There is something so sexual about hairy armpits. Turning me on in ways I never thought would be possible. All a man has to do is lift up his arms and I would be weak at the knees, my throbbing hard cock constricted by tight underwear in seconds. So masculine and rugged, leaving me wanting to bury my face in them... inhaling the musk created from a hard day at work. The amount of hair only adds to the appeal which I’m powerless to resist, nothing being more perfect than bushy pits.

    Josh liked nothing more than to invite me over to suck his dick while he watched football. He was completely straight which is why he liked to watch the game while I sucked and wanted me shave my facial hair completely so he couldn’t feel my stubble on his skin. In his words “a blowjob is a blowjob, it’s gonna feel good either way”. Whenever there was a big game coming up I knew where I would be. When he opened the door there was never anything less than a semi imprinted in his shorts. He tried to contain the excitement on his face but really I don’t think he wanted to admit that he liked a guy sucking his dick that much. He would sit on the couch and pull his pants down before spreading his legs. That was my cue to get on my knees and start sucking. Within moments I’d have him moaning hard as I sucked his perfect cock. My payment was being able to service him... a guy that is off limits to most. I was the person he would message after a hard day at work, not some random girl. I owned his cock and he knew it.

    It was just a normal work out... or so I thought. I was smashing through some cardio on the treadmill when I started to feel someone watching me. Trying not to let it bother me, I carried on with no idea who this person was or what he looked like. I had on a tight workout top and even tighter shorts that perfectly fitted my ass as I ran, bouncing up and down as I took each stride. I knew what I was doing... you couldn’t predict who you would meet at the gym so I always made an effort however this was the first time I felt someone notice. Not that I would be confident enough to approach anyone. 10 minutes go by and the feeling that I was being watched didn’t go away... not that I minded.

    As I turn around I see this huge guy lifting weights looking straight at me. His vest covered so little of his body that he might as well be shirtless. His body glistened with sweat making my face go red immediately. This guy looked incredible, he couldn’t possibly be looking at me could he? This was confirmed as he started grinning at my embarrassed expression while flexing his enormous muscles. I was too nervous to talk to him so walked by to move onto my next set however he gently grabbed my arm and said “hey, hope you didn’t mind me looking at you up there but you caught my eye... I have never really been into dudes but there is something about you that..” with a deep husky voice. He pauses, taking my hand and putting it on his rock hard shaft over his short material. Holy fuck he was huge... I had never felt a cock so big. On top of that I was now close enough to smell the musk coming from his sweat drenched body and I was in heaven. Nothing turned me on more than the smell of a man post workout.

    “I shouldn’t even be doing this... I have a girlfriend but we haven’t been having sex much lately... I guess what I’m saying is that I kinda want to see you naked... maybe even see how a guy sucks my dick.... I’m Rock hard thinking about it man and judging by your face you want it too” he say in a cocky tone. Of course I wanted to, I mean who wouldn’t? He was so masculine that I would have automatically written him off as straight. Before I had chance to reply he said. “I’m done here.. I’ll be in the showers if you need me” he adds before winking before turning and walking into the lockeroom. I couldn’t believe what was happening, it almost didn’t seem real. Shortly after I found myself stripping off and making my way to the showers. Before I had chance to spot him, he pulled me into his cubical... soap dripping down from his abs and onto his huge cock. “Turn around... I wanna see that perfect little ass” he commands with a grin, completely unfazed by sharing a shower with a guy. I submit to his order, facing away from him. Almost immediately I felt his warm strong hands gliding over my cheeks, squeezing them tight. I had never been more turned on than at this moment. The fact that I was the first boy to fulfil his natural urges was incredible

    “Fuuuuck....” he exclaimed after feeling my ass for what felt like forever and a second at the same time. Without warning he pressed me up against the wall with his cock grinding between my ass cheeks. “I wanna see what that mouth can do” he whispered in my ear before turning me around and making me kneel before him. I was looking up at the body of a god... it was all I could do to pleasure him right now. I took hold of his shaft in my hand and eased my mouth over his head taking the time to coat it in saliva, preparing to take it down my throat “fuck yeah... there’s a good boy... take daddy’s big dick” he moaned with one hand holding the back of my head and the other flexing his muscle. I was in heaven... this was everything I was looking for. A masculine guy to dominate me like he was born to do it. Before long he was forcing my mouth down his shaft further, beginning to fuck my face. “Holy shit... you take my cock so good” he moans as his hand shakes a little on the back of my head. I gag a little as my lips hit the base of his cock but that did nothing to stop me. I wouldn’t quit until I felt his load pour down my throat. He let me go to town on his cock, flexing both arms above his head to assert his dominance... a level of masculinity I could never achieve.

