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    we fucked up its getting more profitable


    We are forced to live in a system that steals from us daily, Kill snitch culture.


    Important things to keep in mind!

    - never take from ‘mom and pop’ type store. Its likely you’ll actually harm them, whereas taking from a walmart wont effect much.

    - never take items that a worker is assigned to monitor (usually super expensive items), theyll be in trouble for it. and its usually a minimum wage worker and usually they lose hours or pay, or they even get fired.

    - similar to the above, never take things that are usually locked up for the above reason

    - if its a store you know gives their near-expiration products to workers/charity, try to avoid taking the near expiration products.

    - if youre taking clothing, avoid leaving hangers. it sounds weird, but itll make it seem like it was more likely an error in the computer than a theft, since the empty hanger sitting there will seem suspicious. 

    - also for clothing, try not to take more than one item at once, as it will look suspicious if theres 10 medium shirts missing, and it won’t be written off as just a stocking error. and it will lead to workers being penalized

    - basically just always consider ‘will this harm a worker’ and if the answer is yes then dont do it

    like i was homeless for a while when i was younger and i tried to follow those guidelines to avoid doing harm to people who were probably not much better off than me while trying to get food for myself.


    Holy crap, is there like an unspoken thieves code or something?!


    it’s a thing. I won’t even lie. I watched someone slip a nursing exam book in their bag at the store I worked at. She made eye contact with me and the blood drained from her face. I simply gave her a sympathetic nod and walked away.

    I live in a small town and I knew she was a waitress at a hotel my sister works at, and people at that hotel don’t tip well during off season. Nursing exam books are 50+ bucks. Being a med student myself, I didn’t even breathe a word, and when inventory came up later and the book was missing, I suggested it was likely a mislabel, and the manager wrote it off.

    Sometimes, thievery is a necessity. Don’t send people to jail over petty things.


    theft for many is survival in this system and taking away from multi-billion dollar companies that are a part of the oppressive capitalist system


    I love this post so much. Like, an unbelievable amount. 


    And they say there’s no honour among thieves.


    There’s honour among honourable thieves. A thief is still a person, with the capability for good and bad, just like everyone else. The moment someone assumes either good or bad of someone, they perpetuate that belief into reality. 


    Never been a big part of this myself but I approve and shall pass it on


    Gonna use these cheat codes when I’m broke and on the streets @travalerray


    Good luck with that


    If you’re white, realize that Black people are more closely monitored than white people in stores and use that privilege.



    I forgot to add this last night. Don’t steal from Target. They’ll let you get away with the theft until they have enough to charge you with a felony, they keep track with what you steal between stores, and they have the most proficient loss prevention systems.



    hi yeah reading the article and WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK

    In fact, Target runs one of country’s top-rated forensic laboratories, which specializes in solving “organized retail crimes committed at Target stores through video and image analysis, latent fingerprint and computer forensics.”

    Scarier, though, is the methodical way in which Target goes about building cases against repeat shoplifters. In a 2016 Reddit post, a user named StiggyPop recounted his experience of being a drug-addict who made money by stealing and flipping Blu-Rays from Target. After four months, he was apprehended by a team of high-level LPs who knew everything about him, from where his apartment was located to the specific store he used as a fence

    Other Reddit users shared similar stories. As it turns out, alongside their forensic team and top-of-the-line, in-store facial recognition technology, Target is known for actually letting shoplifters get away with their bounty…up until they reach the monetary threshold for a felony shoplifting charge.