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    september is coming up so here’s your yearly reminder to leave billie joe armstrong the fuck alone


    Well of course. We don’t wake him up until October 1st.


    His dad is dead, just don’t.


    In case anyone reading my blog is unaware, this is a reference to the Green Day song titled “Wake Me Up When September Ends” a song that Billie Joe Armstrong wrote following the death of his father in September of 1982 when Billie Joe was ten years old. The title of the song references his desire to sleep through September in an effort to get some emotional distance from the death of his father.

    He’s since been open about the emotional difficulty of having written the song since many people now message him on October 1st to ‘wake him up’ despite the song being a memorial to his departed father.

    It’s generally seen as respectful to not try to wake him up. Let him sleep and let him remember his father in peace.


    reblogging again because the end of September is coming up. leave him alone.


    Reblogging as a reminder to leave Billie Joe Armstrong the fuck alone on October 1st and any day after it if your message is going to contain anything to do with “waking” him up because September will be over.

    i keep seeing people (mostly goyim) saying "rbg wasn't white she was jewish" in response to criticisms of hercrampant racism. to clear some things up:

    • being jewish does not negate being white. she was white. she was jewish. she was both. i myself am also a white jew. JEWISH IS NOT A RACE. it is an ethnicity and religion. the idea that jewish is a race is literally nazi ideology.
    • being jewish does not erase her blatant racism against black and native people.


    Lately, I have been hearing more and more of the idea that people (i.e adult humans) are lactose intolerant because (and I quote) “maybe cause you’re not a fucking baby cow.“

    I’m going to be rather blunt: this is absurd.

    First of all: to be lactose intolerant is to not be able to digest LACTOSE.

    Lactose is also found in human breast milk.

    Second of all: the reason you are lactose intolerant is probably a chemical unbalance.

    What next, people? Are we going to say that certain people are allergic to eggs simply because humans aren’t supposed to eat eggs?

    I think, like allergies to eggs, lactose intolerance is a bit recent. It takes basic reasoning here: if humans aren’t supposed to drink lactose - wouldn’t that entail that humans are largely lactose intolerant? Furthermore, if that were true, why would humans have been drinking cow’s milk for fucking millennia? Fuck, if humans weren’t supposed to drink milk but they did anyway, we’d see a lot of historical records about various  founding fathers, Greek philosophers, spartan warriors, etc … sitting themselves because they drank milk.

    TLDR; stop spreading myths about cow’s milk.


    So, putting aside for a moment the most important issue, fact that consuming calves weaning milk is both needless and being responsible for the horrific exploitation, abuse/torture and murder of mothers and their babies. Though I will link to some info at the end. There seems to be a fair amount misunderstanding of what people mean when we say that to humans who are lactose intolerant that its“maybe cause you’re not a fucking baby cow.“ 

    Nobody is denying the fact that human breast milk contains lactose, of course it does. The issue is that the ability for humans to digest lactose decreases after they past the age of weaning from their mothers. Human babies, like baby cows, need their mothers breast milk (or a suitable alternative) for the process of weaning. Human children/teens/adults have zero need to ween from their mothers, like adult cows, and this is reflected in their loss of ability to digest lactose. Lactose is also found in human breast milk.” Yes, this is completely irrelevant to the correct statement that humans past the weaning age are lactose intolerant because they are not babies humans, and they sure aren't “a fucking baby cow”. 

    “Second of all: the reason you are lactose intolerant is probably a chemical unbalance.

    This isn’t true. To be clear, Lactose intolerance being caused by a lack of lactase, and this lack of lactase is a natural part of growing up. In all mammals lactase activity naturally declines following weaning until it reaches undetectable levels, usually from from 1-20 years in humans. This is a completely natural part of not being a baby anymore. This is why its also now widely accepted that in adulthood, lactase deficiency is the normal state for most people because we no longer have the need to consume milk, from our mothers or other species. We are neither “fucking baby cows” or “fucking baby humans”. This is why so many of the world’s population has primary lactase deficiency.

    And of course, lactose intolerance caused by the natural state of lactase deficiency is most prevalent in Asian and African countries with 80-100 per cent frequency and less so in Northern Europe. Because in northern Europe we have historically been exploitation, torturing and murdering cows and their babies in order to consume the weaning milk the mothers produce for their babies. Which means that we have had much longer to evolve the genetic mutation which allows for a small percent to have the ability to digest lactose after weaning.

    “ What next, people? Are we going to say that certain people are allergic to eggs simply because humans aren’t supposed to eat eggs?” 

    I mean no, humans aren’t supposed to consume the eggs from other animals like chickens. We aren’t allergic to them, we also aren’t allergic to to weaning milk, we simply grow out of the ability to digest it (unless we are in the small minority that have a specific genetic mutation) because we aren’t weaning babies anymore. But they are sure as heck very bad for us to consume. In fact they are so bad for humans to consume that the egg industry cant even legally claim that eggs are safe because they are so unhealthy! The only thing the egg industry can say about eggs is that they “can reduce hunger”. Its illegal to advertise them as safe for human consumption. 

    And past posts about eggs here and here.

