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    Temple of Otot

    I dragged my feet along the dry path beneath me. I wasn’t even paying attention to the tour guide anymore. I let him walk up ahead, guiding the others. I walked behind the group of chatting tourists.

    “The temple of Otot” I scoffed. “Literally who cares? It’s just an old mossy building.”

    Who even goes to Bali? I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my parents. They thought it would be a great gift for my 20th birthday. Thought i’d get something from these tours. That i’d learn more and ‘broaden my horizons’. Whatever.

    I just don’t care about some old city and temple. Like, it’s fine. I don’t dislike it. But the heat is overbearing and I would rather just stay in the hotel, or better yet, to have never gone on this holiday to begin with.

    I slow down. Letting the tour guide bring the tourists far in front of me. They’re just getting annoying at this point. Although, I can’t get too far. The city is a maze from the looks of it. The buildings tower over you and it’s impossible to tell where you’re going. What kind of people even designed this place anyway. It’s like they don’t want you to be able to find your way out.

    After around 10 minutes of some more sulking, i look forward. My heart drops. The tour group is gone... there’s no sight of anyone actually. No tourists. No locals. I begin to pick up my pace, hoping i’d eventually see them.

    I’m getting anxious at this point. It’s been about 20 minutes and I haven’t seen anyone. All I can see are mossy temples, collapsed stone buildings and creepy looking demon statues.

    I walk for hours. Must have been two by now. I haven’t even seen an exit. It’s like i’m walking in circles. I keep ending up back at this collapsed temple. I see a fallen pillar and decide to rest on it. I hop up and lie down on it’s crevices. Someone has to come by soon, right? Another group of tourists maybe? All I have to do, is just wait.

    Three hours pass. It look around noon. My shirt is stained with sweat patches from the sweltering sun beating down on me. My lips grow dry from dehydration. I throw my hands on my face and whisper.

    “I just wish I knew the layout of the city. Then I could finally get out of here.”

    And just like that, reality began to shift.

    I suddenly felt a hot pleasurable sensation emit from my groin, spreading throughout my skinny body. The feeling was startling. I jump off the pillar, swatting my smooth skin. I initially think it’s a bug that must have crawled on me or something. But it couldn’t have been. It feels internal. Almost like it’s inside my body. The pleasure grows more intense.

    “Oh fuck me” I moan to myself.

    It continues to flow through my body, wave after wave. I run my hands over my chest hair.... wait. Chest hair? I don’t have chest hair... what the fuck?!

    I look down to see my entire torso covered in black body hair. Areas of my skin which had once been clean and smooth were now covered in a thick curly pelt.

    It begins to spread up my shoulders and down my arms. I watch as each individual hair sprouts from nothing, making me look like a hairy ape. It spreads down my legs, covering them to the point where I can’t even see my skin anymore.

    I panic as it spreads up my neck. I scratch and scratch but it just keeps spreading, covering my bare face in a thick luscious beard.

    “WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING TO ME!?” I scream loudly, hoping help I will be heard by potential nearby tourists.

    Suddenly, I began to feel a tight feeling inside my new hairy stomach. It was uncomfortable, feeling as if my whole stomach was trapped with gas.


    I involuntarily let out a massive booming stinky fart. The smell permanently soaks into my new ass hair. The smell travels upwards and reaches my nose. I scrunch up my face. God it smells awful. Worse than any fart I had ever let out before. But what worried me more, was how little control I had over it.

    I feel like a balloon. I feel myself filling more and more. Though this time, it isn’t only gas. This time, I’m filling with fat. My thin frame balloons outwards. My stomach grows like a soft inflating beach ball. I look like a fat stinking oaf. My chest begins to fatten up too, turning my once flat chest into a pair of juicy milkable tits. My nipples grew massive and sensitive, begging to be sucked on by one of my fat stinky tribe members. God, how I love their fat lips around my full tit. Milking me like some dumb obedient fuckcow... GOD WHAT AM I THINKING? WHY DID I SAY THAT? TRIBE? TIT? WHATS HAPPENING TO MY BRAIN?

    My ass balloons up, becoming two juicy round globes which sway behind me. They clap together every movement I make, letting stinky little farts slip out between each step.

    God, I love being so fucking fat and obedient. I mean, look at me. I got big wobbly ass cheeks, fat tits and a tiny useless dick... wait, fuck. My brain. Stop. I don’t... it’s not real. I, i’m me. I’m not a stinky ape. I’m not a dumb fuckable... breedable.... sexy... stinky... ape.

    I stare vacantly and let drool dribble down my beard as I think about my jiggling body. I take a step forward, my ass wobbles and lets out another rank fart. It makes me stink even worse... my tiny 2 inch dick gets erect just by my own man smell.

    Suddenly, the world looks different around me. I look towards the temple to see something strange. It looked completely new. No moss. None of it was broken. The pillar was still in tact. It was beautiful. Just like how it must have looked in its prime... I looked to the streets to see they were bustling with people. All of whom were men who looked just like... me. All hairy apes. But there seemed to be two kinds of men. Each coupled in a pair. There were big muscular sophisticated masters and their fucktoys, the big fat wobbling neanderthals... like me. The sophisticated men seemed dominant, grabbing their fucktoys’ wobbling asses and even fucking them right there in the middle of the street for everyone to see. Others were trying to fit their fat ape husbands through doorways, so they could get into their houses. Now that I think of it, these houses weren’t here before. There used to be just rubble. But now... now there are houses in perfect condition.

