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    Trump racism poisons all his decisions. Trump can never acknowledge black excellence.

    What’s his name and what’d he do? I wanna look him up


    I’m glad you asked! Read more about Rodney Robinson here! This man is a treasure.

    sharing to promote Mr Robinson <3

    This is to you, Mr Robinson…



    “Knowing that they were losing “valuable product” due to their slaves’ propensity to swim, slave owners began taking drastic steps to protect their property. One of these steps was to instill a fear of the water by dunking disobedient slaves in water until they nearly drowned and by creating fear through stories of creatures living in the water. Thus it didn’t take long to excise or destroy the West African swimming tradition from African- American culture. The Jim Crow laws that were enacted after The Civil War prohibited blacks from the popular seaside resorts in places like Atlantic City, N.J. and Revere Beach, Mass. And by the 20th Century, as the swimming pool began to gain in popularity in the United States, the color line prohibited blacks from enjoying this pleasant recreational skill.

    In addition, self-segregation also played a role in limiting those of African ancestry from getting in the water. I remember my Aunt saying to stay away from the pool because, “black folk don’t swim.””

    Such a long and consistent history of anti-Blackness and swimming. Long before police openly assaulted little black girls in McKinney, GoodWhitePeople™ were enforcing White Supremacy and segregating swimming pools.


    Motel manager, James “Jimmy” Brock, pouring acid into a swimming pool to drive black people away from a “Swim In” protest, in St. Augustine, Florida on June 18, 1964.

    Next time you hear someone ask questions like, “Why don’t black people swim?” Or “Why are so many black people afraid of dogs?” And, “Why are there do so many black people live in poverty?”…..let ‘em know that those aren’t coincidences. These things didn’t just happen naturally, all on their own. There’s a reason for it, and you don’t have to be an historian to know they’re all interconnected through slavery, endemic racism and persistently racist cultural norms.

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    <>Police officers shoot and kill Kid in Los Angeles: ‘He ran because he was scared

    Andrew Heney, owner of the Freeway autoshop, told a local CBS affiliate: “We had a security guard that was out front, because we had just had certain issues with people tagging and stuff like that.”

    <>“And then the police came up, and they pulled their guns on him and he ran because he was scared, and they shot and killed him. He’s got a clean background and everything. There’s no reason.”

    The sheriff’s department are claiming Andres Gyuardado had a gun but th<>e autoshop owner and witness to the shooting says that’s absolutely not true he never carried a weapon and didn’t that night.

    What’s even worse is that right after the shooting, the Store owner sai<>d the cops immediately destroyed all the surrounding security cameras, broke into the store, stole his DVR with the recordings, and then created an illegal warrant after doing all this

    The shop owner also states he never called the police and doesn’t understand becau<>se “There was no reason for them to be there.”



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