and openly anti-Christian, so your explanation makes zero sense

    I would literally kill to live in a world where this was true.


    White Christian dude experiencing mild criticism: "The entire media and political system has been conspiring against me for 70 years."


    Man come on you don't gotta be replying Kys and L to every kind of cringe Blaze post you see I know it's the law of the land and all that but come on be nice


    I take back the last part actually it literally does not have to be this way. Why do you want this site's culture to be on some 4chan shit. If you see someone's art for a Dangan Ronpa fan character they made through Blaze just smile politely and keep scrolling. You people would not last 2 seconds on deviantArt if seeing cringe but well meaning content makes you react in this way


    As an eye doctor, this shouldn't be controversial. It's a problem. 5 years ago, nighttime headlight issues were reserved for people with cataracts or LASIK scars. Today, everyone has problems seeing the road through the oncoming headlights. People are getting anti-glare and blueblocking coatings not bc they are sitting on a computer 8+ hours a day but bc the blue tinted halogens are making them feel unsafe to drive. We are selling insane amounts of yellow tinted nighttime driving glasses even though they're really only for people with cataracts bc ppl are desperate for anything that may help them deal with the headlights. I've had multiple patients tell me they just don't drive at night anymore.

    This is an actual safety issue and it needs to be addressed

    On this day one year ago, I was fired from Crumbl Cookies because my grandfather suddenly died and I cried when I found out and was on the clock. They make you sign a waiver to not talk about the recipes that lasts one year after your termination. Well guess what babes. That day, is today. RIP Nanu, you’ve been missed. But for anyone who likes the Chocolate Chip Cookies or the Iced Sugar Cookies, check out the recipes in the links. Feel free to ask about other recipes, it’s been a year but some things are just reskinned versions of these lol. Good Luck and Happy Baking.


    not a dream

    just remembered when somebody got mad at me last year for trying to explain to them that Thanksgiving is not a Croatian thing and we don't celebrate it after they brought it up to me

    like, this person got mad at me because Croatia wasn't "honoring America" on their "important day"

    same think happened once for 4th of July

    BUDDY.......................... BUDDY

    do you per chance honor June 25th with us?


    me on America's "important day":