Gia Donna
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2015-06-24 15:30:03

    Hi, thanks for the new Picture set of you! the Pictures are beautifull.. love to see your gorgeous Body and your great butt with big plugs :) can you tell me which plug do you wear and where you bought it? can you send me an affiliate link? with best regards matthias

    My boyfriend got them for me from here:


    This is a great set for stretching. Let me know how they work out for your girlfriend. And don't forget to take pictures ;)


    Do you have an inflatable plug yet? Are you still on ELM?

    I don't have an inflatable plug yet. still searching for a good one that stretches my asshole, and doesn't just fill the inside. even though i'm sure i'd like it anyway. And I am definitely still on ELM. 


    Do you know of any panties that have an opening in the back just for my ass, not crotchless, just for anal only. I would love to have panties that only give access to my ass and cover my pussy.

    I haven't seen many pairs that actually work well for that, I've gotten a few pairs with a hole in the back, but it never seems to be positioned properly :\

    I did find these though, and they are actually made specifically for being butt fucked in. Don't be put off when you see the site though, because it's actually a site that makes panties and lingerie for cross-dressers and sissies, but everything is made to order, and they will make them for a female too. I haven't ordered anything from there yet, but I do plan on getting these very soon...


    I get a lot of questions asking where I get my panties with the V-shaped string in the back.

    My boyfriend buys them for me mainly from yandy.com, they are made by bodyzone or espiral. Here are a couple examples, but each brand has many more types...







    Looking to get my slave a butt plug to wear around, I want one big enough that it won't come out, any recommendations? I figure a trashy piece of shit like you could help.

    Aww... how cute... you think I'm the type of girl that responds to that kind of attitude :)

    Here is me hanging out in my hotel room :) Now that I have your attention... I cam going to be trying something new with my ELM profile. A couple days ago I started putting some of my older sets up for 5 credits, but all of my newer sets have been averaging out to be 25 to 35 credits. I've had some people request that I lower the cost a bit. I don't really know how to decide what is worth what, so I'm going to try just making one standard price no matter what the content is and see how that works :)

    Some of my picsets are 12 photos, some are over 100. No matter what size they are or whats in them, or whether they are old or new, the cost will be 15 credits. This includes the videos that will be going up over the next few days. For a long time I've been getting requests for videos of me inserting my butt plugs, or getting my ass fucked, and I've got a nice little pile of those videos built up now to start putting on my profile, so keep an eye out :) 


    I have been looking up dildos online and i was thinking about buying the one that you just bought. I'm a virgin and I want the feel of a real cock in me. do you think it's a good choice? would it be a good one for riding and whatnot?

    I think its a good choice. I put it in some warm water before i put it in. The only thing, the suction cup doesn't stick very well. 'cause its kinda   heavy.. tell me if you end up getting it, how you like it.