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    football is the funniest thing in the world


    paul pogba did the same thing later but bc hes muslim and didnt want the beer company sponsor in his shot. the funny comes from these sponsors paying millions just for their bottles to be there & just for these guys to remove them in a 'whos gonna stop me lol' manner


    If you're gonna put that much power in a single person, prepare for them to tell you to fuck off


    Coca-cola sells water so how tf


    He redeemed himself


    The duality of Manguin


    got obsessed with the penguin drama

    his girlfriend’s name is lulu and she doesnt deserve the naughty list for this. :C mac’s gone too far and dragged her down wish him. glad he redeemed himself

    also look tux is such a bastard that taking him down = good behavior


    THEY KEEP REFERENCING THE PIER INCIDENT saldkjfah its like his defining moment

    im just losing my mind with penguin receipts right now 

    and he’s pepper’s bf from above, who got on the good list while they had to call out tux for being lazy sldkjfa

    u deserve ur spot in the2020 poll mr. tux. go call out to UR girlfriend to get her food and maybe u can have a redemption arc too. see how well its working out for mr mac


    (since this started out as me wanting to check up on whether or not the penguins were alive, they ARE and u can meet them virtually BY THE WAY)



    this entire family is problematic but lulu was framed and that’s my conclusion 


    I’m so invested in the penguin drama


    The play I'm in right now is set 300 years in the future (in the eighties) on a spaceship and the director decided that gendered terms like "bro" and "dude" are obsolete, so we've replaced them all with "zorbo." Which is all well and good except that I've had a hard time scrubbing it from my vocabulary outside of rehearsals and I keep accidentally addressing people with "yo, zorbo" and now I feel like I should just lean into it and hope it catches on.


    I’m sorry but “300 years in the future (in the eighties)” what the fuck does that sentence mean???


    it’s the future but in a 1983 sort of way


    I said what I meant


    This is exactly what I pictured the first time I saw this post before pictures were added.


    O_O that is the largest sheep I have ever seen.


    Not sure what I like most about this: the size of the sheep, the strength of both women in getting that ginormous boi into shearing position or how freaking mellow the sheep is.

    Mind you, I’d feel pretty good too if I was taking that massive woolly suit off.


    Gotta give sheep the hair cut or they can die. She made it look?? So easy??


    Reblogging this because I’ve been seeing lots of people saying that sheep-shearing is inhumane or bad. It’s not!

    So the more detailed thing is this: domestic sheep have been bred to be very wooly. Very wooly. And they don’t shed their hair in the spring the way a wild sheep would. So it would get too big and it would kill them directly by the weight or indirectly by exposing them to disease or heat prostration or making it too hard to escape an enemy or find food. So shearing them keeps them safer. The sheep is literally getting a haircut. That’s it. The farmers want to keep getting wool from the sheep every year, so they wouldn’t do more to them. 

    And as you can see in this video, the shearers take a lot of care to not hurt the sheep. They’re using a fairly standard electric razor, so there’s no huge blades or anything to hurt the sheep. They hold the sheep to keep it still while they work so it won’t struggle and accidentally get hurt - especially around the more delicate areas like the neck/head area and the legs. Adult sheep like this one have had this sort of thing done before so are more used to it. The shearers are working to get it done as safely, quickly, and efficiently as possible. 


    transfems with facial or body hair, transfems who are fat, transfems who dont go on hrt, transfems with flat chests, transfems who don't pass, all of you, I love you so much and you're valid and I hope you have an amazing pride


    important additions I forgot: transfems who arent white, transfems who use he/him and transfems who still like being masculine!