Guilty pleasure

    Floch Forster x reader

    (I’m not sorry)

    You couldn’t help but to fine yourself going to visit floch in prison after he got arrested for leaking information about Eren’s arrest.

    You can’t help but scold him for being so ridiculous, and he’s adamant to tell you all about how he could give less of a damn about your opinion and how he doesn’t want to hear it.

    Yet even still, he can’t seem to understand why you come back to visit every single day. You don’t pay any mind to the other newly forming Yeagarist members’s only him. Maybe you don’t think he’s taken notice of this.... but he definitely has.

    You can’t help it though... he’s an idiot... but he’s your idiot. You’re madly in love with him, and you couldn’t ever afford to tell him that. At least in your mind, that’s the way it is and that’s the way it will always be. But still, you can care for him in the best way you know how to do.

    Each day, Floch doesn’t know how to tell you that he appreciates it all. He doesn’t understand... but he appreciates it. It’s shown in the way he get’s visibly flushed and awkward when you come around, and he becomes increasingly stand offish. He hopes maybe if he’s rude enough you won’t notice how red his face gets at the sound of your soft voice greeting him.

    “Evening, Flochy....” with such a soft tender purr. Like you’re beckoning him closer and her refuses to answer your siren like call.

    “What the fuck do you want this time, y/n... and- i told you to stop calling me that???”

    You always only laugh... why do you just laugh??? Why don’t you leave? He doesn’t get it. He doesn’t want you to leave... why is he trying to make you leave.

    Floch doesn’t like the way you make him feel conflicted..... when you slide warm home cooked meals for him under the door, it makes him feel conflicted. It makes him feel warm... and wanted... he doesn’t know how he feels about it. Even still, he always scarfs them down. You were right when you first told him it was much better than the awful prison food. It leaves a warmth in him that lingers for the rest of the night. Even in the cold rot of the stone cage he’s been placed in. It’s only been a couple of days, but the only good part of his day is seeing you. He hates to admit that.

    On the second day.... you had brought him a blanket... your own personal blanket, since you didn’t seem to have another to give. You had seemed very worried about him being cold, and insisted that he keep it so that he didn’t get sick.

    “It’s damp in this place.... i don’t want you catching something... try to stay warm okay?” You’d hummed softly to him, face resting against the bars. He watched you in confused silence before taking it.

    If there was one thing he could have said he liked most about the blanket, it was the fact that it carried your smell on it. The lingering warm natural scent you carried... the same detergent that lingered on your clothes. A touch of that perfume you always wore. He questioned if you did that on purpose. If you had, he had to give you credit for it, as it had worked. A coy and sly attempt at flirting... but a well done one. He hated to admit that it made his heart beat a little faster. He slept better with his face buried in the fabric. The third night in the cell was the first night he began to question what it might be like to have you beside him instead of the blanket... surely you’d be much warmer.

    Floch had known you for years, ever since you along with him and the rest of the levi squad survived the first battle with the beast titan. You’d always remained the same throughout those years. So kind... and caring to everyone. You always smiled so brightly, as if untainted by the world around you. It seemed to always make everyone else feel a little warmer. Floch had always wondered if that was why you did it. He had seen you time and time again catering to the Levi squad. Feeding them, holding them, loving them as if they were your own children. They were like your little family... and so it was weird when he noticed how you attempted to pull him into it. He knew that he was one of the last surviving members of the scouts way back then... but even as more and more scouts were inducted into the ranks, you kept him close.

    Even when he sat in prison, away from everyone else. You left the comfort of your precious Levi squad to come care for him. He didn’t understand.

    You were the only regret he had when he helped Eren break out of prison.... when he assisted in the assassination of Zackly... and everything that followed. In his mind everything he was doing was for the good of Elidia. So why should he feel guilty? He did though... there was a tinge of guilt in his chest eating at him.

    He wondered if you were worried about him. Maybe he hoped you were... he was worried you hated him. He could care less about everyone else. But he didn’t think he could stand loosing you.

    When the yeagarists entered the restaurant where they knew the scouts would be... his heart was racing. Of course, he remained the stone cold leader he knew he had to be.... he couldn’t be seen as soft. His thoughts were the opposite of his outer image, though.

    ‘She’s on the Levi squad... that mean’s chances are she’ll be here...’

    ‘What is she going to say when she see’s me?’

    ‘I’m going to have to arrest her if she’s here.... surely she’ll hate me after that.... but it was always going to end up this way... wasn’t it? She probably already hates me... it’s fine... i can handle it. I don’t give a damn....’

    All up until he made eye contact with you. Those bright... pure... beautiful, round, E/C eyes.... He felt his knees buckle slightly. He hoped it wasn’t noticeable.