    New memories seep into my brain. Or at least I think they’re new. Or are they? I grew up in Otot... right? Yes, I did. I know this city like the back of my thick fat hairy hand. I know each path and every walkway. Every entrance and any exit... now that I think of it... why did I want to leave here again? Who would ever want to leave Otot. I can never leave. If I left, who would be there to provide my master with a big fuckable ass to shoot his thick potent load into?

    Master is expecting me now. I should start wobbling my way up towards his house. I’m so horny, hopefully when he sees my 2 inch erect cock, he will pump his thick potent load into my fat ass all night long.


    And so, Carter is now a dumb fat ape in 1000AD Bali.

    The apathetic student now cares deeply about the land and traditions of Otot culture, willing to spend his entire life as a dumb slave to their tribesmen.

    Just like Carter wanted, he now knows the complete structure of the city. Who knows a city better than its inhabitants, right? He can leave any time he wants to... though something’s telling me that won’t be happening anytime soon.


    Hello! As my birthday approaches ive got the wish to be bigger in my mind. As a short asian American dude in his mid 20s, I’d do anything to get bigger and stronger! I want to tower over other guys! And be the manliest anywhere I go! Can you help?

    You wake up, the morning sun glistens over your skin. You groan and stretch your back. Another average Thursday... or so you thought.

    You inhale deeply, noticing a strange smell. You sniff your armpit and realise it’s you! You stank. That’s odd. You showered last night, right? The weather last night was hot, I mean, it is the US after all. But you didn’t think it was hot enough to leave you smelling this bad.

    You jumped out of bed, the stench clinging to your nostrils.

    “Another shower it is, I guess.” You sigh.

    You turn on the shower and undress. You look at the short skinny Asian man in the mirror’s reflection before stepping into the shower. The warm water trickles down each crevice of your body. It feels... really nice actually. It’s like each droplet of water sends a shivering pleasure down your spine. God, you don’t remember any shower feeling this good.

    You absentmindedly grab shampoo, and pour it over your head. You close your eyes and continue to run the shampoo through your hair. The soft shampoo spreads an intense pleasure over your scalp. Meanwhile, the water droplets only seem to intensify the sensation. You rub faster and faster until...

    UGHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YEAH BRO” You let out an intense moan.

    Your eyes shoot open in embarrassment. Not only did you moan, but you also said ‘bro’. You’ve never said that before. You wipe the water out of your eyes and look down at the shampoo bottle. It looks different. You pick it up. The label reads:

    ChangingMen Shampoo: Wash Away the Old you

    On the back, lay a message:

    Wish Granted...

    You drop the bottle in shock. Your hand! It looks... so... so thick... fat. You look down to see your whole body had undergone changes too. Just like your hand, your entire body had inflated with soft pudgy muscle. You run your hand across your chest. Your fingers sinking into your new pectoral muscles. You feel like a human water balloon. The shower water making your soft muscles expand and expand, filling you up.


    You jump out of the shower in shock at what you just unwillingly said. It’s like you have no control over yourself. It’s like you’re just a puppet... for me to play with...

    You stumble around the bathroom, adjusting to your new weight. You look at the bathroom door and lunge for its handle. If you could just get to your phone, you could call for help. But as you open the door, you aren’t met with your bedroom. Instead, you are met with a beach. A beach full of attractive shirtless lads and beautiful busty broads. They look around your age. They stare at you as you stumble out onto the sand. It’s humiliating.

    You look around confusedly. Had reality shifted? What was once your bedroom is now a humongous Californian beach. You hear a loud bang. You look behind you to see the door you had entered through was gone.

    Before you know it, a handsome 6’1 jock walks by you carrying two ChangingMen beers. He trips. The drinks fly into the air and splash all over your bouncy glistening pecs.

    He apologises profusely. You look down at your new body covered in this strange beer. But right now, this was the least of your worries. It was just a mistake. You open your mouth to tell him that it’s okay... but something else comes out.

    WHAT THE FUCK BRO?! LOOK AT MY GODLY PECS DUDE! THEY’RE COVERED IN YOUR FUCKING BEER!” You yell at him. Your voice had deepened several octaves. You sounded so assertive. So dominating.

    You stare at him and notice something strange. He’s shrinking. He looks at you in fear as his height slips down to yours. Your eyes meet before he sinks beneath you. Shrinking down to the point where your fat pec was now resting on the jock’s head. You look around confused. What? Everyone had shrunk? Wait... no. You look down and see your body had stretched out. Your feet had doubled in size. You had grown. Your pathetic short body was now a 6’5 God. It intimidates every man on the beach.

    “Dude... i’m.. i’m sorry. Don’t hurt me. What do you want me to do? Do-” Before he could finish his sentence you cut him off.

    You look down at the pathetic jock and find yourself grinning. A certain confidence washes over you before a powerful word slips from your lips.


    “Look man, i’m so-“ You cut the man off mid sentence again.

    I SAID BEG!” You command.

    Almost like magic, the jock’s knees give out. He falls onto his knees, directly in front of your Godly cock as it strains against your new swim shorts.

