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    I find it suspicious that you never see posts along the lines of "cishet people should stop using the word 'queer', that's a word that only queer people get to use." Not because I think that it's necessarily true, but because that's the normal way social conversations around reclaimed slurs & pejoratives evolve. You rarely hear people on tumblr saying "black people/hispanic people/asian people aren't allowed to say [slur that has been used specifically against them]." Because most of us recognize that that's nonsense, and that you don't get to tell minorities which words they can and can't reclaim.

    But tumblr didn't do that with the word 'queer'. It didn't go the usual route of discussion around who can and can't say what. Tumblr just jumped straight into trying to erase the word completely. And that is because the discourse around 'queer' isn't a conversation that evolved naturally within our community. It was purposefully (and successfully) created out of thin air from a sudden, relentless onset of terf propaganda. Terfs who hated having a trans-inclusive umbrella term for our community, who wanted nothing more than to disrupt unity. Well congratu-fucking-lations, it's been disrupted.


    2 years is all it took. 2 years of relentless comments and inbox messages from people pretending to be concerned strangers, friendly anons who wanted you to know 'you should maybe not use that word 🙂.' 'a lot of people have trauma around it so maybe use a different word 🙂 a less inclusive word 🙂.' 'queer isn't an identity it's a slur 🙂.' and suddenly our most powerful trans-inclusive umbrella term is blacklisted.

    2 years of this and suddenly you had half a generation of lgbtqa+ teens who had been told this over and over again, by friendly trustworthy strangers, to the point it passed the evidence threshold and just became a Belief. because young teens heard it so often from so many 'random’ people, and weren't aware of where it was actually coming from. hint: the discourse around queer has ALWAYS been about disrupting unity


    I only got here recently and I remember Queer Nation, so


    as long as it’s Queer Studies, Queer Literature, and Queer Theory, youre gonna have cishets using the word, and guess what? that’s what you want.

    you want cishet people to be taking classes studying the works of important figures in queer history.  you want people educating themselves on queerness. that’s the goal.  and what’s more, you want people to stop thinking of the words used for queer people as “bad” or “dirty words” because that kind of thinking in itself perpetuates the idea that the people the words describe are also bad or dirty.


    Hi consider this your blessing from a certified forever GM, to please make your TTRPG characters Mary Sues.

    Listen if you spend enough time in the hobby you will inevitably get people turning up their nose, saying you need to make your PCs “realistic”. These people are wrong! Especially when it comes to DnD. There’s nothing wrong with tropes but after a while all the human fighters who used to be in the army, and elf wizard trying to live up their family legacy start to blur together.

    The same cannot be said for the diamond-skinned demi-goddess cleric who started her prayers with “Hey mom, it’s me”; the self-described “slutty pyromaniac” tiefling sorcerer; the ranger who wanted to domesticate an army of rats and declare herself “queen of the sewers”; or the slightly macabre mushroom druid who became a sheepgirl while trying to cast “trans your gender”.


    There is literally only one hard-and-fast rule in D&D character creation, which is one of basic courtesy to the DM and others–you have to create a character who, for literally any reason at all, would join an adventuring party.

    (Like I said, this is basic courtesy; nothing is worse than the player who, when the DM introduces a plot hook, responds with “but why would MY character care? why would I get involved in this monster attack? MY character would just let the town guard handle it!” 

    The answer to “but why would my character want to get involved?” is “Because you’re not the only player at the table, and you’re not the main character in a novel.” Pulling the session to a grinding halt around your character’s…lack of interest in the entire game….is rude and unfair. This is a team-based game, and an understood rule of conduct is that you are going to be playing a character who will–reluctantly perhaps, warily certainly, out of fear or self-interest by all means, but will nevertheless–join forces with the rest of the group and have some form of engagement with the plot)

    And get this.

    The vast majority of players snottily talking down to the actually interesting and engaging character concepts for not being “realistic” enough? They violate that one rule all the fucking time. A lone-wolf jaded rogue sitting by themself in the corner might be “realistic,” but if they keep no-selling plot hooks and refusing to engage with the plot because “it would be out of character”, then they’re not a good character for D&D and their players should have made a better one.

    Literally the only law of character creation is to make a character who will in some way, shape, or form engage with the fucking story.

    Make characters who are INTERESTING and ENGAGING and FUN TO PLAY and yes, don’t let assholes ruin your fun, but also: You are probably objectively better at this than they are and you deserve to keep that in mind.

    NEVER take character criticism from people who only have one rule they’re expected to follow and still can’t figure it out.


    meanwhile on twitter


    It really is just tumblr circa 2014 huh


    Where is that tweet thats all “if anyone is tweeting in Cyrillic they’re most likely a Russian bot because only about 10 people who use Cyrillic have access to the internet” or some shit?


    As someone who lives in the Balkans I can confirm. We have Internet only thanks to our Donkey, Dimitri, who runs in a treadmill which generates electricity.


    Reblogging to thank Dimitri for his service