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    Dad had been a pain in the ass the entire road trip. Finally, mom had enough and at the next motel she joked that HE’D be in the second room. He started laughing about all the extra sleep he’d get without her snoring, but when I followed her instead of going with him to the second room he sure stopped laughing.

    I went to get away from him at first, but seeing mom all worked up like that and not caring how much her dress was sliding down just made something in me click. She dropped her charger, and I just walked up behind her, close enough so that we were touching, and I put my hands lightly on her hips and asked her if she “needed help with anything”.

    She just took those big, sexy hips of hers and began to rock her ass left and right against me. Barely even an inch from side to side, but I definitely felt it. She asked me if I could help her with her zipper and then next thing I knew I had her face down on our king sized bed with my unprotected dick hammering away at her. Just as I was about to warn her about being about to cum, she locked eyes with me and breathed “Cum in mommy, sweetie” at me. 

    Dumbass dad doesn’t have a clue, all he knows is that he barely slept because someone a few rooms over nearly put a hole in the wall with their bed frame. Somehow I have a feeling he’ll be cranky enough to fall for the same switch at our next stop.


    After reaching USA for the first time, me and mom decided to go out and have a look around. She wore clothes like a slut what she couldn’t do back in Dubai. We went out and had lunch and there was guy sitting next to us. He came to us and started talking to mom. I didn’t hear what they were talking. After a while mom told let’s go his house and have a beer there. We reached his home, had some beer and he took my mom inside to show his room. Now its been an hour and the door is locked. I can’t understand why they’re taking too much time….


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