[still willing to purchase pictures ladies, contact me on kik @ girlsbackdoor]

    I guess this is it, soon all adult content will be removed or flagged. It was a great run and amassed close to 50,000 followers.

    without you all I couldn’t provide great content. from other content sharers as well, thank you.

    If anyone can suggest another website or something maybe we can continue sharing content or buying photos, I’m gonna miss all the girls on here too. let me know if anyone wants to stay in contact. I also have kik @ girlsbackdoor

    Submissions Info

    Information on why I wouldn’t post some submissions.

    • If they do not fit the blog’s current theme and wouldn’t get very many notes I don’t see a point to post

    • if they are blurry, unfocused or looks like they were taken in 1998 nobody wants to see that, it’s 2018, we at least all by now have a decent camera.

    • usually do not post any photo sets, unless very worth it. Maximum I usually post is 2 photos in a set. I would ask to post separately

    If you want to message me or anything if you have questions about submissions.

    Thank you all you’re all beautiful ladies anyways