The path to female supremacy and gynarchy is through the worship of women; women are to be worshiped like goddesses, with divine femininity, gynocentrism, and a culture of matriarchy; the inferiority of masculinity and the superiority of femininity are undeniable truths; patriarchy is a failure and will be replaced with female power; men must be trained and controlled, and accept female supremacy as the future, at home and in society; women empower and support other women; women dominate men and replace the patriarchy with matriarchy and gynarchy; the future is female: through the control of masculinity, the evolution of female power and female supremacy is an inevitable fact.

    I’m not one that makes loads of posts that fill up my tumblr-“blog”, I’ve ended up a reposter like 99% of the people with accounts here, and for that I’m sorry - that just means I usually don’t have much to blog about.

    But when I DO blog about something it’s exceptionally important :)

    This is about a book called FINDING LOVE THROUGH FEMALE DOMINATION. It’s written by Ms. Renee Lane and describes her and her submissive husband Butlers intense and somewhat radical approach to FLR ( Female Led Relationship ). The book tells about their life together from both Ms. Renee, Butlers and friends notes and emails.

    This is not a novel - it’s a journal that tells about a FLR built on trust, love and honesty, and though even Ms. Renee asks herself if she’d gone too far at a point, everything she’d done with Butler have firmly connected them on a level few ever can hope to understand.  

    Is the book disturbing in all its honesty ? Absolutely ! This is the kind of book you just can’t read all of at once, it’s just too intense for that. After reading Ms. Renees posts on her Fetlife page, and through her book after that, I’m left emontionally drained and have problems putting these words down on paper ( or the web as it were ).

    But don’t take my word for it - read Ms. Renees writings and pictureposts on Fetlife ( remember to start at the last picture first, nr. 1 ), go buy the book, and then make a donation towards getting her filmproject based on the book funded :) We need this film made to promote the matriarchy and gynarchy further :)

    I bought her book on my Kindle at first, but will order 3 more in hardcover to give to certain persons that might find them interesting.

    Amazonlink for the book :
    Link to the moviesite   :

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