Final days...

    Since were just a couple days away from the purge, I highly encourage all of you to follow my social media accounts so you don’t miss out on when I post my new fakes. All links are up on my page. This will be my last ever post on tumblr, thank you all for all your amazing continuing support! 💜💜

    New Sites & Accounts.

    Just in case Tumblr decides to delete my blog entirely, I have opened a Twitter account. 

    Twitter: (Where I will be able to communicate with you guys and host polls for fakes.)

    Also follow me on my Snapchat: gmfzm (Where I post sneak peeks and get to talk to you guys)

    Also, if you guys makes fakes and/or are a fan of fakes, join my Discord server for more exclusive content and if you need any assistance: