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Only guys over 18 years!!!!

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    The bouncer had had enough with this rowdy patron. The punk had been harassing women, he’d been starting fights, and now he’d destroyed bar property. He needed to be taught a lesson.

    Yes, he’d get thrown out, but first the bouncer was going to take him down a peg - by stripping the punk naked. Here we see the boisterous patron down to his tighty-whities, with the bouncer copping a feel before whipping his undies off. He’d be tossed from the bar butt-ass naked and would have a memorable night stumbling home. As for the bouncer, he’d keep the briefs as a souvenir.

    Just another night on the job.


    Justin, an old friend, was visiting town and stopped by to say hi. It’s always a good time when Justin is in town, but this time was better than before 😈 He was telling us stories about what goes on the in the locker room after rugby games and got Nash all horned up so he pulled me aside and asked if we could make a video with him. After some convincing, he agreed 😏 He’s a lot bigger that we remembered, but that made for so much more fun!

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