GMF Draws- It's Porn

My NSFW Art blog where I draw dicks and stuff!

Feel free to send an ask to request something or someone for me to draw

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2018-12-04 00:22:00


    Sounds like that’s it for me guys. It’s been fun, but seems like tumblr is pretty much dead for me. Regardless, thanks for sticking around for all this, it was nice discovering people with similair interests like gay buff (furry and non) guys, haha.


    What program do you use to draw? I'm thinking about getting into drawing too.

    Oh, that’s great, I’d love to see your stuff if you end up doing it! :D

    I usually draw everything by hand and scan it in since I don’t have the fancy art tablets, haha. Then I clean it up and color it in a program called Krita, which is free!

    Hey there, everybody!

    Woah, there’s suddenly a lot of you, hi! Uh, welcome, I draw hot dudes doin’ the lewd stuff, that’s about it.

    Also I’m open for requests! Just so you know though, It’ll probably take a while to get new ones done since I’ve got a pretty big backlog, but feel free to send in some anyways. Thanks for stopping by!


    I thought this was a "request" for you to draw. But nooo, vote to poll, I requested on the Tony x Steve one but instead of you drawing it is a poll. I'm sad right now because of you!

    Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you sad! I mean, I still plan on drawing each one of these things listed, I just wanted to see which one I'd do first, so I made a poll. I'll still draw some Steve X Tony at some point, if that's what you're worried about.