    It wasn’t long before hot jets if cum were flowing down my throat. I had never experienced a load so big in my life. “Ohhhh fuck... take it.... fuuuuuck” he exclaimed, pushing my head down on his dock in order to cum as deep as possible. When he finally let go I frantically tried to catch my breath while swallowing the remains of his load. That was incredible, I didn’t even care that I haven’t orgasmed. The memory of this moment is enough to make me cum any day I thought. “My girlfriend never sucks my dick like that... holy fuck... you are such a slut... I love it” he says with a huge grin. “Next time see you here, that tight little hole is being fucked... I hope you are ready” he added before grabbing my ass. The feeling of his hand on my ass was enough to make me cum... my thoughts raced. He wants to see me again? Holy crap.... how is this happening. “Yeah... um I... that would be....” before I could finish my nervous reply he interrupted. “See you around bro” with a wink before leaving the shower, wrapping the towel around his waist and out of the shower room.

    I would keep going to the gym at the same time forever if it meant the possibility that we would meet again... the possibility that he would fuck me like his dirty little secret.

    My college roommate was impossibly straight but that didn’t stop me from fantasising, he was the definition of a jock and he knew it... he was every little gay boys wet dream. The fact that I was gay it didn’t put him off chilling in his underwear if I was home or not... in fact I think he kinda like it... teasing me that is. I couldn’t count the times I had walked in on him jerking off or having sex with girls, his reaction was always the same: he would give me a smirk as my face turned red and then carried on as if he wasn’t interrupted. With the image of his cock imprinted in my mind, I would rush to the toilets to jerk off, unable to control my raging boner over him. There was something about his confidence that turned me on even more. I’d dream about the day he would ask me to experiment with him, sucking his gigantic cock or letting him fuck me until he realised how much tighter I was than any girl he has fucked before. I would be his dirty little secret and he would be my proudest achievement.

    Just another day at the office…. It was Monday morning. I was working as an intern for a media company in the city, doing my usual coffee round before sitting down at my desk. It was not long before I received a strange email from my boss. My heart started to race… I’m pretty sure all of the women in the office plus me had a huge crush on him. The epitome of masculinity with his “take no shit” attitude, constantly wearing tight shirts that showed off his bulging abs. The email read “James, see me in my office in ten minutes. I have arranged a meeting to review our partnership. Don’t be late. John Rhodes”. Oh god… my heart pounds faster. I pace the office nervously before it was time for our meeting. I walk up to his door and knock lightly, enough for him to yell “come in” from his desk. As I open the door I could see the Stern look on his face. He is so hot…. no snap out of that… act professional for god sake. I sit in the chair directly opposite him in his huge office. “So James… do you know why you are here?” He says seriously. “It’s a progress interview isn’t it?” I say nervously. “You have arrived late pretty much every day this week… how do you think that makes me… your boss… feel?” He says angrily. “I’m so sorry Sir… I promise it won’t happen again” I say almost begging, afraid of what he will say next. This made it all the more confusing when a smile appeared on his face. “You know James… I see great potential in you… you just need to give a little more you know?” He grinned. “I’ll do anything Sir. This job means everything to me” I say desperately wanting to prove myself. “Reallly? Well then why don’t you start by sucking my fucking cock… oh come on… I have seen the way you look at me. You can’t tell me you don’t want to. Now get under my desk” he says authoritatively.

    I can’t believe this is happening. Did he really just say? “Sir I…” he interrupts. “I’m not playing around kid. Get under the desk and suck my fucking cock now” he ordered. Still shocked, I get up and crawl under his desk, the 3 walls of the desk giving me privacy. As he slowly unzips his suit pants, I get extremely excited. I have been fantasizing about what his cock looks like ever since I started my internship. He looks down at me in pure domination. It only became real when he pulled out his huge thick cock from under his bulging underwear. My mouth starts to water as he plays with it before spitting on his cock and massaging it in making his cock glisten in the light. “What are you waiting for? Taste daddy’s cock bitch” he grabs me by the collar, forcefully pulling me forward. “Yes daddy” I say before putting his head in my mouth, using my tongue to play with the adjoining skin. “Now that’s a good boy, you like pleasuring daddy at work don’t you” he says while moaning a little. I start to play with his saggy ball bag protecting the biggest balls I have ever seen. “You are a nasty bitch…. you know what… put my balls in your mouth and look at me while you give them a good servicing” he said before pulling my lips off of his Tim with his huge man hands. “Don’t sat a fucking word from now on… you got it?” I nod quickly before doing as he says, his balls filling my entire mouth. This is amazing! How the fuck have I managed this? I thought. “That’s right! Suck on daddy’s balls… fill your fucking mouth” he says looking down on me with a degrading grin. After sucking his balls and jerking his cock, he pulls me off. “Now you are going to suck my cock until I cum” he demands. As he puts his tip in my mouth he grabs my hair and rams his cock down my throat, fucking my face without mercy. My gags were so loud that I’m sure the whole office could hear me but he didn’t seem to care. “Oh fuck yeah… take my cock you little bitch” he orders as his moans intensify.