    “I’m sorry... please forgive me” He whimpers.

    I AM SUPERIOR TO YOU. ADDRESS ME AS SUCH!” You find yourself shouting.

    “I’m sorry sir. I’ll do anything, just please forgive me.”

    Your confidence sends waves of mind numbing pleasure over you, muting your old personality. You look at the submissive slut beneath you. The entire beach laughs and snickers at the pathetic weak jock.

    You’re gonna regret those words. Isn’t that right... my personal cumdump?” You laugh as the embarrassed jock shoots his load in his swim shorts.


    And so, you will live out the rest of your life as a cocky, muscular dom. There’s just something about that new deep voice of yours. No one can explain it. Not even science. Apparently, it can bend the wills of others... turning them into submissive pushovers.

    Rumours have spread around town. “Master’s voice” they call it. They say it can make anyone into a submissive fucktoy with just one word. Turn tops into insatiable pig bottoms. It can cause mens’ asses to inflate into juicy round fuck melons. There’s even stories about it turning straight men gay...

    Well, they are just stories, right? ....right?


    I have no idea why my brother wanted us to change bodies in our vacation, but he should had warned me before doing it! He simply swapped our bodies and left to who knows were! The fucker! No idea what he sees in being much younger, but I do see the appeal to being in an older body. Especially the older thing that’s between my muscular legs.

    I didn’t wait much to see how big my new cock was. Can you blame me? That’s the most priced possession of a guy, I needed to know what I was working with. Jesus, let me tell you I was not disappointed. Even soft it look thick and heavy. Original I only planned to take a quick look and figure out how to find my body. But after seeing how big it already was, curiosity got the best of me. I had to see it hard. So I decided, fuck it! I’m going to jerk off my new cock in the open! I don’t care if someone sees me. It’s not my reputation that would take a hit. Maybe my brother should have thought twice before leaving me all alone with his body. That will teach him not to swap out of the blue!


    Yummm 😋


    "W-what the h-hell!"

    One second ago I was in my apartment dealing with my morning wood, and all of the sudden I'm laying down in a bed that I don't recognize. I look around for clues, to figure out where the hell I'm I. It looks similar to my apartment but still different. I most be in the same building but different room. The only other notable thing is the large tent I'm making with the sheets. Seems my morning wood still there. It looks a bit to big for the normal size of my dick. It's probably just my imagination. You know what, fuck it. I'm going to continue what I was originally doing. Take care of this annoying thing.

    I put both my hands on my dick. I let out a small moan of relief.


    Uh, seems I have a sore throat by the sound of my voice. It must be bad if my voice sounds this deep. Anyway back to where I was. I close my eyes and try to enjoy this. God, this feels nice, nicer than normal. I don't know why but my dick is extra sensitive today. I like it.

    I start to pick up the pace and using more strength in my movements. O-oh I-I haven't felt this nice is a while. I only started but I already was panting. I was hot and bothered. I began using even more force and going faster. It seems today I want it to be rough. I don't mind. I'm use to a more lazy and slow approach, but a change of pace ones in a while doesn't hurt. It was once I begin focusing my attention to the head of dick, that I knew I wasn't going to last.

    "Ughhh!! A-Ah!"

    Wait a second... that's not what my voice sounds like. Not even with a cold does it sound that low.

    "This is so weird... Wait, what the hell!"

    That's not my voice! The hell! I move my hands off my cock to my face and throat. Only to find something fuzzy between my hands. It felt like a bear. That wouldn't be weird, if not for the fact that I don't have a bear! I try to look down to see that new beard only to see then how different my hands looked. The hell, they were huge! Even my forearms look bigger and hairier. If both my face and hands are different, does that mean my whole body is different too... Have I been jerking off I different cock all this time. That would explain the new found sensitivity...

    Fuck it, let's see it.

    In one motion I pull of the bed sheet that was covering my whole body.

    "W-what the hell! That's not my body!"

    Instead of seeing my slim body, I found a bulkier one instead. Hair covering my chest and stomach. Muscle with a bit of fat filling my body. And the most surprising thing, is the cock between my new meaty thighs. It was huge. It's veiny and thick. It was leaking precum already. God, it looks so good.

    I don't know how but I end up in someone's else body. God did they had a good body. Well it's my for the time being so I guess I have a nice body now. Maybe I should enjoy it to it's fullest. I don't think his old owner would mind. He left it to me with a throbbing erection, so it's only fair I deal with it. I once again start jerking off, this time not only touching my cock, but my new body too.

    "Mmhm, Y-yeah I like this body a lot"

    I'm pretty sure I'm in my neighbor's body, masturbating it for my own pleasure, but I don't care. I mean I did left my own body with a little present too. Hope he enjoys my morning wood as much as I'm enjoying his.

    Daddy’s bigger than ever as I tower over you little guys in this video. I flex, pec bounce, and tell you how big I am compared to you, but then you get  bratty and start climbing this man-mountain! How will it end, boy…especially when you start exploring under my shorts? 

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    What a selection! If you have time, could you please beef me up and dumb me down into a #1, I think? Thank you!

