Almost easy to forget that, even with that god-level power, Collector is still just a kid. Maybe Luz and her friends can use that to beat him?

    I’m on the fence about Odalia being stuck with the role of “Mama”. On one hand, Odalia is clearly trying to manipulate Collector to doing her bidding. On the other, it’s funny to watch Collector shut her down and make her do chores like she’s a commoner.

    But why does Collector’s thing have to be turning people into creepy dolls?

    I don’t know how else to describe this, this is just heartbreaking...

    Even after everything that’s happened in the past few months, even after her friends have made it very clear that they don’t blame her for Belos and the Collector, and that none of this is her fault, Luz is so consumed with guilt and self-loathing that she genuinely believes the best thing she could do would be to stay in the human realm.

    The poor girl hates herself so much that she can’t see that she made everyone’s lives better just by being there for them.