    It wasn’t long before Mr Rhodes started to cum. He forced my face down with my lips pressed against the base of his shaft, his whole body violently shaking out of pleasure. “Uhhhh fuuuuck” he exclaimed before pulling me off of his cock. “Swallow daddy’s load you nasty slut and get the fuck out of my office” he grins a zipping up his pants. I submit to his orders, wiping the cum from my lips and walking out of his office with a huge grin on his face. If that was punishment then I’ll be late all week.

    We all remember at least one straight guy from college that we would do anything to have sex with, suck their cock or even just see their naked body. Fantasising about scenarios that would turn into the most explosive sex dreams. Imagining a long thick throbbing cock hanging from a ripped muscular body, making your mouth water. You imagine sucking it. The thick shaft sliding to the back of your palette, forced down into your throat. What would it taste like you wonder but before long your mind races to his now lubed cock sliding into your tight hole, pounding your ass. Feeling his hung cock rub your g spot, as you moan from the intense pleasure. Soon you feel a gush of warm cum that fills your ass. Desperately hoping your dreams turn into reality.

    CURIOUS STEPBROTHER COMES HOME... It had been 2 months since my stepbrother Dan had visited the family home. I would always spy on him changing when he was here and he new it. Flexing as I peeped through the crack in the door; showing of his perfect salt and pepper abs, casually making sexual jokes about me sucking his dick just to tease me. At 25 he was a lot older than me being 18 and that was part of the appeal, I had always wanted a daddy. My Mom and my stepdad Rick had just left to go to a restaurant when he turned up, wheeling his case into are house ready for his weekend with us. "Sup dude, how have you been?" He smiled as he walked in. "Alright just a bit bored" I replied. He had grown out his facial hair since I last saw him, so manly with muscles bulging from his tank top. "Still not got a boyfriend then Jake?" He joked. "Well I'm talking to a couple of guys but nothing serious". "You have to up your game, can't have my brother being single am I right" he winked. Before I could reply interrupted, "show me your skills" he grinned. I stood there bright red. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Oh for god sake..." he grabbed me by the waste, pulling me in so I was touching his chest. He grabbed my chin and moved inwards for a passionate kiss. Starting off slow before he slipped his tongue inside my mouth. Was this really happening? This was more than I could ever have hoped for! Before I had chance to get off with him properly he pulled away. "Now suck my cock. Come on you know you want to". "What about Laura?" (His girlfriend) I said nervously. "Don't worry about her, I'm straight. This isn't cheating" he winked. I obeyed his order and knelt down on the kitchen flooring. no sooner did I get into position, he grabbed my head and forced it into his cock, rubbing my face up and down the bulge of his jeans. "You like that don't you, bet you have been waiting all of these years for my cock". All I could do was mumble a reply with my face planted firmly in his crotch. He released his hold, only to pull down his trousers jeans revealing a white jock strap. I could see the imprint of his long thick cock in the pouch bringing back memories of when I used to watch him in the shower. Reaffirming his grip on the back of my head, he forced it under his taint rubbing my face up to his crotch until he pulled down the pouch. Before I could say a word he shoved his thick shaft down my throat, pulling my head closer to the base of his cock. I gagged as his head edged further and further. "Take that dick bitch, suck it real good" he ordered before thrusting forward once again. With each thrust I managed to take more and more of his cock, not long before had taken its length. My lips pressed against his crotch. Looking up at his face, I could see his head tilted back with his eyes closed. He was in total ecstasy. I ran my tongue down the back of his shaft sending a shiver of pleasure down his spine. Within the space of 10 seconds Dan let out an intense moan, "FUCK" he murmured. Hot jets of cum erupted out of his head and immediately ran down my throat. He pressed my lips into the base of his cock until he had finished his orgasm. He released my head from his crotch giving me time to stand up while he pulled up his pants. "Fuck Jake, if I knew you sucked cock that well I would have had you doing it a long time ago". Glancing up at his contented face, I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride. I had done it, I had made my fantasy a reality.

    I love looking up at daddy’s hairy chest as I suck his cock. His body the definition of masculinity. Towering above me, in total control of my submission. Knowing that I’m serving him well is all I need with his cum in my mouth reassurance of his pleasure.

    Thank you to the guy at my gym yesterday, you don’t know it but you made my evening. While I was finishing changing out of my workout clothes in the locker room, you got out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around your waist. Your muscular body contoured by your salt and pepper chest hair was perfect, I tried desperately not to stare for too long due to fear of what you might say if you caught me.

