This might be a bit of a spoiler but  what the heck, you probably guessed Six would become a Strangerville Hero, didn’t you?

    I created this CC statue in her honor! This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of @xldkx who guided me through my blender struggles!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    The statue consists of three pieces:

  • Sixten statue
  • Pedestal
  • Strangerville Plant recolor (only available in debug).
  • NOTE: I suck at shadows so the pedestal does’t cast any. I had to remove them xDD

    I thought perhaps someone would want it (particularly the pedestal, which is very Maxis Matchy - I doubt anyone will want a statue of Six in their game lol) so I uploaded the files here:https://simfileshare.net/folder/125509/

    Now Paint Me! (Gust My Time At Portia)


    Authors Note: I know not a lot of my follower’s play/know of My Time At Portia, but I love this boy too much to not write about him. I’m working on a couple of DBH one-shots as well as another Peter Parker one so stay tuned!

    Summary: Gust’s partner is determined to get him to paint them, don’t they know you shouldn’t tell an artist what to paint??

    The Crafter had just finished delivering their last commission of the day. Some of it was basic furniture and jewelry that didn’t take long to complete. However, the one that they were most proud of was the big commission that Albert and the Mayor requested, the one that they quite literally snatched right out of Higgins’s hand. The Crafter decided to spend time with their Husband Gust since they surely deserved a break from work by now, so they walked down to the lakeside where Gust often seemed to be this time of day.

    When they finally caught sight of him standing at his easel, they almost swooned. Something about being married to an artist always brought them a sense of pride. The Crafter walked over to him, wrapping their arms around him from behind. They looked at his work, propping their head on his shoulder in the process. Of course, The Crafter was too focused on his painting to realize they were probably constricting his movements.

    “Could you not?” Gust said with a chuckle. “Sorry…” They said cutely before standing back. The Crafter stood there watching until he finished for the day, before excitedly standing in front of the easel. “Now paint me!” They exclaimed. Gust let out a small laugh before pecking their forehead. “Maybe some other time, dove.” He said as he held the slightly disappointed Crafters hand, and walked home.

    The next day their schedule just happened to be free, so they excitedly joined Gust, who was sketching in the living room. The Crafter silently placed a stool in front of their husband and did a dramatic pose. “What on earth are you doing?” Gust said with a hint of amusement. “I thought today might be a good day for you to paint me!” The Crafter said. “Actually, I was just about to head to work, but some other time okay?” Gust said causing The Crafter to pout with disappointment.

    Later that day The Crafter left to meet up with Sonia at The Round Table so they could vent. “It just seems like he doesn’t want to paint me, I wanted to be his muse or something…” “Well everyone knows Gust isn’t very well versed in romance, unlike Albert.” Sonia said as she cleaned off one of the tables. Sonia and Albert had recently gotten engaged. She never seemed to stop talking about him, which was completely fair since The Crafter did the same with Gust. “Actually he’s much more thoughtful when you get to know him,” They started. “But maybe I just wouldn’t be a good muse.” They said with a sigh. Sonia to frowned for them, and made a note to give Gust a talking to later on.

    The Crafter eventually had to leave the Round Table, mostly because Django thought they were disrupting Sonia’s work. When The Crafter finally got home, they were confused to see a large canvas propped on the living room wall. As well as Gust sitting at the coffee table with almost a dozen sketchbooks around him. As The Crafter got closer to him, they realized their face was on all of the sketchbooks. “Gust, whats going on?” They asked.

    “I’ve been planning my painting of you for months now, Dove, I want it to be perfect.” Gust explained. “That’s why I didn’t want to just start painting you out of the blue.” The blushing Crafter reached to grab one of the books, only to have their hand shooed away. “An artist’s sketchbooks are always private,” Gust said half-jokingly and half-serious.

    He motioned for them to sit in his lap, and cuddled up to them. The Crafter couldn’t have been happier to know that Gust thought of them as somewhat of a muse, also because they were always glad to be cuddled. “Still, telling a painter what to paint is usually frowned upon.” Gust said with a smirk. “Okayy, I apologize.” You said before placing a sweet kiss on his lips.

    You would surely be telling Sonia about how romantic Gust had managed to be next time you saw her.

    i’m sure Ginger would love to hear Mint’s stories about the places, outside of Portia, he had traveled to for his work, 

    & Mint who no longer has to think about ‘finishing work’, ‘getting new project’, ‘moving’, ‘finishing work’, ‘getting new project’, ‘moving’, 

    have all the time – that might be too much only for napping, to think & do anything else, like getting know Ginger & trying new things he never got to do before