Gay Enslaved
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    All identity is lost or discarded.

    GIMPS are Objects culled from the ranks of the unfortunate that have been selected to be trained for objectification.

    The GIMP life  can be brutal. IT belongs to him now - enough said.


    As it should be. Identity is for humans and fag slaves are not human. Slaves are things, the unfeeling, unthinking property of a Master. If a Master wants to remove the ugly human-like features of his property by covering it permanently in rubber, then that is his right. This slave came to the Master willingly hoping to serve as a houseboi and take advantage of the “free” room-and-board to save up some money. His Master had other plans, however, as he worked the first night to break down any resistance in his new slave. The next morning, it was forced to quit its job and within a few weeks, agreed to cease all contact with former family and friends. It had no choice but to sink further and further into submission as Master broke down its mind to that of an animal and robbed it of all sense of identity by permanently cloaking its former skin in rubber. Too dumb for any independent thoughts of its own after Master’s conditioning, the slave would live to serve. 


    Every Thing Has A Purpose!


    The funnel had not been removed from the object’s face in almost 5 years and the object had resigned itself to the reality that it would forever live partially blinded by the black tube in front of his face. Just a portable urinal with the word PIG tattooed across its forehead, the object sought a higher purpose in life and stumbled into it when it’s Master kidnapped it from a local gay bar. It is moved from club to club to satisfy the guests of the highest bidder at each month’s auction. The taste of stale urine permanently caked within the object’s mouth serve to remind the object that it will serve no other purpose in life. It shall live to serve. 


    Every day for the rest of slave #45′s life, it is marched out into the middle of the room and a gun is held to his head. Master spends at least an hour tormenting the slave about how easy it was to convert it into a broken subhuman, how useless it is to the world, and how its death will serve no purpose except for Master’s brief entertainment. The slave often pisses itself in fear thinking that this will be its last moment alive. Up to this point, the gun has always been loaded with blanks when Master has pulled the trigger, but the slave knows that its’ end will come at some point when it is is no longer wanted. It will live to serve.


    IT belongs to him now

    Make sure that your Object understands that ITs time on this earth and in the service of others can be and is time-limited and merit-based… termination of an Object is a purely subjective decision… 

    Replacements are easily obtained and trained.


    This slave spends all of its “free” time that is not spent directly in the service of its Master building up its once pathetic body. If it does not reach its fitness goals arbitrarily set by Master, then he will be retired either at the end of a noose or as a limbless piece of furniture. Remembering the hulking inhuman beast that Master converted into a permanent footstool a few months ago after the beast’s body completely gave out trying to reach the impossible standard set for it, the slave works to serve its Master and delay its inevitable retirement as long as possible. This slave will live to serve.


    Repeat after me

    IT is nothing but a hole! IT is nothing but a hole! IT is nothing but a hole!

    Do NOT treat IT like a family member… EVER AGAIN!


    That is all the faggot would ever hear in its head for the rest of its useful service life. When the slave was first introduced to its new role in life, Master purchased two sets of wireless noise-canceling earbuds that could be charged and switched out from the slave’s ears. Master tasked one of his labor slaves with the job of switching out the earbuds the second that they were getting low with the other set that was charging. This ensured that all the faggot slave ever heard projected directly into its ears was that “It is nothing but a hole” on repeat forever punctuated by a few seconds of silence whenever the earbuds were changed out. After several months, this broke its mind and rendered only one coherent thought available to it. “It is nothing but a hole.” The slave will fulfill its only goal in life for a number of years before being retired at the end of a noose. Its last thoughts likely being “It is nothing...” before the darkness creeps in.  It lived to serve.


    Like IT even has a choice anymore

    Objects ultimately come and go… they are just the fuel for a Sadist desires… It is just the natural cycle and the reality of the life they live… once they transition, they exist and until they are replaced or expire.



    Today was the day that it had been marked for expiration. The date had been tattooed onto its forehead a few hours after arriving to serve Master for the rest of its short life just 5 years ago. Whenever it looked into a mirror, it was always aware of the ever looming date that would be its last in this world. Of course, Master never allowed the slave access to a calendar, so it never had any concept of how much time was truly left. It lived to serve knowing the date of its death, which was a great gift for very few humans let alone objects in this world are allowed to know when and how they will exit. It should be grateful to Master for this gift and for being granted the opportunity to sacrifice its humanity for his pleasure. It lived to serve.  


    Taken because IT was available

    IT will be USED, dehumanized, and tossed aside… such is ITs fate… IT has little other value…

    But at least IT served a purpose for a time.


