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I have never been tickled so I do not even know if I am ticklish or not. The idea of being tickled, and of tickling women in nylons holds huge place in my fantasy life.

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    Tickletober Day 1: Teasing

    Ft. Howl x Sophie

    A/N: hello! It's October 1st and I am so not ready! But I hope you enjoy the upcoming drabbles/fics/whatever I come up with~

    Sophie felt excitement bubbling in her chest as she watched her beloved wizard cover his face with his hands. She could see how red his cheeks were and that his smile almost split his face in two. His stomach and shoulders were quivering with suppressed laughter and if Sophie had looked back, she would have seen that he was curling his toes, his feet poking from under the blanket.

    "Are you laughing, Howl?" She asked, a big grin on her face as she placed her hands against the wizard's waist, earning a loud shriek from him.

    "S-Sohohophie!" He giggled, grabbing one of Sophie's wrists with his hand as the other covered his eyes.

    Sophie chuckled, "What's gotten you so worked up? I'm not doing anything, am I? I was just telling you that I really want to tickle you right now."

    Howl whined in response, his grip firm but gentle around Sophie's wrists, not pushing, not pulling, just holding.

    "I was just remembering how happy your laugh sounds when I tickle you," she continued, her fingers twitching slightly against Howl's waist just to make him squeak. "You're such a ticklish person, Howl, is that even possible to be that sensitive?" Howl shook his head, shrieking again when Sophie moved her hands to his ribcage.

    Again, she didn't do anything, just pressed her fingers against his body, taunting him. Howl arched his back and Sophie knew he was having a hard time keeping himself together.

    "I know how much you love it when I tickle you, Howl."

    "I dohohon't!" He squeaked, finally uncovering his face to look at her. Sophie felt her cheeks heating up seeing his beaming eyes.

    "You do! You love it when I tickle you until you're breathless," she said, slowly moving her hands up, making Howl squirm and bite his tongue to stop his giggles. "You love it when I get your tummy. I know the sides of your stomach are so ticklish, Howl. You can't stand when I press my fingers there, right?"


    "You also love it when I squeeze your waist! You get so squirmy and your laughter gets all high-pitched."

    "No! That's not-!"

    "And your ribs. You try to act like you hate it, but you love it when I count them out loud and tickle them all so slowly."

    "Sophie, I'm seheherious, I'm not-

    "Ah, I almost forgot how much you love it when I kiss your neck! You giggle like a kid and always let out that funny snorty laugh of yours!"

    "Plehease, Sophie!" Howl laughed and Sophie felt butterflies inside her stomach. How could Howl act this cute when she teased him? It was impossible for her to stop.

    "Please what, Howl? Ah, I know, you want me to talk about how you love it when I tickle you under your arms huh?" Howl shrieked, pressing his arms tightly to his sides. "Oh yes, you like to do that so my fingers get stuck down there, right? Just wiggling and digging and making you laugh your pretty head o-

    "OhmygoodnessSophie! Just tihickle me already!"

    Sophie gasped, "why, of course! If that's what you want!"

    That sweet hysterical laughter was always the best reward after her hard work teasing Howl out of his mind.


    Love this. Love be F/m tickle and teasing. Wish I had a Sophie in my life.


    Teasing is so important to the tickling process to me personally. It shows me that the ler is having fun tickling me. That I'm not the only one getting something out of it. They like my laugh, and they like the way I flinch and wriggle. For someone who routinely doubts whether other people like them, it's very reassuring for a ler to be playful because it's a small way of saying, "I really do want to be here with you"


    Never been tickled so I have no personal experience with this. However, I DO enjoy seeing a ler laughing and obviously enjoying her work.


    Hi! I saw one video a while ago but haven't been able to find it for ages. I think the studio was Tickle Abuse. It was F/f, and the lee started off a little stubborn while the ler was determined to break her. But eventually the lee was begging for it to stop, and I think she cried a little towards the end too. Do you have a link to this one?

    Hi! This is probably not it, because I don’t usually have clips with crying in it. Sorry if this isn’t the one but I hope you enjoy it!


    True Tickle Story – Ler Fantasy #2 Fulfilled

    Warning- NSFW FF/M Tickling & Edging

    Over the weekend, another one of my major fantasies was fulfilled. My best friend and I tickled a guy. For anonymity, I will call them Ember and Dale as I did in the previous post. The first thing we did was test out some different restraining methods. Dale is extremely ticklish, like crazy ticklish. And he is strong. During the tests, he bent the metal links in the ankle restraints that go under the bed. So those were not going to work. Luckily, I have plenty of restraints. Belts seemed to do the trick.

    I got very excited during all this. That’s why I got some tickles of my own after we figured out the restraints for Dale. I wrote about that amazing experience in the previous post, so we will fast-forward to the next day. It was early afternoon when we put on some sexy outfits. Ember wore a leopard print nighty with matching silk panties. She loves leopard print! I wore Wonder Woman boy shorts and an extremely lowcut, matching tank top. Then we told Dale to strip down to his silk boxers and lay on the bed.

    First, we wrapped a belt around each ankle and slid them through their perspective buckles. Then we tied the belts around the bottom bedposts, spreading his legs as far as they could go. We discovered the night before that Dale’s feet are especially ticklish and wiggly, so I also tied a shoestring around each big toe and tied those to the bedpost as well.

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    Be careful around a quiet ler. They know how to tease too!


    Im not into men but holy fuck the ler O.o shes amazing! Her quietness, her cute playful grin and sometimes even shy seeming expressions makes this perfect 😍


    does someone has a link to this video??? 


    Lucky Guy. If only I could find a woman to do that to me... Ah well. Such is life.