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My name is Annde! Minor. Any pronouns. I'm gay. specifically: I am an aroflux lesbian REQUESTS ARE OPEN @Anndesmithy on insta. I have: ADHD, social anxiety, and MADD. I use a dreamway system. DNI if: TERF, racist, nazi, protrump, exclusionist/REG, antiLGBTQA+, Islamaphobic, or discriminate against people in general! Inbox and DMs are always open!

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    🎨 20 colour asks

  • <>red - what are you most passionate about? how did this passion develop?
  • <>orange - how many pieces of fruit do you aim to eat per day? what do you actually manage?
  • <>yellow - what’s your happy place? real or fictional?
  • <>green - do you prefer to be indoors or outdoors? which is your favourite flower to smell?
  • <>blue - which is your favourite mode of long distance transport? have you ever been on a plane? - if so, where?
  • <>indigo - what’re your top three favourite names? would you consider having children in the future?
  • <>violet - what’s your favourite cake flavour? are you any good at baking?
  • <>purple - do you support the royalty? who is your favourite historical figure & why.
  • <>pink - which is your favourite animal? zoos or farms?
  • <>turquoise - do you like being in the sea? which is your favourite sea side town to visit?
  • <>mint - do you like astrology? do you consider pluto a ‘real’ planet?
  • <>crimson - have you ever broken bones? do you enjoy going to the dentist?
  • <>amber - can you drive? if not, how do you get around?
  • <>lime - do you like monkeys? do you believe in evolution?
  • <>tangerine - how tall are you? do you ever wish you were any taller/shorter?
  • <>azure - which gender & sexuality label do you most identify with?
  • <>beige - which is your favourite type of soda? do you enjoy alcohol?
  • <>coral - which is your favourite disney movie? who makes the better movies, disney or pixar?
  • <>sapphire - do you wear any jewellery? what do you think looks best on other people?
  • <>gold - what do you consider to be your biggest achievement? when was the last time you won something?
  • anonymous

    Honestly, if it wasn't for the fact that the discourse has actually harmed aces, I'd have stopped taking the ace discourse seriously months ago because of some of the ridiculous reaches aphobes come up with. It's like every week they spin a wheel or something to decide what us aceys have inexplicably stolen from the lgbtq+ community this time.

    Honestly, I’m starting to think they do because the arguments are circular. Every couple of month they go back to ‘they stole this’ or ‘they’re all pedo’s’. It’s like they have a hat somewhere full of old right-wing anti-gay arguments and TERF arguments, and abuse/rape apologist bs and now and then they just put the old slip back in, pull a new one out and make that their “““Hot take”“““ of the month

    Damn the pedo one is new to me

    Fuck all y’all Jesus Christ

    This one is a little less common right now, but it’s still partially present in the ‘Asexuality inherently sexualizes others so it’s an 18+ only id’ and ‘children should not be taught about asexuality because it’s inherently sexual’ arguments, as well as the ‘asexuals should not be near children in any capacity’ and also present in the incessant smear campaigns they pull on any popular person who suddenly expresses support for the aspec communities.

    It’s also still a very popular one from straight aphobes who insist we ‘can’t be attracted to nothing’ and insinuate that it’s either animals or children.

    People starving when tons of unsold food is thrown away globally because people couldn’t afford to purchase the food, that’s violence. 

    People dying and going bankrupt to pay for their healthcare, that’s violence. 

    People being evicted from their homes when there are more houses than there are houseless people, that’s violence.


    Capitalism is violence.

    And before anyone says it, no the system isn’t broken, it was built this way.

    I want to find every “vegan” carnivorous pet in the world, feed them a proper diet, give them hugs and take them away from their oblivious owners. 


    not this shit again

    it’s their pet, it’s their choice. It isn’t hurting the pet not eating meat.


    Nothing wrong with malnutrition. 


    wow, feathers, you need to do some research.


