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    If you want to be truly intimidating,

    If you want to make an impact,

    If you want to have strong connections with others

    just be sincere.

    Sarcasm is not an attitude, and it’s not a personality trait. It’s a style of rhetoric meant to be used occasionally to highlight a larger point. Saying...


    graduated high school
    smoked a cigarette.
    kissed someone.
    gotten so drunk you passed out.
    ridden every ride at an amusement park.
    collected something really stupid.
    gone fishing.
    watched four movies in one night.
    gone long periods of time without sleep.
    lied to someone.
    snorted cocaine.
    failed a class.
    dealt drugs.
    been in a car accident.
    been in a tornado.
    done hard drugs.
    watched someone die.
    been to a funeral.
    burned yourself.
    run a marathon.
    cried yourself to sleep.
    spent over $200 in one day.
    flown on a plane.
    written a 10 page letter.
    gone skiing.
    been sailing.
    had a best friend.
    lost someone you loved.
    shoplifted something.
    been to jail.
    dangerously close to being in jail.
    had detentio
    skipped class(es
    got in trouble for something you didn’t
    stolen books from the library.
    gone to a different coun
    dropped out of a school.
    been in a mental hospital.
    watched all of the harry potter movies.
    had an online diary.
    fired a gun.
    gambled in a casino.
    had a yard sa
    had a lemonade stand.
    actually made money at the lemonade stand.
    been in a school play.
    taken a lie detector test.
    swam with dolphins.
    gone to sea wo
    voted for someone on a reality tv s
    written poet
    read more than 20 books a year
    gone to Europe.
    used a coloring book over age
    had stitches.
    taken a tax
    seen the washington monument.
    had more than 5 im’s/online conversations going at
    had a drug or alcohol problem.
    been in a fist fight.
    suffered any form of abuse.
    used a credit
    gone surfing in California.
    dyed your

    done “spirit day” at school

    gotten a tattoo.
    had something pierced.
    gotten straight a’s.
    been on the honor rol
    known someone with hiv or aids.
    taken pictures with a webcam.
    started a fire.
    gotten caught having/going to a party while parents were gone

    drank any alcoholic beverage before



    Taken from marianuum


    Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not show it. Dislike unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizing dreams and hopes. Sharp.

    Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrous. Spendthrift. Tries to learn to show emotions.

    Pretty much me, but not superstitious at all.





    Leaves me speechless…again.


    I have probably told ohhhhhhh 80-90% of all the people I know/have met since first viewing this genius all about it. It’ll change you life. Seriously. For all the haters, for all the non believers, for all the misguided souls who do not know the inspiration that is John Mayer. Watch this and all your doubts and worries will vanish. The man is genuine, the man is real, the man in eloquent, intelligent, and informed. The man is an inspiration unto himself. I love these. LOVE!






      Who sit at home being good kids. Who aren’t drop dead gorgeous like the girls staring back at us off the covers of fashionable teen magazines. Who don’t drink, don’t party hard, and would rather read books or hang out and talk with friends than hit up some party joint and jump into pools and whatnot.

    This is for the girls who choose their own genre of music, who don’t simply listen to the mainstream pop blasted from radios. This is for the girls who bite their nails, who feel self-conscious about every single thing about them, who tug on their hair while they’re nervous.

    This is for the girls who actually care about something other than how they look, or how hair naturally curls. This is for the girls who cry at movies, sympathize with friends, and extend helping hands to people who need it. This is for the girls who play their music and go with it.

    This is for the girls who wear glasses, who wear braces, who have frizzy hair, who have extreme ranges for height or they’re stuck in the middle. This is for the only children, the oldest, the youngest, the middle children. This is for the ones who sit at home and have to listen endlessly to their friends, both guys and girls moan about their love lives while they patiently endure being a supportive friend. This is for the ones who hope and dream and often settle for being second best without any complaint.

    Above all, this is for those girls who see themselves as hopeless and forgotten. This is for the girls who dream so much that they forgethow to dream. This is for the girls who have fallen and need a helping hand to get back up; only they’ve been the helping hand for so long they’ve forgotten how to fall. This is for the girls on the ground, the ones who are learning how to fly.Because mark my words, when you fly you’ll soar so high eagles will be envious.

    This is a post telling you thatyou are loved. You are beautiful. No one- and I say no one!- can ever take that away from you. You will fly and you will shine so brightly. Yes. Yes you will.

    This made me smile. Thank you.

    This is so unbelievably accurate :’)

     omg. this just described my life. so perfectly.

    this is amazing <3




    So many of us are connected by a love for John. I have read so much about how his music or something that he said has healed so many of his fans! He grieves openly for us when we are in-need. Those of us that are true fans have seen his beautiful soul in one shape or form. He’s a kindred spirit. He has a way of bringing us together. He brought us together on twitter, tumblr, facebook pages, at concerts… He unites his fans so much more then most artists do. His fans become lifetime friends! 

    Recently, he seems to be “falling out.” I’ve seen so many of us fans (and I am positively guilty) blame him for walking out on us. I’ve read so much accusing him of being selfish. I watched him tonight on FUSE and I didn’t see a selfish man. I saw a different John. He seemed sad. I think he’s lost his balance and needs some help re-gaining it. I say, if we care about him as a person and not just a celebrity then let’s support him. Tell him it’s okay that he’s asking for space. He cares about us and I doubt it’s easy for him to disappoint his fans. Tell him you’re not disappointed and you understand. I know I’d rather have him back whole then slightly broken! Let’s give him his rest. Let’s let him know that we won’t abandon him and that we support his decisions. Let him know that we will be here when he’s ready.

    Do you believe that a mass of people can send positive energy to someone? Do you believe in prayer? How many prayer chains have caused miracles to happen? 

    For the next week, at 12 p.m. (noon) let’s send out a small prayer or just a blessing of love to John. Let’s uplift him when so many are trying to tear him down. How many people can we get to do this? Let’s give back!



    “Because when you leave this show, you’re going to be full of love. And that love’s gotta go…somewhere. And that love will travel the path of great resistance. That love will go the place you are most comfortable, which is probably your past. You will probably go home, and text somebody from your...



    Was handed this letter at a meet and greet on my last show of the tour:

    “Dear John,

    My name is James Thomas. I’m 17 years old and I’m so happy that I was finally able to meet you tonight. You changed my life by inspiring me to pick up a Martin and a Strat when I saw you live for the first time...

    “Good for you John!”

    That’s how I feel! He’ll be around, tumblr, twitter, ustream, youtube. He’s not gonna leave us hanging for that long, he loves us too much.

    Here’s my theories and ideas concerning the news…

    Think about how quickly John is coming out with an extended version of Battle...


    I had 3.3 million Twitter followers back in March April when I announced that I’d be predominantly posting on Tumblr, a site that takes all of 25 seconds to sign up for. Five months later I have just passed 50,000 followers, a fraction of my Twitter base… I will leave the opining up to you, but I...



    Day 1- What do you think of your handwriting? Day 2- Handwrite your tumblr name alongside your real name, take a pic Day 3- Handwrite your favorite quote Day 4- Handwrite your bestfriends name Day 5- Do you prefer printing or handwriting? Whats your opinion between the two Day 6- Handwrite your…

    Oh hellz yes! I have been looking for a challenge like this!! I can’t wait to do it!