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    <>canon: they died

    <>fanfic: fUCK YOU

    Canon: and so they never met

    Fanfic: here’s a funny story

    Canon: There was tension and pining, but they never even kissed.

    Fanfic: Actually,

    Canon: Torture the cinnamon roll.

    Fanfic: Torture the cinnamon roll.

    Canon: When they traveled they stayed in separate rooms

    Fanfic: AND. THERE. WAS. ONLY. ONE. BED!!!!!

    Canon: … and they were roommates.

    Fanfic: <>oh my god, they were roommates<>

    Canon: They were international assassins who assassinated assassins.

    Fanfic: But hot DAMN wait till you hear about this cafe they opened

    Canon: They had a coffeeshop

    Fanfic: but they were ASSASSINS

    Canon: they were mortal enemies and attempted to murder each other on multiple occasions


    Everytime I reblog this has a new addition and it’s the best


    Canon: They were straight

    Fanfic: Lol


    I love fanfic so so so much.


    <>Canon: Am I joke to you?

    <>Fanon: No, just a disappointment.

    I adore this omfg

    <>Unarmed Black Man With Hands Up Shot By Police.

    <>Charles Kinsey, 47, a behavior therapist from South Florida was shot in the leg three times by the police in North Miami while laying on the ground with his arms up and trying to help his patient with autism who had run away from a group home.

    It all started when someone called 911 and said there was a man walking around with a gun. However it was Kinsey’s patient who was sitting on the ground cross-legged, playing with a toy truck.

    Charles got shot by police despite telling them he was only trying to help his patient.

    <>The police shot him, handcuffed him and left him on ground bleeding.

    North Miami police have not released much information at all. They haven’t released the officer’s name, they haven’t given us an update on the investigation. However, they did say that the state attorney is now a part of this investigation.

    <>#CharlesKinsey   #BlackLivesMatter 

    <>#StopPoliceBrutality   #NorthMiamiPoliceDepartment

    “Sir, why did you shoot me?”

    “I don’t know.”

    jesus fucking christ.


    I will keep this photo posted for 1 week.

    <>Every time someone Reblogs this photo I will donate 10 cent to charity: water

    After the money is donated I will post proof of donation.

    Show you care & Reblog.



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    Everyone deserves the right to clean water.




    doing it again (psst, @biggest-gaudiest-patronuses @thebootydiaries @thehugwizard @glumshoe @writing-prompt-s @one-time-i-dreamt) hecc your blog theme, reblog this and save lives


    Pls guys…

    This is so important!  I’m tagging @rockinoutforthdead @thesecondfloor @demolition-platonic-buddies and @frogdaduntitled because I’m 99% sure all of you have much bigger blogs than me and I’m not sure if you’ve seen this

    <>still rough, but we’re getting ther<>e 💜

    so something happened when I closed out some files on my drawing app last night & resulted in a funny. I like to call this <>The Duality of My Two AUs:<>

    ...can y'all imagine what would happen if BTL Simon pole danced for Baz? I think he'd expire on the spot

    ........omg crack fic where BTL Simon & Fire-verse Simon get swapped 😂🤪

    Real Talk

    I know that the world is kinda crazy right now. I know that a lot of people are hard-up. I also know I'm usually candid about things on my blog, but this is something very personal to me.

    One of my favorite uncles is very sick. He's trying to fight the fight, but it's a struggle. He's been in the hospital since February, my aunt took a leave of absense from work to be by my uncles side throughout it all. She sold their car as a way to help with the bills that have been piling up, and my family as a whole have been pitching in to help them, but we're not rich, and it's becoming overwhelming.

    My little cousins have started a gofundme account for their father. If you're able to help my family, we'd greatly appreciate it. Even if it's just a dollar, any little bit counts.

    If you're interested, you can read more on his aggressive and rare form of cancer and donate at the gofundme link that set up for him.

    <>It can be found here.

    Even if you can't donate, if you can reblog, it'd be a great help.

    Thank you 🖤.


    script from @bluecollarbabe1 on instagram. even if you can't protest, you can still be heard. use your voice. do something.


    To whom it may concern:

    I am writing you about the murder of George Floyd by MPD officers Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Kueng, and Tou Thao. These men were not upholding the law, they were committing murder and terrorizing their community. Being fired is not an appropriate response to the crime. All officers must be charged with murder.

    We cannot continue this way. This is not the way forward. Use your station and power for change; for good. Give a voice to the smothered. Prove that all lives matter. Do your job.

  • police@minneapolismn.gov
  • When the streets clear and the ashes fade, George Floyd will not be forgotten. The events transpiring may very well be plastered into history books. The world is watching. My generation will not fail to tell our children exactly what happened. Your actions now will cement how you are remembered. If you stand up and act, you will be remembered for your bravery, choosing to enact justice. If not, history will sneer at your cowardice. The choice is yours.








    in the wake of yet another black person being murdered by police, here’s a list of relevant fundraisers and organizations that could use your support right now. 

    this is specifically a call to action for fellow white people.<>if you’re white and you’re in any way able to, donate.