    Haha you think ? I don’t like hesitations there but I can definitely make it happen. One thing I always love is when people have haphazard requests. Wording is key. Beef you up? You got it. Dumb you down ? Oh that’s definitely going to happen. But how much beef would be too much. ... oh well I’m guess I’m led for my own whims.

    You’re taking shower when your changes set in. You don’t notice it as first but soon your ultra sensitive body takes over. You get soap in your eyes and you try to rub it out but yours not successful. All the whole you can feel the walls of the showe closing in on you as your shoulda start to rub the walls. When you get the soap out you look down and see that your muscles are twitching f and every time they twitch the get slightly bigger. Huge pecs are soon jutting from your chest like a shelf while it looks like bowling balls are attached to your arms. The water runs down the canyon that has formed over your stomach as the tingling settles leaving you an 8 pack with a wicked v line. Your gait changes leaving you with a wide stance as your thighs and flags blow up with muscle. Your thighs are going to rub when you walk now. Or rather it’s a funny waddle I should say. Like that of a muscle jock. Your face changes shape as you become younger taking on the look of a 23 years of gym rat. You step out of the shower and find that your body is much larger than you could have imagined. Your old clothes won’t fit you anymore but lucky for you is a muscle tank and shorts in the corner that have to fit right? Well I’m pretty sure you can see that’s barely happening.

    You look in the mirror and place the head phones on that you brought with you to the shower not sure what to make of the change. Did you even showe ? You know that you dried off but you’re still soaking wet. And you smell like you just got done with a few hours of working out. Your head phone start playing and before you realize it’s a loop. A dumb loop. And with every second that passes it turns your brain to mush. Dumb. It’s like it’s in your dna. Idiot. Words that describe you are simple. Stupid. The loop continues and without realizing it you’ve been in the bathroom for three hours. The play back stops. You wipe the drool from you mouth and look in the mirror. You can’t help but flex you’re huge body. You sniff your pits and get hard at the smell of your stomach new stank. You wiggle your beefier toes on the rug and the sensation makes you start leaking precum. You strut out of the bathroom which was a locker room ? You big doofus you thought you was at home. Well it home for you. People turn their noses up as you walk past and a man calls you over. “Damn brah did ya even shower “. He says pointing at your sweat covered shirt. And he laughed slapping your stuff erection that is leaking pre. You just stare dumbly at him. Not really knowing what going on because you’re just a mindless meat sack. “Come on bro. I’ll help you out “. He gives you a wink and leads back to the locker room like the lost puppy you are. He’s your trainer. And he makes the decisions for you. He takes care of you. Without him you’d be lost bevause the world is just too complicated for a dumb meat head like you. But that’s ok. Muscle is life. And you can’t help but find your new trainer so attracted that you start to drool as your erection takes full control of you making you even dumber than you are now. Have fun living in a beefed up dumb dude bro. You’ll only get bigger and dumber from here on.

    Playing Ninja

    “Hey, wanna play ninja?” Vince asked Stan, who was lying on Vince’s bed browsing his phone.

    “... I’m sorry, what?” Stan responded back incredulously.

    “Ninja! You wanna play? Like Kombat?”

    Vince was new to the neighborhood. Well, new to the town, actually, having moved in from the city a year ago. The two had become acquainted this year and had only recently become friends. They had similar interests, were about a similar, below-average size, and they were both pretty active within the same online communities, so it only made sense that they would become friends somewhere along the line. But Stan was still figuring out little idiosyncrasies about Vince. Why call it ‘ninja’ if you wanted to play some Mortal Kombat?

    Oooohh, uhhh... sure!” Stan sat up from his lying position. “I’m gonna kick your ass though, so no whining when it happens.” Stan grinned, passing along the soft threat to his new friend.

    Vince giggled, “Alright, man, whatever you say!”

    They had both had been browsing their phones silently for almost an hour so it was probably time to do something more engaging. Vince stood up and started stretching, prompting Stan to chuckle; he was always so extra in his mannerisms. Stan stood up and sauntered over to the console in Vince’s room, grabbing a controller off its charging cord, and turned back around.

    Woah, woah, dude, I—I... what are you doing??” Stan jumped.

    When he turned around, Vince had already taken off his shirt and was quickly unbuckling and lowering his pants, exposing his frail body and baggy pair of briefs. He looked up as he stepped out of the pants with a confused look on his face.

    “Uhh, getting ready?”

    Stan huffed a laugh, “Dude, you don’t need to be nude to play some Kombat, put your clothes back on!”

    “No way, man, that’s my favorite shirt! I’m not gonna risk ripping it!”

    “Why the fuck would it—... you know what, never mind...” Stan realized that there were some times where you just didn’t question Vince’s weird quirks. “Anyways, are you ready?”

    “Just one more thing, and...” Vince said in a singsong voice as he fished through the pile of clothes in his closet. He finally pulled out a mask, one that just exposed his eyes. He pulled it over his face where it sagged loosely over his head. “Ready!”

    “Oh, dude, come on...” Stan groaned. “Is that really necessary?”

    “I play how I wanna play!” Vince shrugged, rolling his neck and stretching a little more. Are you ready? Sure you don’t want to change or anything?”

    “Vin, what the fuck would I change into?? Come on, let’s play!”

    Vince shrugged again, “Alright, man, your call.”

    “Great, now grab your—..”

