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2020-09-15 03:57:06

    So I am interested in becoming a patreon member but I wanted to know if I did would you post more stuff? I saw only 8 posts and feel it would be a waist of time and money if you don't really post on there ever. (I'm not trying to be rude but I want to support you.) Thanks.

    Great question! Thank you for the interest. When tumblr made extensive content bans I swapped over to mostly Twitter. I am active every day and have several sets you may not have seen!! If you chose to donate I would gladly post on whatever platform you would see. In addition I have a mega account where I send the original full files. Hope this helps. My twitter name is the same as my tumblr :) 


    Love your cosplay, do you still do futa cosplay as well?

    Of coarse!!!! I have relaunched my patreon with some more family friendly tiers, however I offer the same style of dancing and photos as before. If you’d rather discuss with me a set and then donate money via paypal, that might be the best tier choice for ya :) Thanks for asking!!!!