    “It takes basic reasoning here: if humans aren’t supposed to drink lactose - wouldn’t that entail that humans are largely lactose intolerant?”

    Yes. Humans past the age of weaning are largely lactose intolerant. And this is the scientific consensus. That lactose intolerance as a result of natural lactase deficiency in adults is the normal/natural state and that the ability for a minority to continue to digest lactose after weaning originates from a genetic mutation as a result of evolution in communities which have been consuming calves weaning milk for a long time.

    TLDR; stop spreading myths about cow’s milk.” 

    I would ask you to stop spreading myths about calves weaning milk.

    Some links on the ethics:

    ~ A past post about the issue here.

    ~ Info from a really fab UK charity Viva on the dairy industry!

    ~ Land of hope and glory documentary (a must watch)

    ~ Dominion documentary (another must watch!)

    ~ Here’s a link to testimonials of former “humane” dairy farmers. A quote from a former dairy farmer I found incredibly powerful is “It is a deceptive place. Only the ones who are inside really know that. I am not talking about a one hour visit to the farm… Whoever is really inside, knows what kind of place it is. It’s hell. There is terrible suffering there… The screams of the mothers … I still hear the sound. It won’t go away. I keep thinking about it. Today I am a mother, and I don’t understand how people who say that they love animals don’t see it. Don’t understand it.” and “And they cried and called for their babies. They call and call.“ And a fab piece on a former dairy farmer who amazingly turned his farm into a sanctuary and is now a plant based

    – Slaughter of pregnant cows

    ~ The Emotional Lives of Dairy Cows


    Here’s some info on the eggs (info graphs and documents)


    Just as an extra point against dairy, it’s extremely hormonally disruptive. It’s been formulated by nature to grow a baby cow into a massively large adult cow, not for human beings to chug and put in our food. People give soy milk a bad rep, not even understanding the difference between phytoestrogen and actual mammalian estrogens. Lactose is only one of the problems with the growth cocktail that is cow’s milk for the human body. It contains a lot of nutrients, sure… they’re just not meant for you.

    Just a reminder, most vegans are from low-income and left-leaning backgrounds. Social justice omnis need to start looking at the reality of veganism instead of continuing to throw around baseless claims that aren’t based in facts.

    We should all be on the same side, and the only way for that to happen is if people can recognize that caring about animals isn’t extreme or difficult or privileged. No amount of posturing for wokeness points can bring us to justice if our liberation doesn’t center kindness and compassion.

    me explaining how lindsay lohan didn’t suffer from the traditional pitfalls of child stardom because she’d actually made the successful transition to adult work by the time she started to unravel and was one of the highest paid actresses in hollywood and her undoing had everything to do with the era in which she’d become famous, the era of famous-for-being-famous socialites like paris and nicole richie who were rewarded with magazine covers and front rows at fashion shows simply for existing, and lindsay thought that she could have that lifestyle by playing into the tabloid aspect of her life without realizing the reason those other girls could succeed was the safety net of generational wealth they were guaranteed meanwhile lindsay was the sole earner for her family and had to actually work for what she had and once she became a tabloid staple she sacrificed that paycheck in the process and was left broke while paris and nicole could go on with their lives free of any lasting damage


    “Kids are bullied because they do xyz behaviors.”

    No, kids are bullied because they are around bullies.

    Just as domestic abuse victims are abused because their abusers are abusers (and not bc of the victims’ behavior), kids are bullied bc bullies are bullies.

    There is not some divided responsibility between victim and bully, and if we teach kids that there is, we teach them to accept or perpetrate abuse throughout their lives.


    Reasons a person gets abused:

  • Someone made the choice to abuse them
  • Reasons a person gets raped:

  • Someone made the choice to rape them
  • Reasons a person gets bullied:

  • Someone made the choice to bully them
  • This is not rocket science, this is not difficult, or complicated. The victim bears ZERO responsibility for the action of the person who turned them into a victim.


    Soft skills for the apocalypse

    Let’s face it, if the world ends, so many of us will flee somewhere else for safety that we’ll end right back up in communities again. There’s going to be more to it than growing your own food and knitting handspun socks.

    I’m linking to resources, but a many of these skills, being interpersonal, are best taught in live trainings by professional instructors, where you can see and feel all the interpersonal dynamics going on in the room, and by experience, trying them out on real people in an educational setting.

    When the world ends, it will be helpful to be able to::

  • Run a meeting
  • Peacefully negotiate
  • De-escalate a potentially violent situation
  • Organize a community
  • Cope when you’re having a panic attack
  • Co-regulate to help a child keep calm
  • Identify community resources
  • Protest safely and peacefully
  • Even small local pieces of activism today, like organizing a protest march or lobbying your municipal government to make public spaces more accessible, have a double reward: There’s the work you’re doing, and the skills you learn when you do it.


    the assumption that people with violent killing skills should be given priority/power in a post-apocalyptic society is the reason it stays post-apocalyptic and doesn’t actually rebuild society


    the assumption that people with violent killing skills should be given priority/power in a post-apocalyptic society is the reason it stays post-apocalyptic and doesn’t actually rebuild society