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    Another Patreon shoot Sneak Peek

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    Miss Florence.


    Strappy platform shoes.


    It’s Sunday/Monday late night round. Jesus, it’s end of the January. I don’t remember January going so fast. In my little city, January is the month when most people don’t spend anything, clubs and pubs are a bit empty, you cat an Uber/Bolt very soon, strange month. I’m only tired. I have periods when I feel tired as hell, but this is really an extra mile of being tired. Well, we’ll see if I do catch some time to run away somewhere. Nine posts. Again, we’ll start with the most powerful weapon around, Katie’s smile!    


    It’s Monday/Tuesday late night, This January is way too interesting. I’ve been tired for two, maybe three months. I’m lately starting to sleep during the entire day. Writing/working, watching something, I’m eating and I take a break, put my head on my arms and sleep away. I don’t have low heart pressure, just tired as hell.  And we all need nice things. And Katie’s smile is really something special. Yes, I’m boring repeating this.  But look at Katie. Look at her smile. Please do laugh.  It doesn’t cost anything. Nine posts!