    Before Stan could finish his thought, Vince quickly struck into a slight crouching pose and threw his hands up in front of him. Vince then began contorting his hands quickly into different angles, twists, and poses, changing rapidly between all of them and huffing pressurized, tight, quick puffs of air out between his lips. Stan looked at him with shock and slight embarrassment, this was just another level of awkward for him. Vince maintained an intense look of focus in his eyes as he struck out and angled his hands into various unique poses, until finally...

    “Vin, what—..” Stan began but was immediately silenced by what happened next.

    Vince struck his last pose with his hands against each other, and then quickly began to noticeably change. The first thing was his height, which shot up a good 5 or 6 inches from his previous stature, and was quickly followed by his musculature. Stan heard what sounded like the faint shifting and rolling of meat and bodily fluids and watched awestruck as his friend began to swell in front of him. Vince’s arms and shoulders twitched and wavered as they were filled up with thick, twisting pythons of muscle. His pecs began to round and protrude from his chest, his nipples slightly facing downward because of the new shape of his chest, and his torso grew thicker and jutted out from his body more as abs swelled larger underneath, his back cascading in rippling muscles. His legs followed next, each of his thighs bulging and thickening larger in his crouched stance, twitching and jiggling slightly with their new weight, while his calves tightened and hardened into bulging diamonds. Stan could see his loose briefs tighten around his waist as his ass perked up and swelled from behind, filling up with rounded, firm glutes that complemented his new thighs perfectly. Stan’s jaw dropped as his watched the still-slightly loose front of Vince’s briefs begin to sag and droop with the swelling heft underneath. His cock snaked out of his hips, longer and thicker soft than ever before, and his balls swelled and gained weight, pulling his sack lower and making his briefs bulge obscenely, and all the while his body was sprouting fine dark hairs all over, emitting a potent musk.

    Stan’s cock throbbed at the imposing specimen before him.

    “F-fuck, dude, w-what the hell just happ—...” Stan began but was silenced when he watched Vince move for this first time since his transformation into a more combative pose, putting one leg behind him and raising up his fists in a defensive pose, his thick arms tightening with the flexed muscles underneath, tons of dark hair still sprouting out all over his body.

    Fight!” Vince shouted in a deep, sharp voice.

    “Vin—!” Stan tried to interject but Vince swept his dominant leg in an arc and knocked Stan’s legs out from under him, causing him to fall on his back onto the floor next to the bed. Stan had the breath knocked out of him but could barely gather his thoughts as Vince was already situated above him, hovering over his body in a planked position with one strong arm propping his massive body up next to Stan’s head. Stan’s heart dropped when he saw Vince’s free arm rear back with a tiger-claw fist at the ready, his eyes frantic and maniacal behind his mask. Stan knew that in less than a second that fist would come down and do real damage.

    PS4! PS4!!” Stan yelled panicked. Vince stopped for a second, cocking his head and narrowing his eyes. “I-I-I thought you meant M-Mortal Kom-Kombat, play it on the PS4,” Stan continued in a hyperventilating panic. “I was grabbing a controller, I thought you were j-just being weird, man, honest!”

    OOOoooohhhhhh,” Vince finally spoke up in a deep but familiar voice. He let his body relax, dropping his legs and waist down, landing on top of Stan’s lower body, the weight of Vince’s package landing uncomfortably heavy on Stan’s own. Stan wished in vain that Vince couldn’t feel his throbbing dick, but also wished the weight of Vince’s waist, thighs, and calves could let up and give him some relief. Vince brought a hand up and pulled the now-tight mask off his head, finally giving Stan a good look at his gorgeous mug that had been upgraded along with his body, including a kick ass beard. He looked to be several years older than he was before.

    “Well, why didn’t you say so buddy?” Vince asked with a deep chuckle. “Sorry about that!”

    He rolled over off Stan’s body, relieving him of Vince’s deceptively high weight, and sat cross-legged facing Stan, who was still lying on the bedroom floor in shock. Stan nervously sat himself up from the floor, panting and keeping an eye on Vince. Vince cocked his head again, wondering what was wrong with his friend.

    “So...” Stan began.

    “So...? Should we play?” Vince suggested pivoting his torso slightly, beginning to reach for a controller behind him, his voice several octaves lower than his usual voice.

    “... Wait, are we just not gonna talk about this?”

    “Dude, I said I was sorry!”

    “Not that, it’s...” Stan gestured up and down at Vince with his hand. “This!”

    “This...? Oooohhh, this!” he popped his right arm up in a strong flex and laughed. Stan didn’t want to give his arousal away too much, but the fragrant musk wafting across the room from Vince’s pits made him weak. “Sorry, I just wanted the upper hand!” He brought his arm down from the flex and scratched his bushy chest.

    Stan just gaped at him in disbelief. Vince noticed his look.

    “Wait, have I not shown you this before?”

    No!” Stan answered loudly as though it was a universal fact.

    “Oh jeez, yeah I get the look now. Yep, it’s something I picked up from a friend back in the city.”

    “It’s... I mean, it’s incredible.”

    “Thanks, man!” Vince bashfully scratched the back of his head.

    “Dude, you’re like... hairy.”

    “Yep,” Vince grinned and ran his hands across his torso, feeling the thick hair over his body.

    “And... older?”