    He put on quite a show, and hopefully it compensated for the beating of his heart. He waved that gun around as if it weren’t a dangerous weapon, and he made sure to act especially smug as his men moved to obtain hanji, going so far as to put a finger to his mouth to silence her. He didn’t give a damn what she thought of him.

    But his eye’s glanced back over to you briefly, expecting your expression to be brimmed in hatred. He hoped you would tell him you regret ever caring about him. Maybe then he could move on.

    But your expression was anything but hateful.....

    You looked.... terrified,if not a touch sad. His breath caught in his throat. He stared at you for a moment in silence, before he found himself moving towards you. His boots clicked across the wooden floor, and he glared at you slightly as he kept both arms laced behind his back.

    You glanced up at him, tugging slightly in an attempt to pull away from the man tying your arms behind your back. You didn’t like the way he had you bent over. You were uncomfortable. It showed.

    The room seemed to become dead silent as Floch stood before you, trying to look as absolutely emotionless as possible. He pulled his lips up slightly into an almost forced sneer, and he could hear the blood rushing through his head as he spoke.

    “what’s the matter, Y/N....? Don’t want to be on the other side of the iron door?” He hummed mockingly.

    “I can’t promise I’ll have any time to come visit you. It’s pathetic how easily you’re willing to put aside your duties as an Eldian to-“

    He didn’t get to finish, stumbling back in slight shock when you managed to yank free from the man holding you. And within seconds you were lunging at him.

    He went to reach for his gun.... he couldn’t get it in time, finger wrapped around the handle he closed his eyes tight and prepared for a blow. He could definitely take you if he needed to.... you were a medic... not spectacular at combat.

    The blow never came.

    Instead, a soft slam into his chest. And for a moment, he had to blink a couple of times before connecting that the arms that he had expected to be punching at him, were now thrown around his waist.

    Your face was buried in his chest, as your arms slipped up to place both hands on his back between his shoulder blades, and you took in a deep breath as if you were on the verge of crying.

    He sputtered for a moment, and this time he couldn’t hide the obvious reddening of his face.

    “What are you- what are you doing???!” He spat, taking a step back as if trying to pull away from you before your warmth tainted him again. This was not something he had prepared for.

    “I was so worried about you....” you whispered quietly, and the second he took a step back you took one with him.

    “I wasn’t sure if you were hurt- YOU CAN’T JUST DO STUFF LIKE THAT I WAS SO SCARED FOR YOU YOU KNOW THAT??” You scolded, looking up at him angrily before spitting out a harshly worded.


    He was quiet for a second, as if trying to take in the situation. You were worried about him. Why the hell were you worried about him??? Why did you care??? No one... ever had before so why you, right now when it was most likely to jeopardize his mission. He wanted to push you off... he wanted to be able to hate you like he did the rest of them. But he couldn’t.

    Instead, his hand moved instinctively to wrap around your waist, and he pulled you ever so slightly closer, glancing down at you in confusion for a moment before hissing.

    “I had to do what i had to do, you being worried doesn’t change that..... we’ll talk about it later.” He growled softly. He glanced up at the rest of the group, having to take a moment to get his thoughts back on track, before hissing.

    “We’re going ahead- I’ll alert Eren. Detain them.” He said simply. And you glanced over at your friends in a short panic, he noticed that.

    “And her???” One of the men asked, pointing to you.

    And, mind clogged with lust... love.... some desperate search for affection and validation... Floch made one of the worst mistakes he could have possibly made.

    “She’s harmless. She can stay with me. I’ll keep her in check.”

    His arm slipped down around your waist, and you felt his hand on your back, guiding you along gently.

    he didn’t know how you felt at all. How could he? Yes... you cared about floch. You loved him. But as you glanced back at hanji over your shoulder, giving her a slightly affirming nod, you knew you would have to give him up.

    Your gentleness had gained his trust... and now you’d have to use it against him. You were Floch Forster’s guilty pleasure... soon to be his downfall.

    ♡ AOT boys and whether they would pay for you on the first date ♡


    Erwin- 100% yes, no hesitation!

    Levi- Yes. Feels insulted if you reach for the bill.

    Eren- Says he forgot his wallet which makes him look super sus but he genuinely forgot his wallet.

    Armin- Yes! Yes!

    Connie- Splits the bill with you.

    Jean- Yes.Tilts the card reader so you can see how much he’s tipping too.

    Floch - Splits the bill with you but he’s short in cash so you have to cover him.

    Zeke- Yes but has an intense stare-off with you when the bill comes for some reason before reaching for his wallet.

    Porco- Yes but he reads off each item on the bill and how much everything costs while sighing deeply.