    You dropped your towel revealing a thick hung cock hanging freely. My fag mind was racing, wondering how big it would be hard let alone the soft monster that I was drooling over. Desperately wishing I could take a photo to remember this moment and more importantly his perfect body. Resisting the urge to show him just what my mouth could do, I put on my shirt and left the locker room because I might have been caught with a huge boner. Maybe I would see him again… maybe I would build up the courage to talk to him.

    Dear straight guys,

    You must understand it is natural for us to find you attractive. We all have types and for some of us that is you. What you don't know is how willing many gays are to serve you in any way that you wish. Getting close to a gay will often result in sex and oral on tap as and when you want it. Gays know how to pleasure a man as they are one themselves allowing them to give better oral than any woman ever could.

    This means that you can have the best sex/oral of your life and free reign to explore your kinks that you would be to embarrassed to share with a woman as well as the freedom to see girls at the same time as there are no strings attached.

    So take it from me, use this power that you have as a straight man by teasing and having fun with gays because it's your unattainability that turns us on more allowing you to exploit us as your sex slave.

    Yours sincerely

    The gay community

    I want to be dominated by a sexy sweaty Arab guy at the gym. Grabbing me after he saw me checking him out as he got changed in the locker room. Pulling out his thick monster cock before slapping my face with it, swearing at me and ordering me to pleasure him. Fucking my face, forcing me to lick his chest and armpit then picking me up and fucking my ass hard and deep a he could. I would do anything that he told me to, becoming his dirty fag sex toy who would fulfil the desires that women deny him of.


    It had been two days since I had sucked my stepdad Bill’s cock and I have not stopped thinking about him. I was home alone after college catching up on my workload when I heard a key in the front door, he was home from work (a construction site not too far away from our house. All of a sudden I heard footsteps traveling up the stairs pausing outside my room. My heart was beating so fast. The door handle turned and Bill walked in, grinning like I had never seen before. Fresh from the construction site, he was wearing dirty sweatpants a tight scruffy orange tshirt and his high-visibility jacket. It was the first time I had seen him in his uniform since he caught me, I always used to jerk off so I could concentrate on school work. He walked over to my desk “hey! What are you doing tonight? Got plans or are you just doing work?” He smiled. “Not really I just have a paper to finish” I replied. I saw his hand reach over and started to massage his cock through his sweatpants.

    “Jack I have been thinking a lot lately and I would like to show you something, it’s in mine and your mums room”. I could see the anticipation in his eyes. “Um ok…” I replied, curious as to what it could be. I followed Bill into his bedroom, sitting down on the bed. I watched Bill walk around to his bedside cabinet, opening the door and pulling out a bottle. He turned to me “Now, I bought this for your mother and I but she has never been keen on using it. It’s anal lube and I wondered if it is something that you would like to use with me. I mean this stuff isn’t cheap so I would love to at least try it once?”.

    I looked up at him. Did he just ask to fuck me? “I don’t know Bill, I’m really tight and I haven’t lost my virginity yet” I really wanted to do it but the thought of having anal for the first time made me nervous. “It’s ok if you don’t want to but I promise I will be gentle” he winked, climbing onto the bed. “You know what I’m not even going to pretend I haven’t been fantasising about this for a long time, let’s do it”. “There’s a good boy, now sit on daddy’s lap”. I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face as I climbed onto his lap. I started grinding on his crotch, feeling his cock pressing up against my ass. I felt his massive hands grabbed hold of my cheeks. “Is daddy exited?” I teased. “I think you know the answer to that” he winked. I felt his hands move up to the waistband of my gym shorts. He edged them down slowly until all that was left was my bare ass, pulling by briefs down with them. We looked back each other, both as exited for what was to come. I got up pulling my shorts and underwear off, quickly dumping them on the floor before teasing down his sweatpants to his calves. I sat on top of his underwear grinding my cheeks between his shaft, feeling it grow to the size I had worshipped. “Fuck, you know just how to get me hard son” biting his lip and with that he grabbed the bottle of lube beside him, coating his fingers in the clear thick liquid. He moved his finger around the lips of my hole. I could not help but moan “uhhh daddy”, I saw his expression change with a grin creeping across is face. I could feel his cock throbbing under me, I was rock solid by this point. I couldn’t pretend that he wasn’t turning me on.

    Suddenly I felt the tip of his finger penetrating my ass. I winced at the pain/shock. “It’s ok boy, once we get you loosened up you will be riding my cock in no time” whilst moving the tip of his finger around the rim of my ass before rubbing more lube on my boy pussy. I could feel my anus relaxing tightening around his finger. “Right son, one deep breath in”. I did as I was told, filling my lungs with air. As I released he pushed his whole finger up there. “Oh shit” I yelled. At first all I felt was discomfort before my body relaxed once again as his thick, manly finger loosened my hole before adding another. After fingering my ass for a good few minutes, he pulled out, reaching into his underwear to take out his cock. I watched him slather it in lube, making eye contact with me as he massaged his cock. It turned me on so much I dribbled, before I could stop myself the saliva landed on his tip. “Is daddy making you horny while he rubs his fat cock son?” He asked smugly. “Yes daddy, I want your dick inside me. Use me as your little fag and don’t hold back”. I don’t know what came over me but it must have worked because the expression on his face only grew more intense.