    “Well, I dont feel old,” Vince laughed and mimed hitting a punching bag.

    “And Vin, you’re fucking buff...”

    “Woah, uhh... thanks, dude,” Vince looked down with a grin and reddening cheeks. He wanted to show off for his friend a little more so he started flexing his abs and arms and bounced his pecs for Stan. He didn’t give it much thought, but his already tight briefs were giving away his swelling dick, it’s unreal thickness and length displayed prominently on his briefs. A wet, dark spot started to form at the tip.

    Stan could see it all. He let out a shuddering breath and crawled forward. “And then there’s this,” he let his hand drift towards Vince’s crotch and held out a finger, tapping/tickling where Vince’s swollen tip was resting, drooling pre. Vince let out a shuddering gasp as his head spat out more pre, gushing through the fabric of his briefs and spilling onto Stan’s finger. Vince was breathing heavily and looked up at Stan, who brought his finger up to his mouth to suck clean.

    Vince swallowed hard, “Do you, uhh.. Do you want to see it?”

    Stan just nodded with a grin.

    Vince stuck his hand deep inside his briefs, cupping his hand around his sizable package, and scooped out his enormous package. His balls dangled large and heavy down to the floor, and his cock bobbed stiffly in the air, his head peeking out of his foreskin, which was slowly peeling back with its hardened length.

    “I didn’t know you were uncut,” Stan said, moving closer in.

    “Well, like this, yeah-aaahhhh,” Vince gasped as Stan wrapped a hand around his shaft, and he pretended like nothing was happening. “For some rea-ooooh-reason it grows back when I do this-ffuuuuck...”

    Stan slowly pushed and pulled the foreskin over Vince’s throbbing cock, feeling it’s slick length slide across his shaft.

    “Vin, this is incredible,” Stan said again. “I know I keep saying that, but fuck... If I could do this, I don’t think I’d change back.”

    Vince was lost in the pleasure he was receiving, but the last words brought him back to awareness.

    “Would you want me to teach you?” he asked in an excited voice.

    Stan’s heart dropped, “Y-you can do that?”

    “Sure, it’s easy!” Vince quickly stood up and bounced to his feet, paying no mind to his exposed state nor his new weight, as his bounce made the whole room shudder. “Come on! Stand up, I’ll show you!”

    Stan figured if one of them was proudly displaying a huge uncovered dick then he shouldn’t worry about the bulge his erection made on his shorts, despite their considerable size difference. He stood up and waited for instructions.

    “So, you just go like...” Vince started throwing up the same dramatic hand angles and gestures he made before his transformation in a quick progression.

    “Woah, wait, wait, that’s way too fast, can we do it one at a time?”

    Ugh, sure,” Vince huffed playfully. “Ok, you start like this..”

    Stan positioned himself the same way Vince was, “..Okay...”

    “And then this...”


    “Then these...”

    “.. Got it...”


    “..Uh huh...”

    “Now this one...”

    “.. Okay...”

    “And finish off wiiiitthh this one! Hyah!” Vince laughed.

    Stan giggled at him, and slapped his hands against one another in the finishing pose Vince was modeling. Hyah!” he mimicked Vince’s goofy finisher. Then it happened.

    Stan was lurched back onto the bed by the onset of the transformation, and looked up worried at Vince.

    “Ah, shoot, you should’ve stood with your legs prepared, it hits you unexpectedly! And this is your first time so it’s gonna be a little intense..”

    “You’re telling me now?!” Stan cried to Vince, his eyebrows furrowing hearing his voice deepen considerably.

    “Good-intense! Just enjoy it, man...” Vince reached down and started pumping his cock, preparing to enjoy watching his friend transform.

    Stan groaned, feeling his bodying making... Well, he didn’t know what his body was doing, he just knew that something was coming, something big.

    Stan felt and heard a chorus of bones popping across his body. It felt like he was been stretched and pulled in every direction simultaneously. He looked down to see a huge portion of his midriff exposed as his spine and torso began to lengthen, alone with his arms and legs. He could feel his back stretching across the bedsheets and could feel tightness in his collar as his shoulders, back, and waist began to broaden.

    “Oh shit,” Vince said.

    Stan shot his head up, “‘Oh shit’?? What, ‘oh shit’??”

    “Your clothes... We probably should’ve gotten you out of those.”

    Stan leaned his head back again and groaned, realizing he was probably going to be fully nude by the end of this. Suddenly, his body stopped extending across the bed, indicating he must have reached his proper height. That alone was a surreal experience, looking down his body and across his arms to see his entire being stretched longer and taller than he’d ever been before. Then the growth started.

    Ooooohhh shiiiiit,” Stan moaned as he began to feel a burning sensation in every muscle group in his body, as though he’d just completed a wicked high intensity full-body workout.

    “Yeah, dude, mmmrrfff enjoy that shit—fuuuck,” Vince said deeply as Stan heard intensified fleshy slapping coming from Vince’s direction. Vince was enthralled by his friend’s growth, watching his already missized clothes begin to rise and further tighten with his swelling body. Stan grinned to himself, loving the effect he was having on his now-hunky, muscle bear friend.

