Item #12

    Former name:        Conner Joseph Harp
    :                       19
    Hight:                   177 cm
    Weight:                   70 kg
    Body:                      No tattoos or piercings
    Sexual orientation: Straight

    Way of acquisition:
    Abducted during family vacation, no witnesses     

    Goofy, outgoing, likes to laugh a lot, almost cocky, clever

    Pain tolerance: medium

    Oral skills: No professional skills
                     (basic blowjob training, no difficulties to swallow, high potential;
                      according to product he “fooled around once with a friend)
    Anal:         Virgin

    Numbers of ejaculations in one hour (Forced with a milking pump after being kept in chastity for seven days): 4

    Days in chastity (From the day of his capture to today): 35

    Special talents:
    Talent to entertain, quick-witted, good eye for geometry and pictures

    Recommended usage:
    Houseboy, Pleasure Slave

    Recommended master skills:
    Beginners or advanced

    Additionally note:
    Product is quite intelligent. Afraid of too much pain. Claustrophobic. Locking him in tight bondage or small dark rooms makes him panic. Was bound in a sleeping bag with covered eyes and ears for twenty minutes during training. He almost fainted by screaming in pure terror the entire time. Cried after being freed afterwards. Recommendation: Creating a small dark room as punishment cell to keep him in line.


    IT should be dispassionately whip-trained

    Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you wanted… or what you agreed to… the freedom to choose… just disappears.

    This is just how it is for an Object!


    I’ve found that a good whipping not only increases a boy’s subservience but also heightens some of his more aromatic stink notes, perhaps produced out of fear.  


    How To Measure For A Chastity Cage

    I’ve taken the time to draw and write a “How To” as I got many questions about getting the measurements right for a custom made chastity cage. It should be even helpful for a standard chastity cage like the Holy Trainer as it comes in various sizes and people might wonder if they need the Small or the Large version. I hope this helps many boys who are interested in chastity 😊 Take care of yourself *arf* 🐶🔒


    One of those important questions and a good answer.

    57 Ways to Humiliate a Sub Faggot

    Humiliation is an important part of every faggot’s training. When a Man humiliates a faggot, He’s teaching him humility (a faggot must remain humble and not allow his ego to get in the way of his ability to serve and obey superior Men), respect (a faggot must learn to show appreciation and esteem to superior Men) and obedience (a faggot must learn to cede all control to superior Men). Plus, it’s just plain fun to embarrass or shame a faggot sometimes — and faggots exist to amuse as much as they do to serve.

    Unfortunately, faggots have very little shame. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult to imagine new ways to humiliate them. With that in mind, i’ve created a the following list of 57 ways for Men to humiliate Their faggots. Go forth, Men, and have fun playing with your subs!