    I moved to sit in front of his cock again, Bill took the opportunity to rub his cock across the rim of my ass, moistening it before sliding it into my hole. “Fuuuckk! Your so thick” I moaned. Moments after he grabbed my waist, forcing his cock deep inside my ass with my rim now touching the base of his shaft. It was painful at first but I knew that if I wanted to carry on having sex with Bill, I would have to put in a good first performance. Squatting on his cock I moved up and down, stroking his hairy muscles as I went, grinding on his ball bag every so often. He started moaning, a manly deep growl. Before long he was controlling my movement holding my ass in order to bounce it on his cock making me go deep each time. “listen here boy, you need to be used like the little whore I know you are. Now put your legs over my shoulder and get ready to be pounded until daddy says so”.

    I complied with his orders, he shuffled to the edge of the bed and lifted me up. Once again he used his hands to support me, keeping my body as close to his chest as possible. Without warning, he started smashing my ass against the base of his cock, massaging my prostate vigorously. This was everything I had dreamed it would be, maybe even better. Treating me as if I was a sex doll, the rough pounding was almost too much… just the right amount. He pressed my back against the wall before repeating the pounding session. Barely able to hold me due to the intense pleasure of my tight hole, the wall steadied his movements as he penetrated as far as his cock would allow. “Take my fucking cock boy, your mine now so you better get used to this” he managed to demand in between his deep moans.

    It wasn’t long before hot jets of cum filled my ass. He quickly transferred me to the bed where he could lay on top of me while his orgasm continued to leave him out of breath. His cock still firmly implanted deep inside my hole. “Fuck son, you have the best fucking pussy a man could ever wish for” he smiled, elated after his orgasm that seemed to have waited a lifetime to be released. After dismounting, Bill became the “responsible” stepdad I knew before we started hooking up… well not quite. “You go get cleaned up and then get back to work on that paper, if you don’t get an A then my cum will make a reappearance in your ass” he winked. “Yes sir I understand” I grinned before limping my way to the shower. He fucked me so hard I couldn’t even walk straight, I may just have to get a D on that paper.

    I had just got in from work, opening the front door to see my boyfriend lying on the couch dripping with sweat. He was wearing the vest top that showed off his beautiful chest, covered in hair, knowing just how it would make me feel. "Hey babe, had a good workout?" I asked. Immediately he got up and gave me a hug. I could smell the musky ripe odour coming from his pits, why does he do this to me? I'm so tired but that smell just drives me crazy. "Yeah awesome baby! Give me a kiss" he replied we made out for a couple of minutes before he said "I might just go shower". He knew I couldn't waste an opportunity like this. "Wait! Let me have some fun first" I asked before proceeding to take off his vest. He grinned, letting me know he knew just how to get what he wanted. I lifted his arm up; he was particularly ripe today, just the way I like it. I started to lick his pits, inhaling deeply to make the most of his hard work. When we met, I made him stop shaving his body hair. Now it was thick and irresistible. I don't think he minds now, realising it is manipulating tool. His body was perfect and I was proud to serve him; licking his armpits, leaving no untouched skin. Moving over to his armchair, he sat down. I straddled his lap, sucking his nipples and stroking his chest, worshiping his man carpet. I could see the anticipation in his eyes so I worked quickly before I pulled down his gym shorts revealing a grey jock strap as soaked as his pits. I moved in between his legs smelling his cock. He grabbed my head, pressing my face again the pouch before I pulled it down. I put his cock in my mouth, playing with his moist balls with my hands. I started forcing his cock down my throat gagging on his shaft each time I repeated. I used my hands to rub the back of his cock, knowing how much it turns him on. As his moaning intensifies a slowly role his foreskin over his cock, back and forth before deep throating once again. It didn't take long before he came in my mouth. Breathing like he had just ran a marathon he slumped back in his armchair. "And this is why I love you. The best blowjobs a man could ever ask for after a workout, even if you have just got home from work". He may never understand how powerful my submissive urges are but he sure does enjoy them!


    Ever since my stepdad (Bill) moved in found it harder and harder to suppress my attraction and fantasies towards him. Within the second week of him staying with us I managed to see him naked but it doesn’t end there… I got home from college to find an unlocked bathroom. He was inside having a shower, I peeked through the crack of the door seeing him massage soap into his perfectly sculpted muscles covered in a manly carpet of hair. I couldn’t stop staring, my cock was so hard it was getting painful as it pressed on the fabric of my skinny jeans and trying to burst out.