    If you cannot feed your pet an appropriate diet based on their specific species and needs.. you’re a douchebag and you need to give that pet to someone who can. Animals, were they brought up in the wild, would hunt their own game. As they are your cats, dogs, ferrets, etc.. they can’t. They rely on you to make sure they get the appropriate nutrition in ways their body can process (and carnivores NEED their meat diet.)  Seriously. If you want a pet that keeps a vegan diet, may I recommend you a turtle? Bird? Let your carnivore pets go live with someone with no moral roadblocks to taking proper care of that animal. 

    The worst part is that <>it is actually hurting the pet to not eat meat for some species. Cat’s, for instance, on a vegan diet will suffer immensely, including pain, vision loss (which is usually permanent) and then die. It’s a horrific death for them.

    If your pet is carnivorous you sure as shit better feed it meat, it doesn’t matter if it’s ‘your pet’, that does not give you the right to impose human morals on a species physically incapable of handling that diet nor abuse it by refusing to give it proper nutrition.

    You want to be vegan and eat free of animal cruelty, fine. But stop pretending to care about animal cruelty and then turn around and abuse your pet because you don’t think a carnivore actually needs meat to survive.

    “not all cops”

    I work in a non-restraint facility for special needs kids (21 and under) with extreme behavioral issues. I’m talking real violent stuff. Sixteen and twenty-one year old boys who can (and do) home-run swing desks at your head.

    As a non-restraint facility, we are trained to respond to these outbursts in the most non-threatening, non-confrontational way possible, while still protecting both the bystanders and the person currently attacking us.

    We are monitored every second of our shift to make sure the safety and dignity of our clients is maintained, especially–and just let me emphasize this–the safety and dignity of the person attempting to hurt us. Their right to be treated fairly and with empathy is not forfeit just because their brain chemistry fucked them up today.

    We have to be calm, regardless.

    We have to be gentle, regardless.

    We can never respond with any kind of force, ever.

    Those rules apply to all the staff, all the time, no matter what.

    So when I hear bullshit about how somebody “reached for their waistband” or they were “resisting,” when I hear yet another police officer got off because the situation was “scary” or he “feared for his safety” or whatever the fuck, I lose my shit.

    You wanna talk about how you were frightened for your safety, walking up to someone in the middle of a psychotic episode? Yeah, well, I’ve been there. Pretty regular–probably twice a week, at least–no gun, no taser, with guidelines that state I cannot even use my fucking thumb because that’s considered “grabbing” and therefore a “restraint.”

    And you know what? I’ve walked away from every one of those. I haven’t died. I’ve never even been seriously injured. We defused the situation in ways that didn’t involving riddling the other participant with bullets and at the end of the day, everyone went home. Go fucking figure.

    And yet–and fucking yet–I keep hearing “not all cops.”

    “Not all cops” are bad. “Not all cops” shoot innocent people .3 seconds after rolling up on the scene. “Not all cops” are racist fuckbags, misusing power for a personal joyride. “Not all cops” rape people at gunpoint (and get off scott-fucking-free).

    Yet, at my place of employment, somehow everyone is calm in a crisis. Somehow everyone responds to violence with non-violence. Somehow everyone is always able to act like a goddamn compassionate human-being in the middle of the worst kind of street fight–

    but you’re telling me that cops, people paid to protect, can<>t all do what I do?

    You’re telling me that cops, trained to respond to crises, can<>t all respond to the same crises, with the same skill, that I do?

    And you’re telling me that cops have to stick together in the face of these “potentially false” accusations. That cops have to support each other, no matter what, because their job is dangerous or whatever. That yeah, some cops, but ~actually, sweetie, not all cops~

    Fuck that noise. My job is dangerous, too. But you better believe that if anyone sees a member of our staff breaking regulation, their ass gets reported immediately. That person loses their clearances; they can no longer be hired in the field, anywhere. There’s no moving to another district. There’s no finding another location.<> We make it stop.

    So until every cop is cleaning house, until every cop stops this strategically blind bullshit, until every cop refuses to stand by and watch the rampant abuse and corruption inherent in this system, until all the bad cops are weeded out and unemployable–

    Until that moment, then yeah, <>all <>cops.

    I wrote this in 2015. Five years ago, I thought we’d have made some sweeping changes by now.