Green is not a Creative Colour

Go to work, send your kids to school

Follow fashion, act normal

Walk on the pavements, watch T.V.

Save for your old age, obey the law

Repeat after me,

I am free

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2020-03-03 04:31:50

    Your blog was recommended to me by Tumblr and you cannot imagine the amount of terrifying flashbacks I went through upon reading your blog's title. I haven't remember that in years. I hope you're proud of yourself.

    While we’re here, let’s remember some other great moments from that series!

    The rotting apple in the time episode always stuck with me.

    Wonder what those artists are up to now.

    I’ll have to look em up.

    🎀Faith’s Giveaway🥂

    Since I’ve reached 500+ followers (500!!! Y’all are INSANE) I wanted to celebrate this milestone with a giveaway. But first of all, let me thank every single one of you for choosing to click follow after seeing my blog. It really means a lot to me. 

    Okay, how does this work? Lemme explain:

    1. You have to follow me (I’d be more than happy if you decided to stay after the giveaway is over)

    2. You have to reblog this post. Likes don’t count as an entry! Reblog as often as you’d like - but one reblog does already count as an entry.

    …And that’s basically it. I will randomly pick two winners - one first place, one second place - who I will send a message here on tumblr. The winners have 24 hours to answer - if they don’t I’ll randomly choose another two winners.

    What will I write? RDR, of course. The fic I will write for first place will be 2000+ words long, the fic for the second place will be 1000+ words long. You can request any RDR character that you’d like and dedicate it to yourself or your OC or your character of choice. I’ll write fluff, angst, and smut (if you are 18+ years old!). I won’t write about suicide, abuse or rape or anything of that like.

    When does the giveaway end? It starts today, April 29, and ends on May 6.

    Thanks again to everyone following me!

    Good luck!

    PS: Giveaway blogs aren’t allowed.