love is nothing but a dream that keeps waking me..
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2013-02-01 00:10:28

    Out there, there are some of you guys, maybe a couple of weeks or a couple of months from your last relationship. And you’re doing everything you can to keep you marching forward on, everyday. The afternoons are easy, the nights are really hard. A night like tonight, Friday night, I’ve been told, I don’t really own any sort of date keeping device, it might be a little hard. A little late this evening, you’ll be thinking about somebody in particular while you’re at this show, but you have to remind yourself that this relationship is no longer in play. Maybe over the night’s course you’ll start to get weaker and weaker and weaker and think ‘Maybe I could reach out’. Definitely your prerogative, but let me just remind you, you’re a smart person. A smart person now but, you’re probably a little less smarter when your with that person that you’re not with anymore. You said, ‘I can’t do this anymore’. What I’m trying to do is give a little extra boost to move on into the autumn and find some good love. Good love is on the way. I’ve been lonely but, I know I’ll be okay. Good love is on the way.

    John Mayer (9/10/10 Tampa, Florida)

    “I want some love to come my way. Some words I don’t expect to hear them say. I wanna fall asleep at eleven o’clock pm, leave a room key at the front desk for them. They can slip on inside at two in the morning when their flight lands ‘cause a package got lost and it’s now in their hands. And they’re tired and all I hear is click- door opens up, slide into bed, put your hands all over me. Be the only thing I can’t outsmart in my life. Be the only thing I didn’t see coming, ‘cause I see everything coming!”

    JM at Red Rocks 9/1/10 (via livelovelaugh18)