Mallorcan artist Gori Mora (b. 1992) explores how love, sexual desire, and queerness are informed and amplified by technology and social media. He works through a unique process, painting with oils on the back of an acrylic sheet before turning the sheet around. The unorthodox method means that viewers are presented with the backside of the original paintings. 

    Mora focuses on exploring the myriad effects technology has on social media interactions, our concept of self-perception, and our various other, most intrinsic values, such as love, sexuality, and desire. In fact, Mora considers desire to be one of the main catalysts behind social communication; typically, desire suggests a lack, a sort of void that one wishes to fulfill with external pleasure. 

    Mora currently works and lives in Glasgow, Scotland. In 2011 Mora moved to Barcelona to study his degree in Fine Arts at Barcelona University. In 2017 he moved to Glasgow to study the Master of Letters in Fine Art Practice at The Glasgow School of Art. After completing his Master’s programme he was awarded by the Royal Scottish Academy of Edinburgh with the Scholarship John Kinross, to spend a period of research in Florence.