Alright, since tumblr is killing all NSFW things on the site, I’m gonna post the rest of the porn I have saved in my drafts... I know they’ll probably be immediately flagged, but I want to at least try to share the final images I have left regardless if they all get immediately flagged or not.

    Even though I’ve had this blog for a lil over a year now (and uploading’s been Very spotty), it was a hell of a lot of fun sharing everything and seeing more and more people be drawn to the same stuff I thought of as super niche and weird. It’s something I’m so happy I was able to share with all of you <3

    I don’t know if I’ll continue this blog on twitter, but if there’s enough demand for it I’d be happy to... I really hate having to think about saying goodbye, and I’m sorry everything’s coming to a close the way it is.

    If this is the last time you see me, I wish all you filthy mongrels the best of luck in finding more of the great porn we share similar tastes in <3

    “Symbiotic Reprogramming” - BashfulSprite

    Featuring: Shade, Jackson (Jackson77)

    ===ACCESS GRANTED=== ===DOWNLOADING FILES===== -Aurora Scientific Testing Initiative Case _________________________________________________ -Priority Expert Scientist: Jackson Grayman -Assistant Scientist (If Applicable): Shade Reverance -Research Assignment: Symbiotic Mind Control -Classification: High-risk -Additional Notes: Shade didn’t believe Jackson would do it, he actually bet he wouldn’t succumb to the Symbiotic Mass that Jackson had become lately even though he was coated once with him before! It didn’t take long for Jackson to sneak up on the other feline, giving him a good healthy dose of what was to come for him! Who knows where this will take them? _________________________________________________ ===END FILE=== ===LOGGING OFF===

    “Saying Hi to a New Friend” - negativetheory

    Featuring: Vanthrys (y45uh1k0)

    You know what the main problem with having four balls is? How heavy they can get sometimes, especially being such a productive dragon like I am.
    So it’s nice to be abel to find a friend perfectly happy (almost too happy) to help relieve some of that weight, either by draining said heavy balls, or even taking that weight into their own.
    In this case, I found someone who very, very, definitely all too happy to do both of those things.
    And it feels, so damn goo
    Probably because he’s taking more than I asked him to relieve me of…
    But, its so,
    so good!

    “[COMM] Vanthrys x Metroid” - Slug

    Featuring: Vanthrys (y45uh1k0)

    Here we can see the common Metroid happening across a certain purple dragon. Considering the normal nature of the latter, the following hotness ensued. But, if any of you know what Metroids do to their prey…~

    And here is the aftermath, me suffering from near-fatal MetroidOnThaDickItis (medical term). The metroid has been so kind to relieve the weight between my legs, but seems to be intent on taking more than I first offered… as if I mind right now. I don’t think I really have a mind any more in this, but it feels too damn good~

    “His name was Smirnov” - Tush

    Featuring: Smirnov (Blacksad), (random character) (Tush)

    “I remember the first time I met him. I was brought in beaten and battered by a small hate group. They didn’t like my kind. Everyone at the station gave me odd looks, but not him. He seemed… understanding for the most part. He looked at me as if I was normal. After he filed an investigation he told me if I ever needed help or needed someone for anything, to come looking for him. I did my best to avoid trouble. So often times I would stop by, see what he was up to, whenever he wasn’t too busy in his defense being there meant I “stayed out of trouble” so nothing looked too out of the norm. He had a beautiful wife and equally beautiful children too, a hard working male unlike any other who stood for justice of all kinds. I admired that a lot, but for some reason he was still having troubles at home. It seems every time he made plans with his wife things just wouldn’t work out. 

    On a very long and tiresome day I had helped him with some paperwork, I wasn’t officially working there but I did lend a hand or two whenever I could. He broke out the whiskey as a reward and the two of us drank some. Eventually guards were dropped and he explained to me how he feels… old. Like the day where him and his wife would go out and enjoy themselves were far gone and over. How he missed the thrills they once had. Maybe it was the booze, but that night I got brave. I mean, it wasn’t hard, as old as he was he was extremely handsome. So bold and stoic, he was practically irresistible, and I showed him that night. I scooted his chair back, dropped between his legs. At first he was hesitant, but those shields quickly melted away. The poor shepherd had barely given himself any attention down there it seemed for quite a long time. What with the stress of work and home it didn’t take him long. Perhaps it was pride that took over him that day but he lifted me up, kissed me hard, and pulled my pants down. He bent me over his desk and showed me that even old dog knew new tricks. He pushed the frame of his wife down and took me like I’ve never been taken before. Weeks later it was the same old same old every week. I knew he had a family and he probably shouldn’t be doing these things but… something about it made my heart race and it made me rock hard. Specially when he was talking to her on his phone while he was balls deep in my mouth. She was letting such a magnificence go to waste but I wasn’t. There were nights where he would argue it, how it was wrong… and there were nights where he’d stay late and ravage me to his hearts content! I loved every second of it… even though I know one day this would come to an end.”