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Can't pick a bias in SHINee for my life...

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2021-01-14 17:35:37

    An interesting detail that got lost in translation - a shout-out to @ alachat_ on twitter who wrote this thread (I’m just copy-pasting with permission and will link to the original thread in a reblog as always!):

    “In the jpn Geto was telling Gojo that he should stop using “ore” (pronoun), he should use “watashi” or 僕 “boku” so he wouldn’t scare off his juniors: 


    Throughout Hidden Inventory Gojo used ore” all along, but after Geto went rogue, he switched to “boku”, starting from his conversation with Megumi.”


    “Gojo has been using boku” ever since the end of Hidden Inventory except for one (1) moment where he reverts back to 俺 “ore”:


    “Yes, Gege even added bouten’ the emphasis dot at 俺 ‘ore’”

    *ore is a more “arrogant” way to refer to yourself (in this context).