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    [NEWS] Sato Ryuji will be Participating in The Next Episode of “Tsuzuki wa Terebi de TV”

    Broadcast Date: December 12, 2020

    Broadcast Time: 14.25 (Japan time)

    Broadcast Channel: YTV


    “Tsuzuki wa Terebi de TV” is a mixed media variety programme where its content is a mix of interactive online content and a TV broadcast.

    Sato Ryuji will once again be appearing in the “140-Second Mystery” segment, and this time he will be appearing as one of the suspects in the “Mannequin Murder Case”.

    At a certain Museum of Western Art, museum employee Takasaki Kanami is murdered.

    The suspects are Kanami’s colleagues: Sato Ryuji (Kanami’s fiance), Wada Masanari (who got into an accident), Aoki Jin (who loves mannequins) and Matsuura Koudai (whose specialty is mimicking singers).

    A 140-second video of the crime has been released. Audience members can watch the video and guess who they think the murderer is.

    The answer will be revealed during the broadcast.

    To watch the 140-second video, please refer to this link: HERE

    To vote for the person who you think is the murderer, please refer to the poll on Twitter: HERE

    To respond with your deduction about why you picked the person that you did as the murderer, please reply to this Tweet with your deduction: HERE

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    Hello, just wondering if you can share the answer for the Tsuzuki wa Terebi de TV that Ryuji participated? I know you shared the link to watch the video itself but I couldnt watch it, even with VPN on, and i couldnt watch it on my phone either 😭 im just dying to know whether my deduction is correct or not huhu hope you can help mee 😭❤️ Thank you in advance ❤️

    Hello, just wondering if you can share the answer for the Tsuzuki wa Terebi de TV that Ryuji participated? I know you shared the link to watch the video itself but I couldnt watch it, even with VPN on, and i couldnt watch it on my phone either 😭 im just dying to know whether my deduction is correct or not huhu hope you can help mee 😭❤️ Thank you in advance ❤️

    Hiya @goikakaka! :D

    For easy reference:

    Because of spoilers, please find the answer to the mystery under the cut xD

    Murderer: Takai Keisuke

    Motive: He loves Takasaki Kanami and was jealous that she seemed to love Aoki Jin instead.

    Weapon: Poison


    Takai Keisuke went to the washroom and put the poison on the handle of the selfie stick. He then passed the selfie stick over to Aoki Jin. In order to ensure that Jin would then eat the poison that was on his hand, when Wada Masanari took out the tablets to eat before the roller coaster ride, Keisuke asked Masanari to share the tablets with everyone, including Jin. After that, Keisuke removed the handle of the selfie stick to make sure that he wouldn’t poison himself. 


    ayyyeeee my deduction is spot on hahahaha 😎😎😎


    Someone brought this to my attention and now I'm honestly feeling sad. It's so sad to know that there are people (sorry but I won't call them fans) who are like this. 😢

    This gives our family a bad rep among other jpop fans, kpop fans and specially to fans of Lee Kwangsoo. It paints a bad image that says our fandom and people in it are toxic, don't appreciate and even go as far as to downgrade other artists who are not LDH. Sorry to burst your bubble but there are a lot of talented and beautiful people out there! Not just LDH artists! I may be an EXILE TRIBE fan but never would I compare other artists/idols to them.

    DON'T EVER COMPARE ARTISTS IN A WAY THAT DOWNGRADES THE OTHER! (Heck just don't even think of comparing them to begin with)

    That is just plain unacceptable, and very rude to the artist/idol who did their best in order to get those titles/awards.

    For the people who are affected by this, I'd want to say sorry. I apologize for the misconduct of this so-called fan. 🙇


    this is unacceptable 😤 this is not good at all, bashing others fandom and all. everyone have their own likes and dislikes but no need to compare or whatsoever omg that's just plain rude #toxicfanshuh


    [NEWS] Sato Ryuji will have His Own Official Solo Fansite

    Prior to this, Sato Ryuji was a member of the Gekidan Himawari OFFICIAL FANCLUB which he shared with fellow actors from his agency, Gekidan Himawari.

    It has been announced that Ryuji will no longer be part of the Gekidan Himawari OFFICIAL FANCLUB, and will, instead, have his own official solo fansite!


    To register for an account, please refer to this link: HERE

    NOTE: The online translator seems to be working fine as a guide on how to complete the registration. However, if anyone needs any help, please feel free to send me a PM

    The site will officially open at 12.00 (Japan time) on November 01, 2020.

    Updates on Ryuji’s contents on the Gekidan Himawari OFFICIAL FANCLUB website will end on October 30, 2020.

    NOTE: While there has been no announcement regarding the contents that are currently available at the Gekidan Himawari OFFICIAL FANCLUB, there is the chance that the contents might be removed.


    Information regarding membership and access for the “Member’s Menu” will be updated at a later date.

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    [NEWS] Sato Ryuji will be Making an Appearance on Fuji TV’s “NEP LEAGUE” with the 2.5D Actors Team

    Broadcast Date: November 02, 2020

    Broadcast Time: 19.00 (Japan time)

    Broadcast Channel: Fuji TV


    “NEP LEAGUE” is a prime time variety programme that is a mixture of a talk-show and a quiz show where participants answer questions in teams and battle it out to reach the final stage.

    Sato Ryuji will be part of the 2.5D Actors Team, which will also feature:

  • Aramaki Yoshihiko
  • Wada Masanari
  • Ozawa Ren
  • Sakiyama Tsubasa
  • Akazawa Ryoutarou
  • Ryuji has appeared as a guest on “NEP LEAGUE” before.

    (Please find the unofficial links for both the episodes below the cut.)

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    [NEWS UPDATE] REAL⇔FAKE: Previews of Sawase Rin and Suzuki Kakeru’s Episode of “One Day’s Diary” have been Released

    To watch the preview (which includes Rin and Kakeru’s new song “Shine on you”), please refer to this link: HERE 

    To watch the preview video (which includes Sato Ryuji and Ozawa Ren’s comment), please refer to this link: HERE

    Date: October 25, 2020

    Time: 21.00 (Japan time)

    Channel: TBS Channel 2

    Theme song: “Shine on you” by Sawase Rin and Suzuki Kakeru


  • Ozawa Ren as Sawase Rin
  • Sato Ryuji as Suzuki Kakeru
  • For more information on what the episode is about, please refer to this link: HERE

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    ahhhhhh yes more rin and kakeru 😆😆😆

    Hello! to all my beloved Ryuji fans, i summon you guys to help me spread the love for Ryuji 😂😂😂

    So, there's a youtube channel called I'm Sora Project, a vtuber who called famous artist so that he can give them exposure to international fans. His videos are fully subtitled, so there's no worry about that.

    Now, he started with seiyuus first, and just 4 days ago, he called the first 2.5D guest, Ozawa Ren.

    here, i included the ss from the video, and of my comment, Sora-senpai already liked the comment so that's a good thing but i hope you guys can either like and agree to that comment or make another comment requesting for Ryuji 🥺 but, please be polite yeah 🥺 we dont want Sora-senpai to feels attacked 🥺🥺

    I truly believes that this channel can help give Ryuji more exposure towards international fans 🥺 especially for fans like me, who werent able to support him financially yet, i believe that this is the next best thing we can do other than being a nice, supportive fan ❤️❤️❤️

    I hope ya'll dont mind the lengthy post hahaha.


    a humble fan of Sato Ryuji ❤️