    I finally gave in, Unzipping my jeans and letting my cock free. As I carried on watching, I couldn’t help but touch myself. A million things that I wanted him to do to me ran through my head in the space of a minute. Suddenly the water was turned off and he the got out of the shower, reaching for his towel to dry off. Watching the towel rub across his saggy balls and massive soft penis was enough to make me orgasm. I started masturbating faster, the thought of getting caught just made it even more exiting. He lifted up his arm to reveal a cluster of hair, he had the most perfect armpits. They were thick with hair, framed by his arm muscle. The combination of masturbation and watching Bill dry himself became too much. Forgetting where I was, I lest out a loud moan.

    He immediately looked at the door, pausing for a second before walking towards me. My brain was telling me hide but my body froze still. The door open and my stepdad saw my looking down at my hand planted on my cock. “What are you doing? Can’t a man have a shower in peace without risk of a peeping tom?” He laughed. Before I could reply he interrupted “it’s alright son, don’t be ashamed of what your doing. Your mother said that you have always had a thing for older boys”. “I’m so sorry, I will leave you to it now” turning away but before I had a chance he grabbed my arm. “Look, if you wanted to experiment with me I’m ok with it. You know it’s much better to do that than find out you have some nasty disease from a hookup”.

    I went bright red. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. “I mean I would love to, I find you very attractive and all but what about mom?”. “mom doesn’t have to know” he winked at me grabbing my hand and leading me to the bedroom. I stood in font of him looking up at his face. “Don’t be shy, just do whatever you want” he grinned. I looked back at him for reassurance before placing my hand on his cock, pulling his foreskin back. I couldn’t stop looking at it, around the size of a can of red bull and slightly smaller than my wrist. I knelt down and ran my tongue across the back of his cock. “Why don’t we do this lying down?” He asked excitedly. Moving to lay with his back on the mattress, he is the hottest man I have ever got close to. Why did he have to be my stepdad. I straddled his body with my ass facing his head. I put his cock in my mouth, forcing his head down my throat. Taking a few attempts and multiple gags, my lips finally managed to touch his balls. Every time I leant forward my chest and cock rubbed across his hairy abs, the feeling turned me on so much that it wasn’t long before pre cum was seeping out of my tip. Feeling my wet cock rub across his abs, he took hold by milking me as I carried on sucking. The warmth of his massive manly hands on my cock would be enough to make any sub squirt uncontrollably. It wasn’t just me who was enjoying the experience. Bill could not stop moaning, whispering “fuck yeah” more times than I have ever heard in the same encounter. It was all too much for both of us. All of the edging came to an end with cum pouring out of my cock and onto his chest. Cum filled my mouth making swelling almost impossible. My heavy breathing was out of control. I dismounted turning to face him, the beautiful man that happened to be my mothers partner.

    “Aren’t you going to clean me up son?” A rhetorical question. “Yes daddy of course” moving over to lick the thick layer of cum off of his chest, groping him while doing so to make the most of this experience. I lifted his arms up to reveal his perfect armpits. Burying my face in them like I would never be able to touch another man again. Savouring every moment. I looked back up at him, kissing his neck. As I got up to leave he caught me “I have never orgasmed like that from a blow job before. You were amazing. Let me know when your are horny again and I will be happy to help” he smiled. “ if your lucky” I replied. As if I was going to turn down any offer from him anyway. He is just to irresistible. Winking I walked out of the room down the hall and into my bedroom, collapsing on the bed. Did that really just happen?