    Niccolo- This man is making you a 5 star, 4 course meal at home babe. No payment necessary.


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    Their Surrogate - 2

    Pairing : Dark!Steve x Reader, Dark!Bucky x Reader

    Summary: When Steve and Bucky ask you to be the surrogate mother for their child, you couldn’t say no.

    Words: 5.6k

    Warnings: Non-con, forced pregnancy, somnophilia, breeding kink, one homophobic slang, language, 18+ONLY

    A/N: I am so sorry for the long wait. I’ll put the epilogue out this week since I didn’t want to end this abruptly. Thank you for being so patient and kind with me. 

    PART 1

    As time stood still, your heart cracking with every hard beat, you felt yourself transport away to centuries back where one man had been betrayed by those he loved. Was this how Christ had felt as Judas kissed his cheek? Did Judas have bright blue eyes like Steve’s or with a hint of green in them like Bucky?

    “Oh god, what did you do to me?” You asked, eyes fliting between Steve and Bucky. They glanced at each other and then at you, looking at a loss of words.

    “Doll, calm down. Please, we can explain.” Steve said, trying to console you. He took a step towards you and you stumbled back, raising a hand in warning.

    Use All of Me (P.9)

    Title: Use All Of Me (Part Nine)
    Summary: Fem!Reader x Dark Mob!Steve Rogers. The Avengers are heroes saving the world but in this AU, they are also permitted by the powers in charge to have less than favorable business underneath their guise of mere superheroes. Steve and Tony are at the helm, keeping their empire’s wealth in check, both devious and perilous if crossed. Steve takes a liking to the reader at a party and it may be her undoing to her autonomy choosing to go home with him.
    ds: 2,440
    gs: Dark AF, angst, emotional/mental abuse, smut, breeding, death

    Part Eight ||  Masterpost (mobile) || Fanfic masterpost

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    The Many Faces of Love Part 8

     Din Djarin (The Mandalorian) x F!Mandalorian!Reader

    Summary: Din and the reader continue their trip in Sorgan after the misunderstanding about Omera and they finally spend their second night together as man and wife. They must move on from Sorgan and Din takes the reader to Nevarro to the covert before they continue their journey to find the Child’s home.

    Warning: Swearing, smut! over 18s only!

    A/N: Oof we are at the final chapter! Enjoy the last part to this whirlwind of a series. I have loved writing this and hope you all loved it as much as I did! Feedback is always appreciated, I love you all!

    Part 1* Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6Part 7



    “I meant it, I want you…all of you” you blush under his touch, your stomach twisting as you trace his features.

    “You look radiant Y/N, how did I ever get so lucky to marry the most gorgeous woman in the galaxy?” he repeats the words he said to you on your wedding night.

    “Stars…touch me Din” you beg.

    His gloved hands wrap around your waist and tug you closer to his beskar covered chest.

    “Let me show you how much I love you sweetheart” he requests and how can you refuse him when he looks at you with so much love?

    “Please” you whisper, desperate to be one with your husband again.

    His fingers linger on the hem of your shirt and you nod, he pulls it over your head to expose your bra, his intense gaze sends a shiver down your spine.

    “You’re even more beautiful than I remember” he sighs, “sometimes, when I was alone in my bunk, I would try to recall every detail of our wedding night but I now know my memories did you no justice” 

    You don’t answer, just reach behind you to unclip your bra, a surge of confidence overcoming you.

    “Shit” Din mutters, his hands hovering over your newly exposed breasts when he hesitates to touch you.

    You reach out and grab his hands, bringing them to your tits and he wastes no time in cupping them, thumbs brushing over your nipples.

    “Din” you whimper when he pinches them between his fingers.

    “So beautiful” he praises and you feel a sudden need to have him bare beneath your fingertips.

    You reach up and unclip his cape, the cloth falls to the ground and he recognizes what you are doing. He grabs your hand and places a soft kiss on your palm.

    “Let me do it” he requests and you nod, stepping back to sit on the cot. 

    You watch him methodically remove his beskar and you feel a little sad, remembering how you used to do the same. 

    Once he is in his pants, bare chested and without his boots and socks, he turns to face you and notes the melancholy expression on your face.

    “What is wrong riddur?” he frowns.

    “I just…I miss my beskar” you confess, a Mandalorian should never be unmasked and, while you had adhered to your creed, the beskar holds a different weight to the vows you made.

    “I know cyar'ika” he closes his eyes, a pained expression crossing his face as if remembering how you lost your armor.

    “It’s okay, I’m here” you reassure him, standing up to cup his cheek.

    “You’re here” he replies breathlessly and leans into your touch.

    “Touch me, please” you beg and he takes your hand from his cheek before stepping closer to press his naked chest against yours.

    Keep reading