    Oooohh fuuuuuckk yeeeaaahhh,” Stan groaned, looking to his arms and seeing them beef up considerably, new muscles twisting and swelling under the surface with rapid intensity, causing his extremely tight sleeves to rip up to his neck. His shoulders and neck bulged thicker, he could feel them tightening the collar around his shirt, and he could see his chest in his peripheral vision began to pump larger and larger and larger, obscuring much of his vision downward from his lying position. As his arms finalized their bulging growth, he brought his hands up and began squeezing his plump muscle tits as they continued up swell. He took huge, greedy handfuls of them, something he’d wanted to do to Vince for a while now and cried out with lustful intensity as he felt his nipples harden and protrude further outward between his fingers.

    Here, lemme...” Stan heard below him, as Vince crawled over him on the bed and wrapped his lips around Stan’s growing tits, sucking with passion and worshipping him with his mouth. If Vince were laying on top of Stan, he’d feel his torso begin to broaden and rise steadily as a hard 8 pack began to push out from within him, rising to the surface and forming deep ridges between themselves.

    Fuuuuuccck meeeee,” Stan groaned deeply as he felt his thighs and calves begin to grow imposingly thick, rivaling the legs of a rugby or soccer player. Vince reached a hand down and squeezed Stan’s inner thigh as it swelled further under his fingers. His calves could now kick a ball down the length of a football field, no problem at all. His shorts gave up their grip on his thighs and waist and ripped all the way up from leg seam to hip, but his elastic boxer briefs still held on.

    Lemme see that big boy,” Vince grumbled deeply into Stan’s ear as he continued moaning and groaning, as Vince’s hand travelled up from Stan’s massive thigh to his bulging package. Stan writhed on the bed groaning with intense lust as he grinded his hips against Vince’s hand, his pre-soaked underwear moistening Vince’s touch. Stan felt his hips rise up further from the bed as his ass swelled massive and round behind him, becoming sculpted and firm in a way others labored in the gym for years to achieve but he achieved in a matter of seconds.

    Ooooh fffffuuuccck!” Stan groaned, gripping the bedsheets as he felt something impossible from under Vince’s talented palms. Stan felt his rock hard cock gain several inches of length and girth, turning an already obscene bulge into something almost comically large and lumpy in a matter of seconds, while his balls churned and swelled to the size of large eggs from within his sack, ramping up his testosterone production considerably. Between his new ass and his new package, not to mention his god-like thighs, the weak grip his underwear kept suddenly vanished as the elastic around his waist snapped and the fabric along the sides of his underwear ripped, leaving him completely exposed and forcing his cock to leap up and slap him heavily and wetly on his lower torso.

    Theeeerree he is,” Vince moaned as he felt Stan’s exposed cock spit huge amounts of pre on Stan’s lower abdomen. Stan reached behind Vince’s head and pulled him down, sticking his tongue in his mouth and sucking his face greedily. As Vince reciprocated with the same lustful energy, the two of their bodies finally met, chest to chest, torso to torso, hip to hip, and they began to grind against one another with eager intensity. Their stiff cocks collided with one another as they both humped each other’s bodies, spitting pre at one another and making their lower abdomens slick with their juices. Stan’s testosterone went into overdrive, making thick, curly hair sprout all over his body, his face and neck being coated with a full beard he’d never been able to grow for the first time in his life, his chest and torso becoming softer and darker with a thick carpeting of hair, his ass, package, and legs gaining their own thick covering.

    Oooh shiiit!” Vince cried.

    Fuck!” Stan groaned.

    “I—I’m gonna—!” They called out in unison as their cock heads swelled as their hips bucked against one another. A torrent of jizz erupted from their cocks, spewing against each of their chests and torsos, dampening the forest of hair on each of their bodies. They panted and moaned into each other’s mouths as they continued unloading onto one another. Vince reached down and milked Stan’s balls and Stan reached around and played with Vince’s asshole as their shared orgasm continued.

    After another few seconds of unloading against each other and intensifying each other’s orgasms, it finally subsided, leaving the two of them in a post-nut glow, allowing them to rest against each other’s hard bodies, intermingling their jizz between their sandwiches abs and chests. They panted with each other for another few moments, then Vince sat up, planted another passionate kiss on Stan, and sat up, bringing a few webby, sticky trails of cum with him.

    Stan sat up, finally getting a good look at himself for the first time. He was incredible, in every sense of the word. Impossible to believe that all of this transpired in a matter of minutes after a seemingly innocuous visit to his friend’s house, but he looked like the fully improved version of himself. Older, hairier, but definitely improved.

    “Well, at least one thing lasted,” Vince said as he wiped himself down with a rag. Stan looked up at him with a confused look, and Vince gestured down to his feet, his socks still in one piece.

    “Barely. They’re tight as shit,” Stan responded deeply, followed by a chuckle. Vince laughed back, tossing the rag to Stan, who began to wipe himself clean as well.

    “Gotta say, Stan,” Vince said, folding his arms across his chest, “That treated you way better than I ever could’ve expected. You’re a fucking stud, man!”

    “Pot to kettle,” Stan responded bashfully, feeling up his new body with his hands.

    “Should we shower? We created a bit of a stink up in here,” Vince remarked, which prompted Stan to just notice the rank smell of the room, like days of musk, sweat, and jizz.

    “Damn, maybe we should,” Stan chuckled.

    “Afterwards, play a little something?” Vince smiled at Stan and winked.