    • Make him wear a butt plug and send him to the gym to workout — ensuring that he changes and showers in the locker room with the butt plug still in.
    • Cum on his face or in his hair, then send him out to run errands for You; make it clear that he’ll be severely punished if he returns and You discover that he’s wiped the cum off.
    • Call or text him at will and order him to piss his pants and send You a picture of it. If You do it when You know he’s out in public — at a bar, perhaps, or on the train during their evening commute home from work — even better.
    • Serve him his dinner in a dog bowl and make him eat it — sans utensils — kneeling like an animal on the floor next to You while You sit and eat Your dinner at the table like the Man You are.
    • Make him serve as a piece of furniture — a footrest, perhaps, or a coffee table on which people can set their drinks — during Your next party.
    • Make him address You as “Sir” in public. He should already be doing it in private, but addressing You that way in public will take Your power dynamic to a whole new level. To kick it up yet another notch, make him call You “Master.”
    • Outfit him with an ashtray mouth gag and station him on Your patio for smokers to use during Your next get-together.
    • Spontaneously order him to jerk off to completion in front of You or others in a random or inopportune time and/or place. Then, make him eat his load.
    • Forbid him from using the restroom for the day and make him wear a diaper, instead. Let him know you’ll be inspecting the diaper later, so he’d better make use of it.
    • Make him use the bathroom — piss and/or shit, Your choice — in front of You or others.
    • Perform an unannounced strip search and/or cavity check in an unexpected time or place — out at a bar, for instance, or in the parking lot when You’re out running errands.
    • Piss or cum into his food; make him eat it while You watch.
    • Forbid him to walk in front of You; faggots have to crawl on all fours.
    • Lock him in a cage naked during Your next party and let Your guests ogle at him like a zoo animal.
    • Dress him in slutty clothes and send him out in public to run errands for You.
    • Make him give himself an enema while You watch.
    • Make him use the urinal in a public mensroom with his pants around his ankles; or, if he has to shit, make him do so in a stall with the door wide open. Alternatively, or in addition, require that he always keep the door wide open when he’s using the bathroom at home.
    • Make him wear a leash and collar in Your presence. Or, even better, out in public.
    • Forbid him from making eye contact with You.
    • Handcuff him in public.
    • Make him kneel in a public restroom with the word “toilet” written on his forehead.
    • Lock his cock in a chastity device.
    • Lock his cock in a chastity device, then make him change at the gym, the swimming pool, the beach, etc., with the cock cage on.
    • Shave his head.
    • Shave all his body hair.
    • Scold him like he’s a little boy.
    • Reprimand him in public when he does something bad.
    • Spank him in public.
    • Write “faggot” on his face or body with suntan lotion, then take him sunbathing and let the sun “brand” him.
    • Make him wear a T-shirt out in public that says “i’m a faggot,” or “slave,” or “pussyboy,” or “cumdump.”
    • Put him in a timeout, standing naked in the corner facing the wall for a period of time.
    • Spit in his face — bonus if it’s a loogie — and make him keep it there to dry. Forbid him from wiping it off.
    • Take him to the bathhouse with messages like “breed me” or “i drink piss” or “cocksucker” written all over his body in permanent marker.
    • Next time he’s eating Your ass, rip a fart in his face.
    • Next time You take a dump, take Your finger — or even Your turd itself — and wipe a streak of shit on his upper lip. Demand that he wear Your shit mustache there all day.
    • Make him suck a dildo in a public place — in the car on the highway during rush hour, for example — so others can see.
    • Only allow him to use the bathroom outside, like a dog.
    • Make him eat things out of Your ass.
    • Gag him with Your cock until he pukes, then make him lick up his vomit.
    • Make him sleep on the floor next to your bed, instead of in the bed.
    • Slap him. Hard.
    • Make him lick your shoes or boots — on command, in public.
    • Pee next to him at the urinal when You’re out and about; turn and face him so that You piss on him instead of in the urinal. Laugh, and make him walk around with Your piss all over him.
    • Make him wipe Your ass for You. Either with toilet paper, with his hand or with his tongue. All three are extremely humiliating.
    • Make him verbally recite a list of five, 10, 20 — whatever — things he loves and admires about You.
    • Cut or a rip a hole in the seat of his pants and send him out wearing them without underwear on underneath.
    • Give him an enema and then take him on a walk around the neighborhood with it still in. Make sure he’s wearing light-colored pants or shorts. Heheheh.
    • Make him flash his hole to strangers in the car on the highway, at a rest stop, or another location of Your choosing.
    • Whenever You need to use the toilet — at home or in public — escort him in with You and make him lick it clean for You so you have a pristine place to relieve Yourself.
    • Clip a clothes pin to his tongue and make him say “i am a faggot” 10 times until he’s drooling all over himself.
    • After you fuck him, hose him off naked in the yard like a dirty animal.
    • Make him approach a stranger and “confess” something dirty and embarrassing. Like, “Hello, i’m a faggot, and i like to sniff Men’s asses.” Or, “Hello, i’m a faggot, and my cunt is filled with cum right now.” Or, “Hello, i’m a faggot, and i drink piss.”
    • Make him make animal noises for You on command: “Bark like a dog!” Or, “Meow like a cat!” Or, “Show me what sound a pig makes!”
    • Make him clean his cunt every time he shits. Pre-mix a cleaning solution for him to use — Your piss, perhaps, mixed with some dish soap — and store it in a spray bottle labeled “fag bath” or “cunt cleaner.” Make him display this cleaner next to the toilet in his home, where any guests are sure to see it.
    • Take him into a photobooth and make him pose for pictures with Your cock in his mouth, then walk away and make him leave the pictures for the next patron to find — not knowing who will find them or what they’ll do with them.
    • Make him approach a stranger at a bar, in a bathroom or at a sex club and beg for their cock, piss or cum.
    • Make him dust Your home using a feather duster stuck up his ass.