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    Wow wtf HIV/AIDS was discovered by Flossie Wong-Staal, an Chinese-American woman, and she’s the reason the HIV test even exists. AND THEN she invented the molecular knife that lead to treatments for HIV/AIDS. And she’s STILL ALIVE. We don’t hear about the contributions of Women of Color enough, my word. Madness.

    you can always tell a major breakthrough is made by a woman, a woc or any poc because it’s either completely ignored or never credited like it just happened by itself

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    The most realistic part about this is that this is clearly a funeral, which means you died a week before this and the manager still didn’t plan to cover your shifts

    I was hospitalized when I was 19 due to severe reactions to a medication and texted my boss to let him know before giving my phone to my mom so I could go in for a procedure. While I was in (with no access to my phone) my boss decided that

    A) I was definitely lying and just skipping out on work

    B) The appropriate thing to do would be to call my mom (she was listed as my emergency contact) to let her know that I was lying about being in the hospital and skipping work

    C) When my mom informed him that I was not lying, and was in fact in the hospital and it was quite serious, that it was appropriate to demand to know when I’d be back and

    D) Inform my mom repeatedly how inconvenient this was for him and how difficult it was going to be to have my shifts covered

    My mom, in essence, told him to go fuck himself and that I’d be back when the doctors told me I was able. But don’t think for a moment that this meme is anything less than completely accurate. Bosses are the worst.

    we did all of this hamilton discourse in 2015!!!!!!! if you weren’t around for it then just know it happened and every take possible was had!!!!! go get some juice and log off

    The 2015 Hamilton discourse got the point of one healthy able-bodied white american girl pretending to be a disabled middle eastern lesbian couple with HIV so that she could write a modern AU of Hamilton about HIV, who was then caught in the act by another fic writer who had a grudge against her because she’d attacked them for writing a Hamilton AU where the founding fathers are cannibalistic mermaids, and the reason she had attacked them for it was because somehow that was cultural appropriation.

    Seriously. Whatever hot take you have about Hamilton, I promise you several dozen people already said it years ago, and if I have to see this shit again I’m going to throw myself into the fucking sun

    sometimes I hate how much modern clothing is determined to show women’s bodies

    like if it’s not skimpy, it’s skin-tight- leggings, skinny jeans, bodycon dresses, etc.

    doing historical costuming has made me hyper-aware of just how “on display” my body is when I’m wearing normal modern outfits, and it affects my behavior. don’t bend over to pick things up at work because men will stare at your ass. sit differently so you don’t show stomach rolls. a guy running a pop-up stand next to my shop commented so much on how I had “great legs” that I didn’t wear leggings and skirts- one of my favorite winter outfit combinations -for the rest of the season

    there’s a certain freedom in medium-to-long skirts and skirt supports, I find: the freedom to define what people see of my body. men won’t stop being creepy no matter what women wear, but I like that kind of dramatic body re-framing. you don’t get to see my legs and hips, Creepy Guys. you get to see a massive bell skirt, or a bustle, or an upended trumpet flower shape. my body is to be seen only by those I’ve chosen to trust, not the world at large

    of course, empowerment is different for different women. some feel comfortable and powerful showing as much of their shape as possible, and I applaud them in doing exactly that. what pisses me off is the pressure from the fashion industry for all of us to be empowered by the same thing…a thing that just so happens to tie in with the diet industry and the cosmetics industry. it’s easier to sell the idea that you have to be hairless and smooth and thin and blemish-free when it’s all on display

    sometimes I just wish I could go about in a hoop skirt and a t-shirt that says “fuck off” in delicate script



    Technically unless there’s a dress code for your work or whatever there’s nothing that says you can’t wear a hoop skirt everywhere.

    Fight the man.

    Wear a hoop skirt if you want.

    I see this post a lot and I’m sure I’ve seen someone I follow add on this as well but if you agree with the sentiment of this post I really hope you also support hijabis and niqabis, because that is more or less the core of how we dress. Observing hijab is religious, yes, but dressing modestly is like as OP said “my body is to be seen only by those I’ve chosen to trust, not the world at large”. that is the exact sentiment behind why I wear niqab (the religious reasons for wearing it I don’t feel comfortable talking about a lot, because how i express my faith is personal and between me and Allah(SWT)), because I get to choose who sees my body and how much of it they see and because I like having that control and I think it’s fun and I enjoy it!

    If you now support people choosing to dress modestly for whatever reason, you must include supporting hijabis and niqabis who have been dressing modestly forever.


    got any cursed facts about falcons?? 🥺👉👈

    compared to hawks, falcons have shorter and weaker talons and shorter beaks! this, combined with a lighter overall build, means that falconkind is really badly unsuited to do the hawk/eagle/owl thing where they just plunge out of the sky and stab a rabbit to death with their feet.

    so what they do instead is fly really high in the air, keeping an eye out for unwary birds they could get the drop on, and then they DROP.<>and as they drop, they curl their talon into a fist, which they use to strike their unwary prey at speeds well in excess of a hundred miles per hour. (this either stuns or outright kills the unlucky target) 

    and this method works so well that they can even take down birds much larger than themselves, like ducks!

    so basically,



    now why don’t we give that a slo-mo action replay?




    Meat seeking missile