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    In the black and hispanic community theres this complete bullshit thats pushed only to women how we have to stand beside our man no matter what to be considered a good woman and no doubt thats the bs being pushed into that womans brain

    Yeah it's complete bullshit and we not with that shit!! I'd be damned!

    Not all these women on twitter play that omg false accusation game for TI after it came out of his own talk to much ass mouth that he gets his daughters hymen checked YEARLY and she’s not even a minor. And after having it explained that that’s not even how hymens work. He referred to his DAUGHTER’S vagina as HIS sex box. And you guys are still doing this false accusation shit you do every single time. He won’t even let that girl ride a bike because it might “break her hymen” but it’s really that far fetched that he’s just a fucking creep.