    After drunken night out I found myself in a hospital bed. My vision was blurry yet I could make out a woman standing at the foot of my bed "Mr Jacobs this might come as a shock but an ambulance was called last night after your friends reported that you were concussed on the floor. You have some nasty cuts so Doctor Dwaine will be over in a minute to change your bandages ok?" the nurse then exited my bedside swiftly after I thanked her. Moments later Doctor Dwaine entered the ward. Who is this sexy hunk? He had a perfectly styled quiff, muscles bulging under his tight checked shirt and the most beautiful smile. "So how are we doing today Mr Jacobs? Had a bit of a rough night out?" He joked. "Definitely! I don't even remember leaving the club" I replied, still in disbelief of the situation. "Which club was that then?". "Heaven - you know the really popular gay bar?" I replied. Doctor Dwaine's eyes lit up. He immediately turned around and closed the curtains around my bed leaving us alone. "Right let's get a fresh dressing on these cuts" he smiled. Moving around the left side of the bed, he dressed my left leg and arm with new dressing. He then lent over and dressed my right arm, his bulge was rubbing against my leg. I could feel him getting hard and so was I. I looked down at his crotch and then back up to his face, he knew exactly what I was doing. I wanted his cock badly. Moments later he winked at me signalling it was ok. I reached down and started massaging his bulge. He grabbed my face, pulling me closer before kissing me. We stayed there for a while until the sounds of our passionate snog became too loud, risking being caught. I got up off of the bed gesturing Doctor Dwaine to lye down. He hesitated for a moment before the reality if the situation persuaded him. I slowly unzipped his pants before reaching in and grabbing hold of his dick. I looked up at Doctor Dwaine, an expression of pure excitement spread across his face. He licked his lips, wow this is actually happening!. I leant over an put my mouth over his cock. It was so thick that could barley manage it, sucking his head and using my hands to massage his shaft. In a matter of seconds his cock was rock solid and Doctor Dwaine's breathing was almost uncontrollable. I stood up lifting my hospital gown, licking my fingers and rubbing my asshole to prepare for his thick cock. His face was a mixture of worry and anticipation, hoping no one walks in on us. Once my ass was suitably lubed up I straddled his cock, pressing his tip against my hole. It slowly edged in, I was doing all I could to not cry out. I didn't realise he was this big. Once his cock was deep inside Doctor Dwaine grabbed my ass lifting me up and down as if I was a rubber ass sex you. He started to moan. Fuck! He is going to blow our cover. What should I do? I put my finger over his mouth. Silencing his outburst. He pushed my ass right down to the base of his cock, thrusting as far as he could go. My eyes started to water, it feels so good having his huge cock fill up my hole. He went back to pounding my ass, desperately trying to keep the noise to a minimum. I looked up at Doctor Dwaine, his eyes were rolling back, it wouldn't be long now until he orgasmed, hoping he would massage my prostate for a while longer. Sure enough he did. An intense warmth spread across my body leaving my ass shaking. I couldn't help but moan "oh fuck". Doctor Dwaine didn't seem to care anymore as long as he could keep pounding until he came. My prostate was so tender after the orgasm but I carried on so that Doctor Dwaine could finish. I lent forward with my head over his shoulder so I could bite the pillowcase, relieving some of the tension. It wasn't long until his thick warm load shot up my asshole. It was full. He had obviously enjoyed the experience because I have never felt so much cum in my ass. I jumped off of his cock, allowing him to get up, zipping up his trousers. As I was getting back into bed I saw Doctor Dwaine writing a note. "Right Mr Jacobs all done! I will be back to check up on you later if you aren't already discharged". "Thank you Doctor" I replied with a wink and with that he pulled open the curtains and strolled down the corridor with the biggest smile on his face. I reached over and grabbed the note on my bedside table it read "call me" above his mobile number. I reclined back in my bed, smug with the reality I managed to bag myself a hot Doctor.

    I was driving home from work after a stressful day. Impatient and fed up; I was over the speed limit, trying to get home as fast as possible. All of a sudden a heard a police siren, its lights signalled me to pull over. *shit I thought, I can’t afford any more points on my drivers license. At the nearest available turn in, I pulled over. I felt sick.

    The officer came over to my window. He was tall, dark and muscular. At that moment I forgot about my possible fine, he was beautiful. “Can you explain to me why you thought it would be ok to exceed the speed limit and not fix your rear light?” He questioned. “I’m so sorry officer I have had such a bad day at work, I’m just not concentrating enough. If I get any more points on my licence I won’t be able to drive. I won’t be able to do anything” I replied.

    “Oh so I suppose you think I’m just going to let you off as your having a bad day do you, what about the people that could have died because of your dangerous driving” he fired back. “I will do anything officer, I can’t afford to loose my license” the reality of the situation kicked in. Within moments his expression changed “well there is one thing you could do. I have been single for a while now and it’s been some time since I’ve had some action! If you suck my dick in my car, I will drop my charges”.

    Not wanting him to how happy this made me, I gave him the impression that I would do it if I had to replying “if that’s what I have to do Sir I will do it”. I opened my door, following him straight to his car. As I got in, he immediately started unzipping, I could tell how long he had been waiting for this. I put my hand on his crotch and started to feel around “don’t waste any time Son, I might get a call soon”. And with that I pulled down his underwear revealing his rock solid, thick cock.

    I leant over, not hesitating to put my mouth over his dick, slowly moving down his shaft. He was obviously super sensitive, he couldn’t help but moan the whole time. “I can tell you have done this before you dirty little fag”. His authority only made me want to pleasure him more. I moved further down to the base of his dick, gagged on his thick shaft. I used one had to stroke his balls while the other rubber the back of his foreskin. I knew I was doing my job when the taste of pre-cum entered my mouth. His moaning intensified.

