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Non-Americans: okay

Non-Americans: hey greece is basically on fire, 150 people are wounded, 53 are killed and our nature is being destroyed. we’re suspecting arson. can you please reblog some posts and help spread awareness?

This fucking site:


Allow me to elaborate on how bad things are here. 7 places are burning at the same time while in Μάτι and Κίνετα the fire not only burned trees but because off the strong winds(80 kilometes per hour) it burned houses, it burned people. Firefighters and volunteers do whatever they can with the little gear they have as always because why on earth would the goverment give money to firefighting vechiles, canadairs and literally anything else that could be useful in this country when we know that every summer someone wants to burn forests so they can build whatever they want. Anyways, people started running away once some firefighters managed to warn them to evacute ( something that others should have done because these people have to keep working so they can prevent the fore from doing anymore damage ). People started running to get to the beach which was their only hope, unfortunately some people with their families were trapped once the fire circurled the area around them leaving them with the only thing to do, wait for their end. Charred bodies were found locked in embrace the next day. Now the people who reached the beach had to wait there so they could be transferred from there to the port of Ραφήνα. Here’s a photo :

While the boats reascued people from the beach they also retrived 19 more from the sea and 10 bodies (I am not sure for the number). That’s a small peak off what has happened the fires haven’t stopped while there are many revivals of the fires. Here’s an article if you are interested


Let me add more information on the matter.

The deaths are officially at 79 by the most recent official announcement. Places like Mati, Kineta, Chania, Neos Boutsas and more are being burned to the core.

Minimum help is being given by neighboring countries. Officially 2 aircrafts from Italy and 2 from Cuprus whipe some are expected from Romania, Hungary, Spain.

There are abouy 31 people registred as missing in a web site while that doesnt mean those are all the people missing.

If you know people you know or suspect are missing call 199, the fire department.

If you are looking for someone missing don’t call hospitals, call 199, the fire department.

People got burned alive in their cars, in their homes.

Cars are literally melted by the fires.

The victims include children, thankfully the ones that survived are shocked, of course, but safe and in the hospital. The number of kids in the hospital ‘Παίδον’ (Pedon) in Athens is 11; 12 exited yesterday, and the kids left are expected to leave today.

The suspicion of the fires falls on arson. It something that Greece has suffered from a lot throughout the years. Yet we are never prepared for most of our problems whether it has to do with natural causes or not.

The situation is horrible. If you can’t help anyway else, reblog to spread awareness on the matter!

If you ppssibly can donate here:


Honestly this is so much more helpful than my vent post (which I didn’t expect to blow up the way it did). If y'all are gonna boost something, boost this instead.


rebblogging AGAIN, because Greece, South Europe in general, needs help.