    The dog slave had originally agreed to a six month trial period in the service of master to see if it wanted to live the rest of its life as a dog. Master had no intention of letting the dog actually make this final choice for a dog is not smart enough to direct its own life. Over the six month period, Master injected its food with a solution that slowly chemically lobotomized the poor slave. At the end of the trial period, it was too stupid to remember its own name, let alone make a choice to leave. Master decided to take its barking as a sign that it agreed to lifetime enslavement. The next decision for Master was whether he wanted to further reduce the dog’s intelligence, which was currently at about the level of a pig, to truly turn it into a mindless vegetable or leave it as is. Regardless, this slave would live to serve.     


    Wenn ich heute Abend wieder komme ist alles blitz blank sauber so wirst .....👹


    This is how all faggot chair objects should serve. Once an intelligent, living breathing human, this object is now just dumb piece of furniture with no independent thoughts of its own. Master’s feet are more important than the chair’s hands. Many years of service spending multiple hours a day in this position will eventually render the fine motor skills of its hands inoperable, crushed beneath the weight of Master’s feet, and its back forever hunched over in pain. This will not exempt it from its chores. Those tasks will just become more difficult for it, which will prompt punishment, but it will spend the rest of its life living to serve. 


    Although he has enjoyed a comfortable life until now

    Today, that all changes. Today is the day that has been chosen for him to learn what he is to become. The purpose and meaning of this slave is to provide pleasure and happiness to men. Very little of the sweet boy that exists today will be able to endure the savage beatings and modifications planned for his tight body.

    Today, he becomes an Object.


    This slave will be broken down into a mindless beast of burden because it already has the start of good muscle development. It is already kind of dumb to have gotten itself into this situation to begin with, but the next few years of mind-numbing labor for 18 hours a day will completely remove whatever independent thoughts that it may have had. The Master will start this slave on the water wheel pushing a lever in an endless circle to draw heavy buckets of water from a well and drop the buckets into the irrigation channels of the Master’s farm. While a pump would be more efficient, Master enjoys the sight of a slave performing this labor and the slave tends to bulk up into a hulking inhuman beast after just a few months. Reduced to a dumb animal, the slave will live to serve. 


    Punishment for a naughty boy: being put in a hanging cage without a comfortable padded floor on the bottom. Hands locked away in iron mitts to avoid grabbing the bars


    suggestion #1364 (2)


    After a month of being locked up in the suspended cage, ITs butt, legs, thighs and back will be SO sore from the bars of the cage digging into ITs tender flesh.  One aspect of being in the suspended cage, pissing and shitting will be easy, as ITs waste will simply fall into a holding container under the cage for IT to clean up when IT is released at the end of the month. By being hooded, gagged and iron mitts locked on for the entire month, IT will very hungry, having had only blended, mushy food forced through a feeding tube into ITs mouth, and only piss-laden water poured through the same tube.  Each day will seem like a week, and by the end of the month, IT will feel like IT has been locked up for a year.  If IT does not do as IT is told, perfectly, from now on, IT might very well be locked in the suspended cage for a year..!!


    After a few years of service, Master got bored of this slave and replaced it with a better object. A slave is forever the property of its Master, so it was decided that this would be the slave’s retirement plan. Master decided to experiment with how long a slave could be kept in this position before expiring having never lived another day without pain. This slave will live to serve.


    It came to Master just seeking some weekend rubber play. Little did the former human realize that Master was looking for something a bit more permanent. Several months of brainwashing and torture had removed all independent thoughts from the rubber drone’s ever diminishing mind. The dumb object would forever spend the rest of its life cloaked in rubber mindlessly following the orders of its Master. It would live to serve.


    This is your home now boy. You will never leave this room for the rest of your life. When I am bored with this pathetic and unnecessary display of you looking so dejected in that cage at hearing this news, I am going to move you to the impaler, chain you to it, and leave you there for a day or two while I move on to more important things in my life. I know you just wanted a quick kinky hookup, but you will now live to serve.


    He had found the liberal faggot outside in London protesting trumps visit. He quickly dragged the fag inside, and begun reconditioning. He fucked the faggots throat with his foot until he could no longer speak. He won’t be protesting anymore.


    Not only won’t it be protesting, it’ll actually be canceling its hotel room flight home and taxi reservation and donating that to the RNC instead. Then it’ll spend the rest of its days in a tiny cabinet only coming out when called upon by Real Men

    I am back!

    After a great deal of time, I have decided to come back to this blog. I had to sort through a great deal of stuff in my personal life, but I am now in a much better place, both financially and emotionally. In terms of life, currently looking to move by the end of the year (location to be determined by job prospects). I am looking to get away from my current job and actually get into the field that I studied (Software Engineering) while still looking for the right opportunity to serve as a slave to a worthy Sir. Feel free to hit me up with messages if you want to chat.