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2021-09-18 22:20:24

    Good Day Everyone! My name is Milo I am sick right now and experiencing severe blood loss. My mom and dad took me to vet and bought all meds prescribed. After 30 hours of observation, my nose is still bleeding. My furparents took me to the Vet again and requested a blood test which we found out that what I have is Blood parasite. My platelet count is now below 50, take note my nose is still bleeding so the Vet highly recommend for me to undergo to a blood transfusion which is extremely expensive. It could cost 12k-15k. My furparents can’t afford it right now since they spent almost 8k for my vet fee and other meds in just a day. Doc said that this is my best shot I hope you can help me with my blood transfusion fee. I still want to live, I’m fighting so hard! I love my furparents so much and wanted to spend more memories with them.

    Any amount will do. 

    Please pray for me too! Thank you in advance.

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