  • <>George Floyd’s memorial fu<>nd
  • <>Minnesota Freedom Fund<>: “We value a society that values its people, their freedom and recognizes their contribution to the greater good. A society that does not condition pretrial freedom on class or identity, that has ended mass incarceration, and that invests in restorative and transformative justice.”
  • <>Black Visions Collective<>, an org that strives to “shape a political home for Black people across Minnesota. We aim to center our work in healing and transformative justice principles, intentionally develop our organizations core DNA to ensure sustainability, and develop Minnesota’s emerging Black leadership to lead powerful campaigns.”
  • <>Reclaim the Block<>, which “organizes Minneapolis community and city council members to move money from the police department into other areas of the city’s budget that truly promote community health and safety. We believe health, safety and resiliency exist without police of any kind. We organize around policies that strengthen community-led safety initiatives and reduce reliance on police departments.”
  • <>Black Lives Matter National
  • (source)

  • Unsplash -  photography, illustration, and art
  • Pixabay - same as unsplash
  • Pexels - stock photos and videos
  • Stockvault.net - stock photos
  • freepngimg - icons, pictures and clipart
  • Veceezy - vectors and clipart
  • Kissclipart and kissPNG - more vectors and clipart (often transparent!)
  • Getdrawings - simplistic images and drawing tutorials
  • Gumroad - photoshop brushes (and more)
  • Canva - needs login but has lots of templates
  • Library of Congress - historical posters and photos
  • NASA - you guessed it
  • Creative Commons - all kinds of stuff, homie
  • Even Adobe has some free images
  • There are so many ways to make moodboards, bookcovers, and icons without infringing copyright! As artists, authors, and other creatives, we need to be especially careful not to use someone else’s work and pass it off as our own. 

    Please add on if you know any more sites for free images <3

    Thanks for the information!!

    I will reblog this everytime i see it

    If You Give A Baz A Cookie

    I’ve been thinking about this idea for a very long time now and I’m very excited to share it tod<>ay. 

    This idea came about while reading notes and posts on this site (as well as many, many, MANY fanfictions). 

    So… we all know that Simon is obsessed with Sour Cherry Scones. He never shuts up about them in Carry On. I noticed that the fandom has taken that idea and RAN WITH IT. 

    Simon = Sour Cherry Scones, good? Great!

    What about Baz?

    I don’t know about you all, but I think our favourite soft vampire deserves a baked good for himself. So, I am proposing that the fandom gives him one!

    Here is the baked good, I’m suggesting…


    <>This is called a London Fog shortbread cookie! It is made using ground up Earl Grey Tea and has a very distinct taste of bergamot when you eat it. It is absolutely delicious and very, very classy… Much like Baz himself. 

    Here is the recipe on how to make these cookies. I have adapted the recipe from THIS website, so if you want to follow the original, there you go. 


  • 1 cup of softened butter - (I used salted butter. I made a batch of salted and unsalted and found that salted tastes WAY better.)
  • ⅔ cup of powdered sugar
  • 1 ¾ cup of flour
  • 1 tsp of baking powder (not crucial to recipe. I like adding baking powder to make my cookies more soft and fluffy).
  • 1 tbs + 1 tsp of Vanilla Bean Paste (you can also use 1 split/scraped vanilla bean or even vanilla extract).
  • 3 teabags of Cream of Earl Grey Tea (this is a preference thing. I chose to use Cream of Earl Grey, but you can use regular Earl Grey. I also put in an extra bag because I really wanted the bergamot taste to come through).
  • Raw sugar for sprinkling on top (also optional)
  • Method:

  • Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees F. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.
  • Grind up the tea using a mortar and pestle. This is optional. I chose to do this because my tea leaves were chunky and I wanted them to be a little more fine. 
  • Using an electric mixer with a paddle attachment, cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. It took about 2-3 minutes for me and I had my mixer at about the mid-point setting.   
  • Add in the Vanilla, Flour, Baking Powder, and Tea. Mix until it all comes together. About 2 minutes.
  • Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and chill in the fridge for about 30 mins (you can chill them even longer, but it’ll take longer for the dough to soften).
  • Let the dough thaw out for a few minutes after taking it out of the fridge.
  • Split the dough into quarters and work (knead?) the dough to soften it up.
  • On a silpat sheet or on a lightly floured surface, roll out the dough to about ½ inch. I used my eyes to guess what looked good, but the original recipe has a good tip on using dowels to help you. You also may need to sprinkle flour on the dough to keep it from sticking to the rolling pin. 
  • Using a cookie cutter of your choice, cut out shapes and place them onto the parchment paper. 
  • Sprinkle raw sugar on top of the cookies.
  • Bake cookies for roughly 15 minutes, or until the edges get the tiniest bit of brown. 
  • image

    The end result is a delightfully light and not-too-sweet cookie that goes well with some tea! I hope you will try this recipe out and enjoy it!  

    I don’t know if this post will take off, I’m kinda hoping it does, but mostly for Baz’s sake! The poor boy needs a cookie! Let’s give Baz a cookie! 

    Tagging @carryonsimoncarryonbaz, @fight-surrender, @f-ing-ruthless-baz and @giishu​ because they’re all excited about this recipe.