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    What's Peter's most embarrassing sex related incident?

    Peter found out from Ned that there was a glory hole at this sleazy bar in Queens. Peter being the horny teen he was, decided to check it out.He entered the bar trying his best not to draw attention to himself, flashing his ID and ordering a coke while being eyed by the fellow patrons. Everyone was way older than him, buff and hairy and with very prominent bulges between their legs.

    Peter got up after finishing his coke and headed to the bathroom. After taking residence in the stall, he worked up the courage to do what he came here to do. Peter undid his belt and whipped out his preeing cock, giving it a few excited strokes while he waited for someone to enter the stall next to him, eying the glory hole in anticipation. He didn’t have to wait long before he heard someone enter the bathroom. Peter nervously inserted his young cock into the hole and waited patiently for a reaction.

    Peter’s heart was beating furiously in his chest. This was dangerous. What if the person on the other side got mad and attacked him? Peter’s mind swirled with worry until he felt something warm and wet around his cock. Peter moaned in pleasure as the stranger engulfed his cock entirely, swirling the tongue around the sensitive head and sucking gently around the base. In no time the stranger’s hand wrapped around Peter’s length and stroked him to climax.

    Ropes of cum sputtered out from Peter’s cock and around the glory hole. The teen gasped for air as came down from his orgasm, muttering a thank you to the stranger as he listened to him leave the stall.

    Peter finally relaxed and went to remove his cock from the hole only to find he was stuck. His cum had glued him to the hole. Peter was panicking now as he heard another patron enter the stall and wrap their lips around his cock. Peter moaned in protest as another orgasm ripped through him.

    Peter was stuck in that stall for 3 hours before he was finally able to free himself from the hole. 3 hours of being continuously pleasured non-stop.

    Peter left the stall exhausted, vowing to never go through that again until he was stopped by the Bar’s manager. A handsome older man holding a business card, smiling suggestively at Peter.“How would you like a job?”


    I’ve had this idea for a while and after that gif (with the lady and the alien) I thought I’d share it with you so…here;; ((hope you like it, sorry if you don’t T^T))


    He wakes up to cool air on naked skin, a thin tentacle restraining his chest and holding him up. His feet barely graze the floor, and he looks around blearily, head still foggy.

    A moment later he feels a tentacle slither around his leg, inching upward and winding tightly. He struggles, trying to stop its movements as he slowly rises up his body. Once it reaches his thigh, undeterred by his writhing it stops, squeezing his leg rhythmically.

    By the time he looks up from the still tentacle it’s already too late as another one slithers into his mouth and down his throat, opening his jaw wide around slick skin. A warm, thick liquid drips from it and down his throat and he whines. His hands reach up to claw at the appendage but slip and slide away, unable to gain any traction.

    His breaths are ragged as he breathes through his nose, unable to stop the downpour of warm liquid. A few moments tick by as his stomach begins to fill and his body begins to feel hot. His skin flushes over and sweat begins to bead on his forehead, breaths becoming more uneven.

    He can feel his body burning and his cock floods with blood, hardening and dripping slightly with precum. He tries to wrap his mind around the situation as the warm liquid settles heavy in his stomach, only heating his body more the fuller he gets.

    Without warning, the dripping liquid stops and the tentacle around his thigh surges upward, entering him and pumping in and out, going deeper with each thrust. He whines against the tentacle in his mouth, body responding  with even more heat and openness as he was fucked open.

    More tentacles wrap around his body, restraining him as he groans and writhes as much as he can. He feels one slowly engulf his pulsing cock and seems to suck. He moans, feeling the tentacle in his mouth vibrating with the sheer volume, twitching and trying to contain himself. The tentacle beneath him begins to move faster, slamming into him and drawing desperate pleas from his wet lips.

    He’s so close.

    Two final tentacles move into his line of sight and he shakes his head. He can’t take any more. Still, they move in, latching onto his pert nipples and squeezing, tugging. He throws his head back, body spasming as his senses are overloaded and all he can do is scream and whine and pant.

    He doesn’t want this. His mind screams to run, to fight back, but his body keeps taking everything in, begging for more.

    Another rough thrust from the tentacle below him has him over the edge, body pliant and spent and the tentacle around his cock sucking up what he released.

    He’s still panting around the tentacle still lodged in his mouth when the tentacle buried deep in his body begins to move again. He can feel it widening slightly, something pumping through it. He only realizes what it could be when something heavy drops into his gut, followed by more and more and more.

    Soft, baseball-sized eggs begin stuffing his stomach, stretching it outward. He writhes again, feeling the tentacle in his mouth begin dripping again, throwing his body into another heated frenzy, his cock pulsing and needy as his belly balloons outward, weighing him down.