    “Aren’t you lucky to be pleasuring me right now? Show how much you appreciate me not pressing charges. Say yes daddy” he ordered. “Yes daddy, thank you daddy”. It was that comment that drove him crazy. He grabbed my ass moments before slapping it. “Good boy he praised. After I had taken his shaft a couple mor times it all became to much. He came in my mouth, squirting load after load down my throat. After a visibly intense orgasm he fought to catch his breath giving me time to swallow his cum.

    "That’s it, you’ve done your job now get out” he ordered. Opening the door I jumped out, making the walk of shame back to my car. I have never felt so used in my life. I loved it!

    The plan was to meet my friend Dan after he had finished work at 4:00, it was now 4:30. When I knocked on the door it was his Dad who answered, wearing nothing but gym shorts and trainers. I never realised how hot he was, on the few occasions I saw him, he had worn baggy jumpers. My cock immediately started to harden. “Err mm hey Mr Johnson, is Dan home?” I asked nervously. “Oh didn’t he tell you? His manager asked him to work an extra hour, he shouldn’t be long so come in and wait for him”.

    I walked in, sitting on the couch facing away from the front door in the living room, Mr Johnson followed me in and sat down next to me. “Sorry for the lack of clothes, I was midway through changing out of my sweaty gym outfit” he joked. “It’s alright! you’re r looking pretty ripped Sir, any tips on getting a body like that?”. Truthfully I didn’t care, I just wanted an excuse to stare at him for longer. Mr Johnson paused, there was something on his mind. “Well you don’t get a body like this by doing nothing son, have a feel” he grinned. I stared back at him in shock. “Mr Johnson are you…” he cut me off. “Come on you know you want to, I saw the way you were looking at me on the porch”. Ok so he knew. I moved closer, reaching over to to squeeze his massive arm. I brushed my hand down his solid abs, his hair running through my finger. My heart was racing.

    “You know, Dan isn’t back for a while. We could have some fun?” At this point I lost all moral instinct. Replying “whatever you say Mr Johnson”. A look of excitement came over him. “Stop calling me Mr Johnson, its daddy to you. Now lick my pits you dirty fag”. He lifted his arm revealing a hairy pit dripping with sweat. I immediately buried my face in it, covering my tongue in a layer of salty sweet sweat. My nostrils filled with his musky manly scent. I was so turned on I could barely contain myself. As I was finishing up, I could se his cock growing under his shorts. I must have been doing a good job.

    Once his armpits were suitably clean, Mr Johnson stood up to pull down his shorts, revealing a white jockstrap. He sat back down on the couch. “get on your fucking knees and suck my bulge” he ordered. “Yes daddy” I replied, seeing the anticipation on his face. I knelt on the floor in between his straddled legs. Before I could start he grabbed my head and forced my face into his pouch, rubbing it up and down.

    Moments after he released me, pulling down the jockstrap to reveal his huge cock. It was better than I ever could have expected. “Suck daddies cock boy” he demanded. As I put my lips around his head, he started to moan. I rubbed my tongue across the back of his shaft before edging further down “that’s right, don’t stop until I cum” he said, continuing to moan, getting more intense as I carried on.

    Suddenly I heard the sound of a car pulling into the driveway. “FUCK that’s Dan” Mr Johnson whispered. As I went to pull away, he grabbed my head once again to push his cock down my throat. I gagged as my chin rested on his balls. The door opened and Dan walked in “Dad is Austin here yet?” He questioned from the hallway. “No, I told him to come back later as you would be late finishing” he replied. “Oh ok well I will be up in my room if he arrives”. Dan then walked up the stairs closing the door behind him.

    “I told you we weren’t going to stop until I came” grinning. He started fucking my face, using both hands to thrust his cock deeper down my throat as I gagged. I loved how he used me as his sex toy. It didn’t take long before a flood of cum entered my mouth. Mr Johnson moaned so loud I felt sure Dan heard it. As I pulled away to swallow, Mr Johnson pulled me closer giving me a short passionate kiss. Was in heaven? As I got up he threw his jockstrap at me. I smiled, shoving it in my pocket.

    “Next time that ass is getting pounded” he whispered. “Whatever you say daddy” I replied. Finally realising my dream of sleeping with an older man would come true after all! And with that I turned and walked upstairs like nothing ever happened.

    When my boyfriend gets home from the gym, he knows I can’t resist the smell of his musky sweaty body. He orders me to lick his armpits, feet, ass and sweaty cock. I bury my face into his pits, taking in the sweet salty taste of his sweat. The smell is intoxicatingly strong, manly and pungent. His jock strap was soaking, I started sucking on it feeling his huge cock immediately started to grow. He started to moan. “Take all of my huge fucking cock down your throat” he demanded. As I put it in my mouth he immediately grabbed my head and start to use me as a sex toy, fucking my face as I gagged on his cock. “Daddy likes how you suck his dick” he said to me. God I fucking love it when he gets all dominant…