    “I don’t know about playing ninja, but I think we could find something to do,” Stan responded, slapping Vince in the ass, prompting both of them to laugh.

    Stan followed Vince to the bathroom to shower. He didn’t know how Vince reverted back to his ‘normal self,’ or even if that was something Stan wanted to do, but his life had without a doubt forever been changed by his friendship with the quirky new guy. His only regret was that he hadn’t become friend with Vince sooner.

    My Friend’s Dad

    There had to be a way for Will to say it that wouldn’t start trouble. Then again, there was no way he could. His friend Peter was still chatting about the end of his soccer match a few moments ago. They were the only two in the locker room, but this was Peter’s common routine change, a bit slower than everyone else to talk after a match with Will.

    I topped your dad.

    It was a simple statement. One that shouldn’t have been annoying Will as much as it had been. After all it was only in his dreams where the action occurred. There was no way a man like Mr. Stranton would bottom for anyone. That stupid camping trip was to blame. Ever since Will saw the goods Mr. Stranton had been hiding, the dreams started coming.

    The whole thing started innocently. Will saw Mr. Stranton chopping wood shirtless, then discovered Mr. Stranton paraded around in his underwear early in the morning. The man’s boxer briefs left little to the imagination. The single father was overly gifted in the front and the back. Will was sure the thin layer of hair over his pecs, arms, and legs kept the proud papa warm.

    However, the breaking point was when Will had asked for a restroom break on their hike. Mr. Stranton had also joined him, probably expecting Will to act mature. The boys were 18 after all. But when Mr. Stranton whipped out his donkey dick from his jeans and aimed it at the ground, Will knew it was over for him. Mr. Stranton had closed his eyes and tilted his head back while he released his stream. The man was grunting in relief, but to Will it just sounded like moans. When Mr. Stranton stopped, he shook his fat cock - and caught Will staring.

    “Sorry about that,” Mr. Stranton said. “I had to go sumthin’ fierce.” He tucked his cock away and winked at Will. That was the first night Will dreamed of Mr. Stranton. He dreamt he caught the man bathing under a waterfall. Mt. Stranton would start washing his wide chest and back, going down to his champion thighs and legs. That of course left the goods for last. Water cascading down that masculine body.

    Will’s eyes snapped open. It was the middle of the night and Peter and Mr. Stranton were still asleep in the tent. Will groaned lightly he could already sense a sticky dampness coming from the crotch area.

    From that point in the camping trip Will became hyper aware of Mr. Stranton’s body. The way his pecs would flex when he scratched the thin layer of hair on his chest, the movement of his biceps when he threw his arms around the boys. Those were just the PG ones. Will had stared openly when Mr. Stranton bent over. Amazing ass. Not to mention, the incident had fully awoken him to spotting Mr. Stranton’s bulge all the time.

    Will didn’t want to creep on his best friend’s dad, but he couldn’t help it. The fact they were out camping only exacerbated it. Will was not a jock or outdoorsy kind of guy like Peter. The hike was strenuous on his thin, wiry frame. But the trip was a long time coming for the best friends and of course Mr. Stranton and Peter were very accommodating. They’d take as many breaks as Will needed. Which in turn gave more free time to watch Mr. Stranton.

    Taking a sip of water Will’s eyes sneaked over to the Stranton men. Peter was very similar to his dad, the same dark brown chestnut hair, same dark brown eyes, and the same goofy smile. The only difference was Peter was mostly hairless as opposed to his wild beast of a dad. Mr. Stranton wasn’t a gorilla of a man, but had a dusting of hair on his arms and legs, along with a well-groomed beard. During another one of their breaks Will casually mentioned that fact.

    “Oh Dad, yeah he’s hairier than me, but he told me that happened after he had gone off to college. Said it was like a second puberty waiting for him. He started growing hair and had to find ways to expel all the energy he was building up, and working out helped.” Peter leaned over. “So don’t be surprised when I come back from college looking more like him.”

    Will almost creamed himself at the thought. Two Mr. Strantons walking around in the world was too much. But Will had to remind himself his best friend was very much a future Mr. Stranton. As they returned to the hike, Will purposely fell behind to watch Mr. Stranton climb up a hill. It was so steeped the man had to bend over a bit, sticking his ass out. Will could see a hint of the man’s bulge between the thighs, and he kept thinking “That’s the cock that made Peter.”

    “Will, you okay?” Mr. Stranton asked further up the hill, looking between his legs. Pulled back to reality, Will nodded and rushed forward. He must have looked stupid or dazed standing there with the tent on their back. Peter had all the supplies and had already caught up to his dad.

    The two Strantons stood at the top of the hill waiting. Will got a nice view of their shirtless bodies glistening with sweat. Will had always admired the bodies of the Strantons but this was the first time he was doing more than admiring. He was falling in love with it. Peter very much had the young version of his dad’s body. Mr. Stranton was packing two muscled furry pecs, a large set of 6 pack abs, and a wider frame in general. All that and more was awaiting Peter on the other side of puberty, while Will didn’t have much to aspire to. He’d prefer if his blond hair didn’t make his body hair look non-existent. Though his mother did always say he had pretty green eyes. That was one feature he would keep. But what Will wouldn’t give to be a Stranton man…

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