The Future Is Female Supremacy

    A montage of clips for men and women who adore and worship the female. It shows the shift in society from patriarchy to matriarchy and all kinds of different appraisals of women in charge and in control. The future is female (supremacy)!


    Worldwide Gynarchy gets closer and closer all the time!!


    Yes The Future Is Female Supremacy..

    If all men realise they do a terrible job of ruling our world, and are ashamed of how we have messed up the world. Then we all might have the humility to stand aside and allow women to rule instead.

    Five thousand years of history have shown that patriarchy is totally incapable of solving basic problems like warfare and poverty. So why are we continuing with a system that clearly does not work?

    What is the problem with Matriarchy? Why are you so against the idea of women ruling the world? When you see the mess the world is in, with men ruling our world.