    He cums another four times before the tentacle releases the final egg and he looks like he’s overdue with twins. He wants to scream, but his body almost feels like it wants more.

    He doesn’t have to wait long as the tentacle releases a thick fluid into his belly, pushing his skin out slightly more with amniotic fluid.

    He feels a brief relief as the tentacle slips from his body and the one surrounding his cock pulls away. He almost breaths a sigh of relief before the second tentacle moves around his body and plunges into him, up into the sac of eggs and spilling his semen into it to fertilize the eggs before falling out as well.

    He cries out, trying to break free of the hold around him but feels no weaknesses. He’s still clawing at the tentacle in his mouth again when his stomach begins to move.

    Small, wiggling movements shake his stomach and he glances down to see violent movements against his skin. He sobs again when he can feel the aliens growing, breaking their soft shells and stretching his stomach wider, heavy and drooping slightly. He reaches down to grip his stretching sides, watching the strong movements tug and pull at his skin.

    It only takes another few moments before he feels liquid drip down his thighs, stomach pulsing. He braces himself to push, trying anything possible to get the creatures out of him when the first, larger tentacle slithers back inside him, preventing him from pushing and he groans.

    No! You have to let me push, I need to get them out of me! he thinks.

    Tentacles reach up to caress his straining, sweaty belly as it hangs off his small frame, the tentacles still attached to his nipples starting to add suction and sending a shiver down his spine.

    You’re so fertile, a voice says in his mind, drawing his frantic attention to it’s silky timbre. I wonder if I added just a couple more…would they take as well?

    “Mmh!” he groans, shaking his head and pleading, sweat already dripping down the sides of his face at the exertion of his belly. The voice just laughs as the tentacle begins to pump in and out, forcing his body to respond again.

    He can feel at least ten more eggs enter his body, watching as they stuffed his belly and feeling them all begin to hatch and thrive and struggle against his drum-tight skin.

    He shakes his head, needing with ever fiber of his being to push.

    You certainly are impressive, the voice tells him, purring softly as his pecs begin to swell the more the tentacles suckle and tug on them.

    His stomach pulses, bending his back with the weight of it, skin bruising with the violent movements of the first clutch. His legs are trembling, but his cock is still throbbing and his head spins.

    When the growing stops the tentacle finally slips out of him and he pushes. His screams, taking deep gulps of breath as the tentacle in his mouth finally slips off his tongue. His hands grip the sides of his stomach as he labors.

    The first alien slips free as his nipples begin to drip, leaking past the hold of the tentacles and sliding down his hot, tight skin. His cock pulses, sending a wave of head through his body as he pushes again.

    The first alien crawls up his body, moving a tentacle out of its way and latches onto his swollen nipple. He whines, feeling his body swelling with heat again and his second nipple leaking faster and spilling liquid down his belly.

    A final push releases the next alien which follows its sibling and latches onto his free nipple, suckling at the thick liquid. His stomach still jolts and drags him down and he wonders just how many creatures there are.

    HIs body trembles as he pushes and pants, watching as the aliens each take turns suckling from his still heavily leaking nipples, cock still pulsing with heat.

    He manages to push the final alien free, watching it take its sibling’s place on his chest and sucking hard. The rest, about fifty in total, huddle around his heaving body. When the aliens begin to vacate the space, guided by tentacles, he can see that his nipples are still dripping, as if ready to feed even more aliens and he whines.

    The tentacles return to suck and tug at his nipples again and the relief is palpable. He groans in pleasure, feeling himself cum against his stomach a few moments later on a high grunt.

    When his body is completely spent the tentacles leave him and he is left suspended, feeling barely touching the floor and gasping for breath. His stomach was still slightly swollen as he let his head droop forward and look at it.  

    You did so well, the voice returned and he whimpered.

    “Let me go! I’ve done this for you, please just let me go!” he cried. The voice just laughed.

    Oh, no. You’re just too good at this to pass up. But don’t worry. I won’t let you be empty ever again, it told him as the first tentacle surged forward and slithered into him without warning, the rest joining after it and filling him up, fuller and tighter and heavier than before.


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    Story: Smutboy (check out his blog for more of his stories.)

    Images: MakeUgosplat

    Learning The Ropes

    KJ woke up with a startled jerk and he felt he couldn’t move his arm or legs. They were securely tied with rope to a tree in a desolate field. Confused, KJ looked around at the surrounding and had no clue as to how he got here and why he was tied up or who brought him here. His heart pounded faster and harder in his chest as the panic began to spread and he realized his vulnerable state.

    “Wh-what’s happening?” he whispered lazily, still trying to wake up completely.

