People are idiots, Leslie.

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2021-02-20 00:36:47

    No such thing as a tomato sauce boat. No such thing as a salad dressing boat. But I guess if you’re gravy you get ~SpEcIaL nAuTiCaL pRiViLeGeS~


    I mean, marinara, it’s right there in the name. Who is more deserving, I ask you?


    …you know you can put any sauce you want in your own gravy boat, OP? You know that, right?


    Well yeah. You can put lemonade in it if you want to. Or use it as a spittoon. Or a paperweight. Whatever.

    But when you’re not using it? When you have cleaned it and put it back in the cupboard? What is it then? That’s right. It reverts to being a gravy boat. Because that’s what it’s, as they say, “for.”

    And when you take it out again and fill it with, idk, salsa verde, what will people say? They’ll say, “Oh, that’s a good use for a gravy boat.” No one ever says “how clever of you to use a salsa boat to serve gravy.” Because the boat defaults to gravy. That is the problem.

    If I go to the store and ask for a raita boat, I get funny looks. If I ask for a gravy boat, they know exactly what I’m talking about. Fair? No. Fact? Yes.

    Can you see that this is about what is a marked use and what is an unmarked use? Can you see that, friend orbisonblue? That this is not just about what I, personally, can do with my tableware, but what our society considers to be “normal’ sauce-serving practice, and what is “abnormal”? Can you?


    Archaeologists determining if mundane objects are also ritual objects