How long could you survive on a deserted island with only a pair of scissors, a rock and some paper?

    Honestly.. I’ve been thinking about this all day and I think I could survive for at least a month if not way more those objects are really versatile and I could use them to make other necessities so I think I’d be ok! Not happy but alive


    Hope I didn't make you too uncomfortable with that lady one. If you were I apologize sincerely.

    On a separate note, just curious, are there any foods you dislike?

    You’re all good.

    As for foods I dislike that may be a bigger list than I realize. I for sure dislike lots of things, I have preferences just like anyone else :)


    Be 100% honest, how would you react if your amazing feeder started introducing you the way a farmer would introduce his fattest pig?

    (ie "Yep this is my girl, she's a beaut ain't she? Yeah she had a big breakfast, didn't you princess?")

    I honestly would not like that at all.. 😅 the reason I love and trust my partner/feeder so much is because we are on equal footing, he treats me as a person and not as an object or some thing he owns.


    Good lord, look what your feeder has done to you in such a short time. Just imagine how fat you'll be in a year from now... Or five...


    He’s grown me quite a bit these past six months, but over the course of the last 6 years I’ve done so much more on my own. I can’t wait to see where we get me together as a team.


    Even though you don't exactly have a goal weight (just be fat as possible lol), do you have any far girl goals? And they could be anything! Eating a certain amount at once, outgrowing something, just about anything!

    Omg I do! I really want to outgrow a bridesmaids dress I wore nearly a year ago. And when I get married I’d love to outgrow the wedding dress and destroy it honestly!

    I also would love to be able to eat 10 thousand calories in one sitting consistently