    The answer came from a very familiar voice, his sergeant at the military academy his dad had forced him to enlist. Theo James approached him, slapped him and then snarled at him:

    “Finally you wake up, slut. It took a while. I bet you are tired after all the dicks you sucked last night”

    “H-how did you know about that? And why am I tied to a tree in the middle of nowhere!“ KJ said with a hint fear in his voice.

    "First of all, you have to call me Sir … second of all …” Theo unzipped his pants and let his big dripping cock out “… you’re here  because I know no one in this field can hear you scream”

    KJ started to understand what was going to happen

    “Please, Sir, I promise I won’t do it ag-”

    Theo slapped him again and said:
    “I don’t think it’s fair that only your fellow recruits enjoy your faggot services, bitch! If you act like a fag and cocksucker, surely you can take it up the ass too! Wouldn’t you agree? I, as your superior officer want to sample the goods too” the sergeant sai
    d sternly.

    “The guys were just frustrated and horny! I did them a favor! I’ve never been fucked! That’s different!” KJ said defensively.

    “There’s a first time for everything kid, and don’t tell me you haven’t checked me out in the shower, because I know you have. Your eyes always lingering on my cock and then you lick your lips without even realizing …isn’t that right?”

    KJ blushed and Theo took the opportunity to open his pants and yanked them down and tore open his shirt, exposing KJ’s toned chest and abs. The buttons flew left and right and he grabbed his underwear and simply tore them apart. He touched his cock, flaccid and significantly smaller than his own, and the boy moaned as the rough hand began masturbating his now leaking cock. He pushed his knee down on the pale boy’s abs for effect.

    “Looks like someone enjoying himself” Theo slapped his now naked ass hard and then rapidly put a finger in his hole, the only lube being his spit, making him yelp in surprise. His finger expertly found his sensitive spot inside his ass and he manipulated the helpless hunk’s mind and body with the gentle massage.

    As he whimpered and looked searchingly at Theo’s face, both of their manhoods responded to the situation and the need to fuck was inevitable.

    “F..faster, please

    “Calm down, boy, If I don’t prepare you enough I’ll break this tiny little ass of yours.”

    Theo pulled his finger out and spat into his hand again and added another finger into the ginger’s hole.

    “Tell me, what do you want me to do to you, slut?”

    Theo laughed as he saw KJ desperate gaze, eyes glazed over with lust and moaning and craving to be pounded by the man’s dick.

    “S..sir, please, fuck me”, KJ croaked between moans and whimpers.

    “Because you are?” Theo grinned.

    “Answer, fag, or I’ll leave tied up all day long”

    “Because I’m a slut, Sir, and I need to be punished”, KJ admitted as he blushed. He dared not lift his eyes up as he said that. It was all too humiliating to hear himself confess such a thing to his sergeant.

    “That’s what I wanted to hear,” Theo said, and replaced the fingers with his engorged cock head and pushed the tip of his dick at the boy’s virgin asshole. A smile playing at the corners of his lips as he teased the hole, nearly pushing the tip inside and then pulling it back. He heard the frustrated sounds KJ made as the cock was pulled back. He knew the boy was ready to have his cherry popped.

    “Be a good little cock whore for me”, he whispered as he slowly let his ten inches start to push inside the quivering jock’s spasming hole.

    As he slowly sank his enormous cock balls deep inside him, Theo could feel KJ’s whole body tremble under him.
    It sure was challenging having his virgin hole stretched for the first time by a dick that big… but when Theo started to move, KJ didn’t care as the pleasure quickly overcame the

    His first thrust was still slow and deep, making the tied up jock feel every inch of the huge dick fucking him, but after a couple of minutes, the sergeant couldn’t resist anymore hearing the tied boy begging to be pounded harder.

    So Theo slapped his ass and snarled:
    “This is what you want, isn’t it slut? I bet you want me to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to think of anything else than my big alpha dick for the rest of your fag life! I’m going to wreck your no longer virgin

    KJ didn’t reply but simply whimpered and nodded his head ever so slightly. From that moment KJ felt like he was in heaven.

    Theo went all the way in and out.  Each second he pounded harder and more aggressively. The sergeant’s balls were hitting his ass making it red and after what seemed like hours of being rammed and used.

    Theo said harshly:

    “I’m ready to empty my balls and cum inside you! Are you ready to officially become a slut, baby?" 

    As he said that, Theo came in the boy’s velvety ass and the moaning hunk felt the hot cum shoot inside like hot sauce. It spilled over and splattered all over his ass as well. KJ came hard as he felt that intimidating cock pulsate and empty it’s juice and his untouched cock spurted cum all over his abs.

    "Did you learn your lesson, fag? Or do I have to fuck you again to make you understand?

    “I don’t think I get it yet, Sergeant. Can you please fuck me again, Sir?”, the lust dazed redhead said with an unsteady but desperate voice…


    Deleted Scenes

    During the filming of Riverdales wrestling scenes, they had to re-shoot it several times due to KJ cumming in his singlet every time Marc Consuelos held him down. KJ wet 3 singlets with his cum. They finally decided he’d better shove a Sani-pad over his cock in his blue singlet, and so the “dry” version was filmed at last. 

    Marc looked at him with a strange gaze between shoots. KJ felt like he was being watched by a hunter stalking his prey and that just made the leaking worse. There was just something about being dominated by the latino “daddy” that turned him on so much.

    A realization.

    “Just a few more minutes, dude, I promise.  I’m close to nutting.  You can do that can’t you?” Brian said to his best friend as he pumped faster and deeper into the boy’s hole.

    “I don’t know man, I think I’m bleeding,” Scott said clearly in pain.

    “Dude, you can’t do this to a fellow bro.  Just let me finish.  God, you feel so good.  Just like pussy, only better, tighter,” Brian said his breathing getting shallow.  He was close.

    “Hurry up,” Scott said trying to fight through the pain.

    “Uggh, fuck, dude, I’m coming.  You feel that?  Man, it won’t stop.  I bet you’ve got like a gallon of my jizz in you, dude,” Brian said finally slowing to a slow pump as he tried to squeeze every bit of cum out of his balls into his buddy.

    Finally, he stopped and slowly pulled out.  “Man, that was great.  You’re the best.  I’ll try to be gentler next time but your tight little ass just turns me on so much.”

    “Next time?” Scott asked.  

    “Yeah, next time.  How about you come back over tomorrow?” Brian said dead serious.  He was determined he was going to fuck his bro again.

    “I don’t know, dude, that hurt too much,” Scott said trying to think of reasons not to come back over.

    “Dude, you can’t give a bro your pussy then take it away.  Either you come back tomorrow or I’ll let the other guys at school know I fucked you.  You prepared to become everybody’s bitch?”

    Scott softly said “No.”

    “Good,” Brian said smiling his cock getting hard again from his friend’s submission.  “Dude, look what you’re doing to me,” Brian said pointing at his hardening cock.  “How about you suck me off this time?  Give your ass time to recover for tomorrow?”

    Scott knew what was happening.  He had made a mistake giving in to his bro the first time.  Relucantly, he took his friend’s cock in his mouth.  

    “See, I know how to treat you right.  Aren’t you glad it was me and not some other guy?”

    Scott just shook his head yes.  He really didn’t know what to say.  Brian was probably right.  If it wasn’t him, some other guy probably would have turned him out.  

    “Hey, tomorrow,” Brian said tussling Scott’s hair as he sucked on his cock, “Let’s pretend you’re a chick and I’m trying to get you pregnant.  Would you like that?  You wanna have my babies?” Brian said clearly getting turned on.

    Scott stopped sucking his cock and looked up.  “You serious?’ “Yeah, dude,” Brian said.  It was then that Scott realized that Brian saw him not as a man, but as a girl, his girl.


    He couldn’t help but sob as the third orgasm quickly approached him. It was so fuckign intense, his father’s lubed, firm hands steadiliy dragging up and down his cock, pausing at the height of the stroke and using his thumb to trace circles on his son’s frenulum, before moving back down again.

    Not to mention the constant buzzing against his prostate. He had tried to convince his dad that the vibrator wasn’t necessary in order to remove the cock leeches, but he had insisted. The son thinks it’s part of his punishment. Now and again, his dad will press a button on the vibrator and it’ll buzz more violently, making the teen grunt and cry out.

    The worst thing, though, was the humiliation. He couldn’t see his dad from the position, but he could hear his tuts and noises of disapprovement. His dad was so close to his cock that he could feel his hot breath on his balls, and yet he was completely forbidden from turning around to look and see what was happening.

    Instead, he could only grip at the legs of the stool he was bent over, and let his father milk him dry.


    Tops with no vocabulary be like


    Stop top shaming. They’re humans too


    So we gotta put in 85% of the work and have a script written with lines memorized???




    Okay, you right. It’s more like 97.42%


    I- 97.42%?


    Bottoms: *clean out for 20 minutes, watch what they eat for the entire day, blow the top for 15 minutes, ride the top while supporting their entire body weight, deal with possibly being sore afterward for a short time*

    Tops: *get hard and just shove it in, sometimes don’t help the bottoms finish after they finish because they just fall asleep*

    97.42% tho


    Reblogging again for this newest addition.